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  1. Sorry for necro but I felt this was important. You forgot to add Bag of Sugar to this list.
  2. Currently studying Japanese

  3. Wondering if A'tuin might be out there somewhere

  4. Looking at the replies to this thread, I guess apparently there was a Study of Magic creations as well, which was not posted in the Strategy central. Ackrovan posted the link to the thread, but it seems dead. So I am re posting it. Here it is: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/12398-an-archonic-study-of-magic-creations/page__hl__%2Bstudy+%2Bmagic+%2Bcreations
  5. I've been reading The Canterbury Tales as of recently. About halfway through the Knight's tale. I love Chaucer's satirical humor, and the descriptions he gives for each individual of the pilgrimage. It really tells you a lot about medieval society. ~RainbowDashRadical
  6. Alright I am finished with the game. There is not much left for me to do. I killed Goetsch, done the Shaper Crypt, finished other pointless areas. So I headed to the East Docks and finished the game. Easily killing the three Augmented Sholai. Oh and I cleared eastern docks Solo btw No Drayks helping me So here are my end-game stats for the curious: Agent - Level 22 Str - 10 Dex - 11 Int- 18 End - 15 Melee - 7 Missle - 4 QA - 8 Anatomy - 3 battle magic - 10 Mental Magic - 10 Blessing Magic - 7 Spellcraft - 10 Fire Shapin - 4 Battle Shaping - 3 Magic Shaping - 3
  7. Hi guys, thanks for all the responses. I would like to give a breif update on my Agent. I have been traveling around to other places. Since by killing Trajkov I pissed off all the Sholai and the Takers. So I razed Kazg to the ground, and even tried my luck on the Bridges. Both bridges did require some amounts of Reloads, however it payed of in the end. That Augmented Sholai gave 65 exp! I would say by far he is the most dangerous hostile character in the game. Alongside Trajokov and Goetsch I should say. I also grabbed the Control Rod and destroyed the Geneforge. That gave me an instant 2 le
  8. I had decided to play Geneforge 1 as an Agent, because never before have I played as an Agent in G1. I finished, and well, I'm don't really know what to say. She is very, very powerful in the end game, and I mean REALLY powerful. Let me discuss my strategy. So I fired up the game, and raised my Spellcraft to around 7, then started raising Intelligence up, and that was really my only focus for the rest of the game... There was no need to put any points into combat, as there are plenty of points available, like Swan of the Awakened, the woodsman of Pentil, and also many canisters scattered a
  9. The last book I read was Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. My English teacher mentioned Grapes of Wrath was another one of his fine books. I think I will try that next ~RainbowDashRadical
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