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  1. Mairwen

    A Real-life Milestone!

    Congratulations! As somebody about to embark on a humanties doctorate, it's always nice to see that you're not alone in going in for the sciences!
  2. Mairwen

    Help for a beginner

    My advice is to play as the Celts. Once you're more familiar with the game, go with the Romans. And then flit back and forth - this is Spiderweb at it's best!
  3. Mairwen

    Avadon 2 Announced.

    Well, Rentar-Ihrno is in the series from Exile 2, so her finally being defeated (thanks for the spoiler by the way!) would surely be a big deal! Also the Darkside Loyalists seem to be a big faction from what I see in the threads I read. I'm not sure Spiderweb, nor many people on these boards, would agree that two of the Exile/Avernum games (so 1/3 of the saga) is essentially pointless!
  4. Mairwen

    My turn

    3,000 posts? Congratulations!
  5. Mairwen

    Kill Redbeard? Forget it!!!

    Well everything is speculation. If we do get the chance, however... Also, it seems to be like Miranda will come back - Spiderweb obviously wanted to save her for a reason, or else we'd have had the chance to kill her!
  6. Mairwen

    Kill Redbeard? Forget it!!!

    I actually tried to kill Redbeard; I assumed that the choices the game had me make at almost every turn was hinting that I should rule Avadon my- (well, our-)selves. After around 30 minutes I gave up and accepted my fate as a Hand. For that reason alone I am glad Redbeard is back in Avadon 2; this time he is going down, and it's definitely personal!
  7. Mairwen

    Avadon 2 Announced.

    Sorry I probably wasn't making myself clear before! When I said "I'm definitely going to buy the other games in the App Store", I meant the other Spiderweb Software games! I've started playing Avernum: Escape from the Pit first, just because it had the same subtitle as Exile. I'm really enjoying this one a lot even if I haven't got very far yet. Are there plans to make Exile 2 and 3 into the new engine? How about the old Avernum games, because I've never played Avernum 4-6? At the very least it'd be neat if there were iPad versions made available.
  8. Mairwen

    Avadon 2 Announced.

    I just got finished playing Avadon HD on my iPad, and for me it was really the best game that the iPad has to offer. I played Exile years and years ago, and then forgot all about this company, so it was great to see that you're still going strong! I'm definitely going to buy the other games in the App Store. The only thing I can say that I was disappointed with, and which I really hope is addressed in the next game, is the effects of your decisions. In Avadon HD it just seemed that you were offered an illusion of choice that in the end didn't impact anything. I can't wait to see what happens next though, in spite of this. Hurry up, Spiderweb Software!