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  1. I, like many others, was overjoyed to see Jeff's post about the release of Nethergate: Reserection for Windows, yet was surprised to see I could not download it, even by using the link in his post. While taking into account that I was not blessed with perfect vision (I wear reading glasses), I must admit that this problem may not be due to my slight flaw. I keep getting a screen allowing me to download the Mac version, but it states that the Windows version is still to come. I managed to get the patch, now I just need the game . I admit that this post might be better left in technical, but I noted that it isn't visited often, so I'm taking my chances here. Any light shed on my dire situation would be dearly appreciated.
  2. enzo7za

    If you could be any creation...

    Gazer... "Ah, the Eye sees all. Do not fear the Eye, just look into it...no not that one Idiot, this one! Much better, now repeat after me...KILL!" Now wouldn't that be fun?
  3. enzo7za

    AP Bug?

    I Just downloaded the Windows version, and my character can attack with any amount of AP left! Both Greenfang, and my Cryo can to. I still need 3 ap to use an item however, but I can have only 1 and still attack. I thought at first that this was just a change in the game from G3, yet the help menu still says it takes 5 ap to attack. What the Hel?! O and on a side note, did it change from the other Geneforges that you now get all your essence back when you absorb a creature, because I heve never before, I've always lost a bit, but now I get everything back.
  4. enzo7za


    Quote: Originally written by Anarhiztok: Well, i did it coz i edited the script one time, and, come to think of it, i didn't check, if i had any stat raising objects equipped, actually - maybe this was the cause?? Could be, since once, when I was messing around with the scripts, I changed the Skein of Wisdom to "max" my intellegence, by making it add 30. This wasn't enough for my messing around needs, and changed it to give even more... which it did, with an increse in SE & ESS
  5. enzo7za

    Teleportation spell idea

    A long range teleportation spell would probably not work so well, since Geneforge already has a way of moving vast distances i.e. cleared areas. The only usefull application the bouys would have, would be to be able to skip directly to an area within an area i.e. a cave; or in some special areas. This would probably not merrit the effort to code such things. A short range teleportation spell would have some tactical advantage, but would be too powerful, since it would just basically give more AP whithin a fight. Giving it a higher AP cost than normal spells would also make it useless. And outside of combat it's not needed, unless to skip past turrets, which would just take away some of the hard won bit of stealth play that Geneforge has managed to accumulate.
  6. enzo7za

    Wiry Moss

  7. enzo7za

    Wiry Moss

    I got the quest from Susanna in San Ru to bring her wiry moss from a hut in the swamps (some alchemist's house). I had some on me, but she didn't want those. After going to the hut, I find no wiry moss near there, or anywhere else in that area. I even tried having 5 pieces of wiry moss in my inventory... nothing. I can't recal having this problem the previous time I played through G3, so what gives?
  8. enzo7za

    ADV Shaping (Battle Gamma & Co.)

    As Delicious Vlish said, the metamorphosized creation could have some bennificial effect for the party, i.e. a battle Beta/ Gamma that has taken a hard hit, let's spores fly out of his wound that blesses nearby creations. Maybe some of those spine creatures can be implemented in G4, that when your creature get's hit, it poisons or damages the attacker. Ice creatures could freeze enemies, since this has now been implemented in A4
  9. enzo7za


    Ok, this is unlikely for Avernum 5 or Geneforge 4 since Jeff has already got the plot lined up for them. But just imagine: A group of empire soldiers come across a few very sketchy characters on the shore. When they refuse to answer any of the soldiers' questions, they attack... Only to witness the sudden creation of a very big reptile who kills all but one. Thus we introduce the shapers to the empire. Rather than risking another war, peacefull relations take place and everyone is happy, sending people across the continents. You can choose to be either an apprentice shaper in Avernum who eventually comes across a plot to build the new Geneforge in Avernum, away from the bossy Shapers, etc. Or you can be a band of adventurers who succumb to the illusion of fame and fortune; of questing and dragon hunting, only to come across more of the same. Or Something? I know, this is very unlikely, but it could work, couldn't it?
  10. enzo7za

    A4 - Absynthe?

  11. enzo7za

    A4 - Absynthe?

    I'm probably an idiot, missing the Jar with her soul essence in or whatever you do, because I can't kill Absynthe (sp?). I manage to kill her archers and first body with no problems, but I can't kill the four copies. They stay at 1 hp. Please help. Thanx [Die Absynthe die!!! Hahaaa I rule the world. Slith walks out the room with a arrow through the head and one ugly; chopped up; acid covered; living Absynthe under the arm]
  12. enzo7za

    Dhonal Island Map?

    I found another way, to fix this bug, go to a area, within a area, the bulwark inn for example. Then use the cheatcode "exitzone", you will immediately be transported to southend (first Island), make your way back to Dhonal's isle, and the map should be restored.
  13. enzo7za

    Dhonal Island Map?

    Thanx Kibbles, I owe you.
  14. enzo7za

    Dhonal Island Map?

    I'm on Dhonal Isle and I have just freed the General, but everytime I leave an area, the game shows me the maps of the first 2 Island, I can't move on, so can somebody please help me. Thanx, appreciate it. P.S. I haven't been using any editors or anything.