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  1. I think I have got a work around using symbolic links. I have computers Desktop and Laptop, both with OneDrive. 1) I moved the most recent Avernum 2 Saved Games folder to the OneDrive and it synced to the other computer. 2) I then deleted all of the individual saved game folders in documents/Spiderweb Software/Avernum 2 Saved Games on each computer. Be sure to make a copy of your saves and stick them in an unrelated folder in case something goes wrong. You can leave the Avernum 2 Saved Games folder, just make sure there is nothing in it. 3) I then installed Junction Link Magic program on each computer http://www.rekenwonder.com/linkmagic.htm 4) I ran Junction Link Magic on each computer. The "host" link was original directory in documents/Spiderweb Software/Avernum 2 Saved Games and the Destination was the path to the OneDrive on each computer. The program created the junction. You can tell because your original Avernum Saved Games folder in the documents directory will have a little arrow on the icon of a folder and all your saved games will be there when previously all the saved game folders were empty. Thereafter I tested by 1) playing the game on computer D and saving to slot 1, exiting; 2) starting the game on computer L and the saved game in slot 1 was there so I loaded it, played a little and saved to slot 2, then existed the game; 3) returned to computer D and started the game, was able to load game with recently created slot 2 save, played and created a new save in slot 3, exited; returned to computer L and started the game and was able to load the most recent save from slot 3. So it looks like OneDrive syncs the most recent game saves and the "junctions" fool the game into looking to the OneDrive saved games to load them. Others can test this. BE SURE TO MAKE A COPY OF YOUR SAVED GAMES AND STICK THEM IN AN UNRELATED FOLDER IN CASE THIS DOES NOT WORK.
  2. I moved my spiderweb folder from the normal documents folder to the one on the OneDrive so I can switch between desktop and laptop computers rather than have to manually copy the latest saved files over. Of course when the game starts it cannot find the saved games. So, there should be a config file with the path for the saved games. Anyway to change this to OneDrive documents?
  3. Thanks Ess. Turns out I had the wrong papers. I was looking in some cabinets but the required text is on what I would call a pedestal similar to where spells are usually found. It's in the NE section of the building.
  4. Thanks Randomizer but I am still stuck. I spoke to all 3: Elohi-Bank said speak to others; Glantris-Bok said see Erika after speaking to Solberg (done that); and Prossis-Bok said "speak with others I will try to learn more." Now what?
  5. I tried to enter Pyrog's Cave from the north (via the boat in Empire Docks) but I get this message: “You enter the tunnel in this gate only to find a sheer granite wall. You search for the secret passages, but the wall is too large. If there is a way past this wall, you won’t be able to find it without help.” From a review of this forum I understand I need to 1) find the evidence of the crystal souls at Fort Dothar; 2) take it to Olgai for advice how to enter Pyrog's lair. I have already done all that. I went back to Fort Dothar and the cabinets with the evidence are empty so I must have taken them on my first trip there. I went back to Olgai but one of the guys just said talk to Ericka, which I already did. I went back to Ericka and she only spoke about Angierach not Pyrog. Now, I am stuck trying to enter Pyrog when I think I have met all the prerequisites.
  6. I imagine there should be no problem running either of these games using the built in Intel 4000 graphics (I have quad i-7, 16 gb ram and a separate built in video card which I would prefer to avoid using to save battery life).
  7. Status effects

    Thanks. Looks like "burning" for example, cannot be cured or ended prematurely.
  8. Is there any way to remove status effects like "burning" or "freezing" or do you have to just wait it out? Cure does not seem to work on it.
  9. What about a party of two. How would that compare to a party of four in level accumulation?
  10. I'm not sure I understand the response. LOL. If each encounter awards each PC (whether solo or one of four in a party) say 100XP, how does the singleton get levels quicker? Are you saying the XP awarded scales with total level strength of a party? So if monster level 2 is killed by Party of 4 first level PCs then the ratio is 2-1 in favor of the players and XP awarded might be 100XP per PC. But in the same battle between monster level 2 and a singleton level 1 the ratio is 1-2 against the singleton so maybe he gets 200XP instead of 100XP?
  11. If a party of 4 gets 100XP each for an encounter would a party of 2 get 200XP each and a singleton get 400XP for the same encounter? Or does everyone get 100XP each regardless of the number in the party. Is there somewhere in the instructions that answers this?
  12. Guess it's too late to change anything for Avernum 2?
  13. Actually I have had it happen in open corridors where the character could have moved forward to get into firing range but instead took a "shortcut" that led to more enemies or just took him out of action.
  14. This is perhaps the best upgrade and one that should be doable. The text needs to be adjustable or at least much bigger and the items larger. Perhaps you can double click on the screen and it will zoom in or out. I don't even try to play at 1080. The other major room for improvement is the pathfinding so if tell someone to go to X he does not take a bizarre path. If you tell a caster to cast a spell he does not run in the opposite direction to circle around to cast it. These are FIXABLE. Some of the other things probably are not without a new engine or at least big modifications.