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  1. Using this build, I uploaded screenshots of my solo Sulfras kill on imgur (with the guide in the captions) here. You should be able to solo her with other builds, albeit maybe not as easily. (A combination of efficient healing, Divine Retribution, and powerful Mage spells is a pretty unfair advantage.) They single biggest key to this fight imho is your summon, the ideal one being an Eyebeast. If you use a summon that's not immune to Magic, expect to have to resummon it a lot. In that case, I imagine Sulfras might give you death curse before you have a chance to resummon, but try for yourself if you like. The second biggest key I think is Blink. That said, I only actually had to Blink once in the fight, and it happened to be using the Blink crystal. This would seem to give hope to the Anama. However, keep in mind that with the consequences of an inferior summon situation mentioned above, compounding already inferior damage, you may need to use all three basins, and maybe you'll still get cursed after that. In any case, while it's technically possible to win any fight based on random number generation, I'm going to say Anama are at an even greater disadvantage than usual with Sulfras. I would be very interested if someone solo'd Sulfras on Torment as Anama without cheating.
  2. Uploaded level 40 screenshots with captions to imgur: Kaamaria's build post-sulfras.
  3. Well, Kaamaria beat Sulfras and the game at level 40. Sulfras was not hard, just long. I stood in the back near Sulfras' room, summoned an Eyebeast, kept up Pool of Ice on Sulfras, and took out the adds when they came. Sulfras mostly death cursed my Eyebeast, who's immune to the magic from the curse :). I used 2/3 of the basins. Blink is your friend. 2 AP items + plenty of Gymnastics (none assigned) + Haste + long-lasting Battle Frenzy from your Eyebeast + Skribbane = speed demon. The whole time from 29 to 40, she was resistance-capped or one point off, even with two pieces of AP gear. Conclusion: Assigning any points to Resistance is completely redundant in A3, as long as you get 15+ Priest Spells for Ward of Elements. And then you might as well go two more for Divine Retribution. The combo with Cloak of the Arcane kicks just as much butt as I thought it would. You can also finish the game with 11 Spellcraft without assigning a single point to Spellcraft, so your damage will still be great all around.
  4. You were right. Thanks for the encouragement to keep exploring there. The last fight of the Rakshasa Lair past the Defiled Crypt features two null bugs and two corrupted lizards, which are a pain. I summoned an Eyebeast and drank Invulnerability Potions. The fight became trivial once all four nullifiers were dead.
  5. Update: No null bugs in the Defiled Crypt, or anywhere north of Calloc, south of the Distant Cavern, and west of the Footracer mountains. idk if I'm ready to solo an artifact dungeon on Torment, but I guess I'll try next time I play. The Distant Cavern did seem like one of the easier artifact dungeons on my full party Torment run, aside from the puzzles (except Masok gives you the answers on a scroll).
  6. I'm level 31. I certainly cleared the bugs southwest of New Formello. lol funny thing is north of Calloc is exactly where I am atm. I cleared the Chasm of Screams and Wainscoting, and just entered the Defiled Crypt. I'm thinking null bugs are big bad chitrachs, which are enemies of vahnatai, so it's a logical place to check. Thanks, I'll let you know if I find one!
  7. I would really like to insert images for this post. Following advice from the General forum, I created a post on imgur. Sadly, choosing "Insert image from URL" with either the multi-image post, or an individual image on imgur, fails. So here's a link to the imgur post I made: Kaamaria Resistance-Capped. I explain a lot in the image captions. Here are some additional notes. The Character Concept While I call Kaamaria a shaman, she's fully custom, and more similar in build to a hedge wizard if anything. I owe the name and character concept to when I let my mom play World of Warcraft, and she made a female Dranei shaman which — after she lost interest — became my main character. In WoW, shamans have both elemental damage and healing spells, like mage-priests do in Avernum. The inspiration for actually taking this character concept to Avernum came from this thread, in which Superteeth asked if a full mage-priest (19 in both) was feasible as a Torment singleton. He was told no by conventional wisdom, and I thought the conventional wisdom (that assigning points to Resistance is "necessary") was outdated due to OP blessing boxes and skill crystals up the wazoo in A3. Moreover, I thought Kaamaria could kick significantly more butt than singletons of a more conventional build, and I was excited to test my reasons for believing this, and share the results. Tips for Prioritizing Skills I started the game with 2 Mage, 2 Priest, and 1 Tool Use. Level 2 is perhaps the only level where I raised both Mage and Priest. (Recall that I raised Melee Weapons each level from 3-10.) Levels 3-5 I raised either Mage or Priest each level to get the key spells Pool of Fire, Call the Storm, and Summon Shade (insanely better than Call Beast) early. Levels 6 and 7 I raised Tool Use so that (combined with 2 Nimble Fingers) I could complete the Agate Tower. Then I went back to leveling either Mage or Priest each level, timing Icy Rain — the first spammable AoE — at level 9 just before AR at level 10. Levels 11-20, Mage and Priest (and Hardiness) probably make a bigger difference than any of the utility skills. After that, I would assign 4 each of Arcane Lore, Tool Use, and Nature Lore, in that order. Since I plan to cap out at 19 Mage, 17 Priest by level 35 (unless someone can convince me of the value of Divine Restoration), that leaves 4 points I will assign to Tool Use and/or Nature Lore, I just haven't settled on the exact distribution I'll take. Finally, a friendly reminder. In order to get a skill as high as possible, you need to first assign the maximum possible points (10 for skills other than weapon skills and Luck), then buy two levels from a trainer, then use other sources like quests or crystals. Not even the character editor will save you from the grave — and really arbitrary — sin of violating this order.
  8. Null Bug In the murder cave north of New Formello (not sure if respawn) With gremlins protecting the spell book in Squiggus (no respawn) With gremlins protecting the Perfect Flower (no respawn) I'm blanking on where else to find one. I have a quest for one which will soon expire. It's from Spineridge, the best town for courier quests. Any help?
  9. I must have taken way less than 20 skribbane (the number which the Xian Skull mentions, which others have noted may be meaningless) and I just noticed my first skribbane withdrawal message in the combat log. It reads, "You are struck by skribbane withdrawal symptoms! Your stomach cramps up and your strength seems to flow out of you." I notice no change to stats, buffs/debuffs, special items, damage or other indications of reduced combat performance. While we're at it, does anyone know the specific effects of Wounded, Dread Curse, or Bless the Land (the damage boost)?
  10. Thank you, he's there. Man it sure feels different playing with time passing quickly! Update: Zang is still around too!
  11. Day 140 and I'm just starting the troglo plague on my torment singleton lol. Aminro got sacked. I have an open quest for Mayor Najib. I assume he died in the raid, and I can never complete this quest, but you never know. Some NPCs become refugees, like Solberg and X after the Tower of Magi disaster.
  12. Is there any cheat to add items? On my Torment singleton run, idk what happened to the Hardiness crystal in the Slime Pit. I've checked the place where you're supposed to get it, my inventory, and the only place I use to store items. Edit: lol doh, found it! I checked my item storage again, and realized the crystal I thought was Sniper was actually Hardiness.
  13. Thanks, I will try again. Maybe he's not gone forever O.o
  14. lol... stuff I didn't see with a full party, with which I finished the game on torment before day 160. With my torment singleton, it's day 118 before I beat the roach plague, and the whole town of Hectar fell. idk if Father Oriathon went first or not.
  15. Doh, I refrained from killing Zang just to save him for XP, but turned in the quest like you suggest. It worked, great. Then many game hours later, I looked for him and he's gone. idk if he supposedly died (by error or by design) or fled.
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