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  1. Sorry if the information I am spreading is wrong, but I read it here: http://spiderwebforu...torment +tower. It states that the tower disaster happens around day 100 on Torment, and around day 160 on all other difficulties. I thought it was funny too, and I don't know where the posters of that thread got the info. None of them objected to it, including Randomizer. But, if it's wrong, it should be put to rest. A bug would seem to offer the most plausible explanation for why I see absolutely NO difference in difficulty between Tough and Torment in A3, but I suppose it's possible that Jeff designed the difference to be small, or that he just didn't properly tune it to be noticeable. Is there a general consensus that Torment has always been barely, if at all, harder than Tough in A3?
  2. I have now beat the game on "Torment," which I believe incorrectly plays as Tough in the latest GoG version of A3. The main thing I can add is that, if you find and include all of the NPCs into your party, the game will be trivial given this difficulty bug, and you will be well above any utility skill threshold except for Potion Making, which you can bring to 20 easily on Carol. After I hit 20 potion making, I never failed making a Knowledge Brew, and it's worth it IMHO to take out this annoyance, considering the amount of Knowledge Brews you can make with just the herbs you naturally come across. If you properly time the turn-ins of quests and the activation of things that grant special skills like Vahnatai Lore, holding off until you've brought on all four NPCs (or, alternately, if you never switch out the characters you start with), you also won't need to purchase any Vahnatai Lore at all. This all considered, I can see why a proper min-max guide was never made before for A3: it's not challenging enough in its current iteration with a full party of the strongest characters. Hopefully the remake will bring back a proper challenge. That said, this guide is good for people who want to play a custom party. Thanks for making it Mikus!
  3. I have now beat A3 (version for Mac from GoG.com) on "Torment," and the tower disaster never happened, even at day 141. This, combined with the breezy difficulty throughout the entire game compared to any of Jeff's other games, is very strong evidence that some essential flag was set to "Tough" rather than "Torment" in my save file. Judging from feedback from others, it seems very likely that this is a bug with at least the latest GoG version of A3. Unless anyone has info to the contrary, or knows how to set A3 to proper Torment difficulty on the latest GoG version, I guess we will be waiting until the remake to have a proper challenge playing a full party in this game. Oh well, at least I experienced the content and the story!
  4. I posted before about the (lack of) difficulty on Torment for me, to the point that it literally seems no harder than Hard on A3. I don't know if this is maybe a bug with a certain version (I have the GoG one on Mac). I have even tried changing the difficulty down and back up to see if it would reset some flag to the proper value, and no dice. What day are you on, and have you experienced the Tower of Magi disaster yet? I still have not on my Torment play through, but whether it happens closer to day 100 or 160 should give some clue about whether the game is properly playing as Torment difficulty. On the plus side, the story is good, and I find a lot of depth to the game, so I enjoy it anyway for that. There are also things you can do to cripple yourself, like make a singleton or play with crippling traits, but for you I'd say either try to enjoy the story or play any of Jeff's other games which are more challenging. Then of course, there's always stepping outside and exploring the real world, and coming back to games when they seem appealing again . I go through phases like that myself. Cheers!
  5. What is your party composition like? Do you have at least one character with high enough Priest spells to learn Move Mountains? If so, by the point you're at in the game, you should be able to talk to the mage (I forget her name) in the home fort where the game starts, and she will let you look at two spell tomes beyond a secret wall just south of her. One is for lvl 2 Far Sight, and the other for lvl 2 Move Mountains. If nobody has high enough Priest or Mage skills for these spells, I would prioritize those skills as you train your characters. I hope that helps.
  6. Sorry for being absent for so long. I've been busy with schoolwork, so I've played very little lately. Nature Lore: It wasn't all the caches, because I hadn't been in Footracer Province yet. Now on my Hard (Tough) game I have cleared the area around the Keep of Tinraya, and gotten as far as the final stone circle with the Haakai and Mung Demons. I still haven't gotten around to that NW cache outside Footracer Province. Vahnatai Lore: Through another book/encounter/whatever, I am up to to a ridiculous 9X4 = 36 VL. That means, so far, I have had 6 in-game experiences grant VL to all my characters. I'll see how much, if any, VL needs to be bought on my Torment game. Pathfinder: I have been walking over lava left and right, and all other dangerous terrain. Not a single incident of getting hurt so far with 6X4 = 24 Pathfinder. I think it's safe to confirm it as all you need for any practical intents. I wrote in another thread that Torment didn't seem to increase the difficulty for me, and I've almost defeated the slimes in that play through. I don't know if this is a bug with my version of A3, or maybe with my particular save file, or if the Torment difference in A3 is supposed to be very minor compared to other Avernums. Cheers!
