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    wayfarer Ryozo papers options (spoilers)

    Before posting here, I took a chance and talked to Ryozo about it. I used the dialog option "I think these are forged" but it didn't produce anything useful. Side note- Just after posting here about lamps not being useful, I found more of those semi-dark caves where they are kind of useful, even in a RP sense.
  2. FrenchFries

    wayfarer Ryozo papers options (spoilers)

    I just wish there was another option as far as dealing with this wayfarer and his tasks. I don't want to just simply not finish a quest if I feel like it's a set up to frame someone. I want other options. It leaves the whole thing feeling incomplete. I almost want to say poorly done. I'd expect crappy quest handling choices from AAA games, but not Jeff's. But, I hope that doesn't sound too bad. I'm actually not bothered by it. Just making observations. All things considered, Avadon does have a good story to it, even if it was a little slow in the beginning. I've actually read the lore from the books I've encountered. I'm hoping I'll run into a lore book on the corruption at some point. And yes, I think you're right. That some things didn't get fleshed out. For example, you find light sources like lamps, but there's no place where they're really needed. I encountered some "semi-dark" caves in the beginning of the game where I'd get this lit-up effect when I used a lamp. Yet after Kva, caves I ran into are as brightly lit as the outside. It's like he wanted to have dark places, but then made dark areas not so bad because he decided it was going to be too harsh, then later on wound up not adding any darkness to cave areas at all. I also can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels like combat was initially something different before some things were changed to the way it is now. Like, maybe he was going to make a system that was more akin to previous games before changing his mind. One thing is how vitality only really impacts spellcasters, and even then it's not a big deal. All this makes me think some things, not everything, were originally different, but got changed and there wasn't time to flesh it all out.
  3. Please give me as few (none if possible) spoilers as possible. Did the first job for the wayfarer, which provided him information about Commander Ryozo. So, now he wanted me to find proof that Ryozo's a traitor to the Pact. Found the proof just where the wayfarer said it would be. It just feels.. wrong. I actually took a chance and talked to Ryozo himself about it. He was shocked and all, which is kind of to be expected. But, it was kind of convincing, too. I went back to that Heart lady, the one that gives you the missions. I forget her name. No options to discuss the wayfarer or any of this with the Heart lady like before. Even tried talking to Redbeard and found no options. Disappointing. Figured the most logical thing to do is to talk to your superiors before having an important military leader arrested. Basically, I don't want to have ryozo arrested because it feels like he's being set up. At the very least, I'd like to have more options than to simply have him arrested for something I'm not convinced of. It feels like my only options are: 1. Turn in the quest and have ryozo arrested, which I don't want to do. 2. Do nothing? I don't know. It feels like I'm breaking game mechanics by leaving the ryozo papers quest in the quest log. I guess I just want to do something other than the first option. But, I'd also like to not ruin any part of the quest chain if I'm actually doing something right. As a side note, I get the feeling Avadon was originally a totally different game than what it is now. Feels like it was decided to go in a different direction while the game was still in development.
  4. FrenchFries

    Just one more question

    After some consideration, I'm thinking about getting the Spiderweb Software Complete Pack on Steam. I honestly do not think I'll have enough time in this life to do them all, but I sure won't go hungry if I desire any old-school (modern term- tactical) RPGs. After reading around in the forums, I noticed some of these old games can't be played in a window. I think I can deal with that, but do any of them have problems with the Steam overlay? At the very least, I need to be able to chat while doing a game.
  5. A long, long time ago in a galaxy somewhere around here... I played Exile on Windows 95. Really liked it. On faith, I got Exile 2 when it came out. Didn't like it because it was incredibly hard. Haven't touched a Spiderweb game since then. Keep seeing Spiderweb games on steam when I browse around. When I do, I remember Exile and wonder if Spiderweb games are still super hard games. Finally decided to come to the forums here and simply ask. I've never been into the really hard games. Guess I'm just not looking for the greatest challenge I ever faced in my life. On that same note, I don't care for super easy games either because they put me to sleep. Hope you don't get the wrong impression. I don't think I'm special or anything. Just here asking the experts. So, there it is. How hard is Avernum? For that matter, does it work on Windows 8?