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  1. Merteuil


    I'm definitely very interested, and I did your thingy with the thingy.
  2. Merteuil


    Still need 3 more people, anyone interested?
  3. Merteuil


    Well after this game I might switch over to vDiplomacy.
  4. Merteuil


    Okay I created a game called Merteuil/Spidweb. The password is webspid. Phase length is 2 days, and you guys have 2 days to enter the game. I have little idea what I'm doing so if someone could direct me a bit in how to organize this game, I'd appreciate it. http://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=125276 What's the difference between vDiplomacy and webDiplomacy anyhow?
  5. Merteuil


    I'm interested in trying this, any games going on any time soon for that?
  6. I just wanted to make a small comment about the world of Avadon in comparison to the other games. In my limited exposure to the three worlds, Avadon is the least interesting, it presents nothing new or fundamentally creative at any point, it's also been an amazing pleasure to explore in comparison to the others. Geneforge you move from zone to zone, clearing them out, occasionally back-tracking for super-hard dungeons or to turn in a quest. It's extremely linear to say the least. Avernum isn't linear in the slightest of course, but you still don't really back-track or look upon areas again in
  7. I don't like sharp, painful things touching my skin too much. Soooo, geneforge I think? That's the one were civilians have the highest survival rate? Maybe Avadon, seems like there are a number of regions where people aren't dying left and right. Or the surface word in Avernum at any point that wasn't Avernum 3. That should give me a pretty high survival rate. I really don't know, I suppose if I'm in any position where I'm not being stabbed or exploded I'd die of disease. Disease doesn't seem to be a problem in Terrestia, maybe. Point is, painful things hurt. I'm not an adventurer. In real, no
  8. Unfortunately he can only use 5 Korean citizens as party members at any given time. He also has to single-handedly micro-manage all their stats and gear. Someone should teach him that one dictator and 5 armed peasants isn't a good party though. Need at least one thief (for traps and lock-picking), and one healer. Some people are partial to Rangerss as their healers but I've always enjoyed Cleric's. Slap some heavy armor on that cleric and you're healer is one of the tankier member of your party. I'm going to go play Icewind Dale now.
  9. A servile, because I'm pretty humanoid like. And dikiyoba would be a fyora. I'm not very creative, sowwy D:
  10. Welp, I'll eventually get around to finding out for myself. Maybe what I've read will make a bit more sense in context, or maybe I'll be even more confused.
  11. From what I've gathered from reading other people's posts and whatnot all canister-heavy endings are some variant of killing almost everyone you meet whom finally checks up on Drypeak. While you die in the end at least you take out half of the Shaper army first
  12. Thank you all for the advice but like I said I've become deeply infatuated with the Agent. Being able to kill everything I see in one hit is great, and the gentle and passionate love-making is a plus.
  13. Oh yeh, all questions I ever have will be in order to beat the game (all challenge areas included, and killing anyone I don't really like), on normal. I've already called it quits on a Shaper though. It doesn't appeal and I miss making things exploded with my mind (How i interpret Firebolt.)
  14. So I've finished the demo with a awakened agent and I'm thinking I want to start a obeyer shaper before I buy the game but reading the various posts it sounds like you can only afford to invest in one school of shaping to succeed? Is this true of all the games, as that would be really lame and render making a character just to see the creations kinda pointless. Might as well stick with my creation-less Agent.
  15. Okay, don't go east, noted I'm going ahead and trying Agent and I made it to Vakkiri before I went to bed last night, I"ll probably start exploring that and seeing what happens for a little bit before I go to work in an hour.
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