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  1. Okay, played around with this a bit. Bumping up the process priority doesn't help, and, when in the inventory screen, it maxes out one of my CPU cores. My guess is that there is some extremely inefficient code that's maybe doing some kind of composition for the inventory window. Bummer, it makes the game close to unplayable.
  2. I am using Win7 and have a pretty fast computer. When ever the inventory screen is up in A4, I have a ton of mouse lag, like the frame rate is really low. It makes inventory management extremely painful (trying to sell stuff is very tough, since you have to click on the wee little pile of coins). I tried running in compatability mode for XP, but didn't help. Any known solutions? Edit -- as a note, no problems at all with A6, A6, AEFTP, Nethergate or any of the geneforge games. Just this one.
  3. Finished AEFTP, and loved it. I haven't really been able to get into Avandon. I started playing N:R and am enjoying it, but the game could really use a port to a newer engine... Or better yet, a sequel / prequel in the same general setting. It's really nice to play a game set in such a unique setting.
  4. I still can't bloody find the right barrel. I've tromped all over the kva lands. Can someome be more exact?
  5. Well, I just beat the game using your mod. I had a polearm character, and she would go back and forht between using spear and shield ( when needing protection ) and halberd. My general thought those is that spears need to do a skoach more damager compared to halberds. Not sure if you can adjust that.
  6. Yes, I'm thoroguhly enjoying my non-min maxer party: a pole-arm barbarian with cavelore, a sword and shield defensive fighter, a priest of desert lands who is deadly with a bow, and a straight mage.
  7. I really liked this. The min-maxer guide really put me off the game a bit, when I hit a rough patch (was trying the wrong quests) and though I could only really play 'that' way.
  8. Akahari Blaze -- I really like what you've done with this. You've fixed / improved some of the balance issues in the original remix. You should post what you have in it's own thread.