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  1. I suspect there will be as few changes made to the plot and dialogue etc as possible. The RPG mechanics will probably be reworked, but the canisters are a big enough part of the game, not just as a way to learn skills absent trainers, but as a plot point and their frequent use as reward for exploration or quest-solving, that I imagine they'll probably play a basically unaltered role in the remake. It'd be a lot of work to rework it into something like the later games, where canisters are less common and less important. (Maybe the remake will make using at least one canister actually mandatory, and not just theoretically mandatory, like using the Geneforge in 4 is.) The protagonist suffering or not suffering from canister-based derangement would, I think, not really make much difference to the endings, anyway. The existing endings focused on the player character becoming power-mad and destructive all also feature them having used the Geneforge, which is more than enough to explain that sort of megalomania. There already is sort of a nonaligned ending- where you just get on the boat and leave the island without resolving the Geneforge issue. This de facto means Trajkov winning, but also resenting you for not helping him win. The story is set up so that it's not really possible for no one to win per se- even destroying the Geneforge so no one can use it counts as a Shaper loyalist victory, because that's what the Shapers would want. I don't know of any major inconsistencies between the depiction of the Sholai in 1 and plot elements in later games.
  2. EXTRAVERSION 1 (Excitement-seeking and Cheerfulness both 1... sounds right.) AGREEABLENESS 75 (But Trust 4.) CONSCIENTIOUSNESS 11 (But Cautiousness 96.) NEUROTICISM 98 (All 98 or 99, except Anger 35 and Immoderation 19.) OPENNESS 40 (Adventurousness 1, Liberalism 97. Artistic Interests torpedoed to 31 because of my lack of interest in visual art. Sad.)
  3. If FDR had died four months earlier, Wallace would've been president! And then he and LaRouche were actual candidates, but not really viable ones. Anyway: FDR HST DDE JFK LBJ
  4. Timur, Richard the Lionheart, Saladin, Philip II Augustus.
  5. Sherlock Holmes Hari Seldon Julius Martov Zaphod Beeblebrox.
  6. Peter Gabriel. Phil Collins. Henry Agard Wallace. Me.
  7. Henri III of France, Archduke Ernst von Habsburg of Austria, Johan III of Sweden, Ivan IV ("The Terrible") of Russia.
  8. Micah, Starrus, Hawthorne, Prazac, Manfred Redmark, Dorikas, Melanchion, Gladwell.
  9. Avernum 2: Crystal Souls just wholesale replacing the charming hydras with the dull omnipresent hellhounds/rockhounds of the second trilogy was disheartening. The Avernum 3 remake not having any horses, and then having the Alien Beasts just be Kyshakks, was like a punch in the gut.
  10. There's also the issue where- if one is making a game with pixel art, and one wants to add a new item or enemy type to the game, all one has to do (in addition to coding and writing it of course) is do up a simple sprite, and basically anyone can do passable pixel art if they put enough work into it. However, if one is making a game with more detailed art and animations, one must pay precious money to commission professional artists to do the spritework, and then make sure it looks passable from every angle a player might see it from, and then render it into sprites showing it doing every possible animation from every possible angle, etc etc. I think this has to be a major reason why enemy diversity (at least in terms of diversity of enemy appearance) has sort of taken a nosedive in more recent Spiderweb games, especially in the Avadon games (especially since they couldn't have grandfathered-in existing enemy designs and sprites from Avernum or Geneforge). In the first Avadon it feels like you spend 75% of the game fighting some sort of wolf or spider or goblin. I don't think Queen's Wish looks great. But I am hopeful that the change in graphics style will allow for a greater amount and greater diversity of new graphics than any Spiderweb game has had in a good while.
  11. This actually comes up in Avernum 6, with the results you would more or less expect (in the world of Avernum) from a bunch of mages trying to accomplish a major project.
  12. The situation with how turret power is calculated is a little murky... cf this topic, which was never really satisfactorily resolved IIRC.
  13. There are far fewer differences between Nethergate and Resurrection than between any other Spiderweb game and its remake (eg, it's the only remake that has almost entirely identical graphics to the original), and I imagine the thinking is that Resurrection just totally supercedes the original release for that reason, coupled with being more-compatible with newer systems.
  14. And Queen's Wish looks like it's going to be the biggest jump in design between Spiderweb games in almost 20 years.
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