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  1. Slarty Ranks Everything

    I love that the third Lije Baley book is twice the length of the first two, and noticeably worse, and ends with a garbage deus ex machina, and has an uncomfortable sex scene and discussion of how incest is okay on this planet, and sets the stage for Robots and Empire, which is maybe the worst book Asimov ever wrote.
  2. Slarty Ranks Everything

    I actually find Dickens, and some other 19th writers (looking at you, Carlyle), harder to read and understand than some English prose written in the 18th or maybe even 17th century, it's like trying to read the Canterbury Tales without any sort of interpretive apparatus or translation. Also more things to rate: Franz Liszt Muppet Babies 2001: A Space Odyssey other good old heresies: Nestorianism Monotheletism Donatism Pelagianism Paulicianism/Bogomilism/Waldensianism Fraticellism
  3. Slarty Ranks Everything

    "the author himself, who received payment each time he produced 32 pages of text (and not necessarily a certain number of words)," So he did get paid for being overlong and florid... just not by the word? Same effect in the end.
  4. Slarty Ranks Everything

    I asked about Marie Curie for reasons unrelated to her Polishness... it is not my fault she was Polish!!! (I was readin an article about Einstein that mentioned he sent a fan letter to Curie as a young man, then I got to reading about the Curies, etc, and they were cool.) Also: Isaac Asimov Arthur C Clarke Walter M Miller, Jr
  5. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Catharism Video games, in general Marie Curie
  6. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Pyramids (Bosnian pseudoarchaeological)
  7. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Which RPG did you enjoy the most, and would most like to replay (even if the replay desire is just for now and fleeting), and which RPG stirs the most visceral hatred in you. Also: no love for the PLC................................. they had the highest suffrage rate in Europe for all of the early modern era, and a higher suffrage rate than even Britain did until the Reform Act of 1832.
  8. Slarty Ranks Everything

    The best and worst RPGs you've played The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Alphabets Abjads Abugidas
  9. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Mr Tambourine Man Green Tambourine Mr Green Genes
  10. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Barbarossa (Frederick Hohenstaufen) Barbarossa (Oruc Reis, the Ottoman corsair captain) Barbarossa (the invasion of the Soviet Union) Barbarossa (the key character in the Avadon trilogy)
  11. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Pigeons and doves are the same animal...
  12. Slarty Ranks Everything

    I don't think the earlier-written songs are bad, I just mean that their use points to Beefheart evidently writing less new material over time, which of course culminated in him ceasing to write new material at all: the ultimate tragedy.
  13. Slarty Ranks Everything

    I do still like Shiny Beast... I just prefer Bat Chain Puller. I like Drumbo more than I like Robert Williams, and Shiny Beast has no Denny Walley, whose slide guitar is so good. In general I have mixed feelings about late-period Beefheart, cuz it's obviously still really good, but also I guess I don't like the "feel" of the band on the last three albums so much, or the production. Also, a depressing number of the songs are recycled from years before, which lends to the feeling of general decline. Ice Rose (the music for it at least) was written in 1967, Owed T'Alex was a poem written in 1965, Suction Prints and Harry Irene were written in 1971.
  14. Slarty Ranks Everything

    "Tarkus" (the album title) is a portmanteau of "tank" and "carcass", because this is prog rock and this is how we do things. I would be very amused if Shadow Tarkus got his name from the album, because every time I see his name in the game I already involuntarily think of the big armadillo tank, but like. Dark. Evil. The Wayfarer approaches with another ethically dubious task... Shiny Beast is good... but original Bat Chain Puller is superior.