  7. I am now playing A3 on Torment, and it seems no harder to me than on Hard (technically called Tough in A3). I'm fighting the slimes now, and they are every bit as much a joke, and seem to have no more HP and do no more damage. I've read in places that Hard doubles monster HP and damage vs Normal, and Torment doubles these things again. I've read in other places that Torment only increases monster level across the board, which may have a smaller effect (much less than double) on HP and damage, as well as higher chance for the monster to hit and lower chance to hit the monster. In yet other places, I've read that Torment gives a hidden hit to player resistances, but was that from the remakes and not the original Avernums? I honestly don't notice a difference in any of these things. Could my version be bugged, or does Torment just not make as much of a difference in A3 as in other games? Can anyone confirm what the exact differences are in A3? Thanks.
  8. The one near New Formello in Upper Avernum. It says I feel energized. I see no difference to stats, XP, traits or energy. I was at full health, but just healing would be pretty weak. Does it do anything more significant, like confer an invisible blessing?
  9. Nature Lore: 19 NL is enough until I reached one cache in NW Valorim near the quarantine border, and one in NE Valorim north of Tevrono that I couldn't uncover. Update: Raised NL to 22 and that was enough for the NE cache (near the guy who sells Xian's Vest), and the one near the northern Church of the Divine Lucre camp. I'll test the NW one later. Vahnatai Lore: I also think it was probably way overkill to buy 3X4 VL, because I just now destroyed the golems and met the empress, and my characters all got 5 VL just from quests and books, so 8x4 = 32 total. I'm guessing the required VL number listed in the OP is a total. I don't know if you can get any VL without first having some small number of points, but I started a Torment playthrough and I'm being more thrifty now. Pathfinder: When my party had 5X4 Pathfinder, people were still taking damage sometimes. I trained just one point more for everyone (6X4 = 24 total) and they avoid all damage now. However, I am not entirely sure whether this is entirely due to the Pathfinder, or maybe partly level based, or partly based on the fact all my characters have fairly high resistances, and fairly high Hardiness to counter encumbrance. Other observations: Things are going well for my party on Hard, which has a Slith fighter, two nephil mage/priests, and Hsska the priest, the only non-custom. The customs have Sickness Prone, the mages and Hsska have Natural Mage (I made him a mage/priest too), and the fighter has Fast on Feet. There are enough AP items at this point in the game to give my fighter extra APs and two of my casters start the fight with 6 APs. The characters are all in their 40s now. There are relatively few fights where multiple characters are taking heavy melee or single target spell damage, it seems, compared to other Spiderweb games (i.e. fewer ambushes, or maybe I'm just playing better). I did have to reload several times for the outdoor encounter with several Dark Wyrms, because a different character kept starting in the front, and I had to use 2-3 invulnerability potions for my fighter. Other stuff I'd think would be hard (lorewise) is generally a breeze, like the golems. My casters have so much magic bonus between Natural Mage, items, spell skill and Magery that Ice Lances often hits as hard as Fireblast, with only Arcane Blast pumping substantially higher numbers. I'm talking maybe 80s with Ice Lances, 80s to 100s with Lightning or Fireblast, and 140s+ with Arcane Blast against high level enemies like golems that aren't too resistant. For my new (Torment) playthrough: I see there is quite a lot to spend gold on after all, like Magery and Parry skill. This time I'm going to try to max all the non-trainable special skills before buying Silverlocke's Knowledge Brews. I will keep my eye out, however, and take special note of those alchemists who sell Knowledge Brews for cheaper (even if in smaller quantity). My goal is to avoid any exploits (like the infinite item merchant) or use of the character editor, which I have been good about so far in my Hard playthrough. I also want to end up with my whole party composed of the NPCs who join, if I unlock them at convenient times in a natural way. I'm thinking the archer will not take Natural Mage, but become an Archer/Priest/Tool User. The energy restore mind crystal can go to him later.
  10. Reviving this old thread lol, I tested and it doesn't drain skill points either. Saving until someone can enlighten us.
  11. Yeah I think I'm about at that point. Speaking of knowledge brews, I seem to remember some vendors offering them cheaper than Silverlocke, but is she the only one with unlimited quantity?
  12. When I read the hidden spell book in the Tower of Magi, it says I learned Arcane Summon but feel unhinged. Anyone know what being unhinged affects?
  13. I ended up spending my excess gold from the first time I got capped on 4X3 VL, which was apparently not a smart move at this point in the game (still haven't solved the third monster plague). I then visited the city (I forget the name) with the house and the Barter trainer for the first time, and I bought potion recipes (I'm a completionist) and was only able to afford 10 Barter and not the house after that. So, this play through is a learning process to time my purchases more effectively for my Torment play through.