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  1. Huh, interesting. Fair enough on that then.
  2. Scorched greaves are plate but give a +1 bonus to sorcerer skill Focus Mastery Corrupted, Frost-rimed, and Searing Scarab abilities appear to be using numbers from prior Avadon series, costing very little fatigue and having a fast recovery time. Is this intended? Acid and Shock Canister appear to have fatigue, icon, and turns to recover switched. Not sure if it's intended or not, but the burning goo effect can still be used to kill town npc's (tested it on Redbeard and misc npc's at Fort Foresight).
  3. Hugs and platonic kisses Jerakeen. One last question: how do I make the script give more than one item, for the sake of convenience? reward_give(150); Would it be (150,151), (150)(151) or...?
  4. Right? I've been considering that every time I start a new SWS game... since sandals and pants are items, what were they wearing before I found the basic clothing items? And SWS claims to be family friendly *tsking sounds* And Stranger, could you elaborate on adding the item to a script? I'm really not familiar with any editing past the spoonfed copy/paste lines I find on the forums, but I've often wondered how I might *safely* add things at the nuts and bolts level.
  5. Among other things, I *really* miss being able to add any item with the Shift+g debug console in the first Avernum trilogy, or with the editor advanced features. I was super disappointed when it was taken out, not even for the special options or making an overpowered party, but because it was really useful for RP purposes. In Exile/Avernum 1, starting with nothing makes sense, since you'd likely be stripped of valuables and tossed down, but in others where you start as established adventurers, makes sense that someone in the party might have something better than bad leather and stone daggers.
  6. Found the issue: the only volume I was simulating was in OS extended format. On a hunch, I tried adding one in standard format, and that seemed to fix it. No idea why that was the case (probably a quirk with those system files and sheepshaver), but now it works no matter where the game files are placed on the SS desktop.
  7. Yeah, just found that out for myself when I ran into a weird bug and tried it. For some reason, A3 has been running perfectly but when I went to try A1 and A2 just today, neither of them were able to load saved games. Everything else works fine, including the prompt for "save as," but when "load save" is clicked, it gives the thinking icon briefly, but no window opens up to let you browse. Like the other poster, the Wineskinned versions don't seem to work for me (it "opens" and the toolbar changes, but no window appears and nothing else happens), and I even tried using Crossover on the plain W
  8. Some people are using Wine and the like to run the Windows version of the first Avernum Trilogy (FAT), but someone in another thread was having issues with that, so I'd like to give a very basic how-to on setting up an emulator to run FAT and other programs that need a Mac Classic Environment for on your OSX 10.7+ machine. As we well know, 10.7 did away with a lot of backward compatibility, and I wanted to play some old games on my laptop. The two main emulators for this are Sheepshaver (for the curious: the name is supposed to be a play on "shapeshifter") and BasiliskII. I'm going to give a r
  9. You can run the first Avernum trilogy on the newer OS X using Sheepshaver or BasiliskII (classic environment emulators). I think I'll make a post about it, since it's pretty easy to set up once you get past the awful awful interface.
  10. Nevermind I solved my own problem
  11. When I first downloaded A2 it was version 1.0. I went to the downloads page today to see if there was a newer version and found 1.0.1 as the current available download. I only just got around to starting A2 this week, and read the forum posts listing a few things people noticed back in November (like ice lance being linked to the ranged weapon slot) that were patch worthy, but I couldn't find any documentation of what actually was changed in this update. Can anyone enlighten a poor lost plebeian?
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