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  1. You cant create crossbrids or new creations. It would just be turning every servile into an ornk with the same graphic as any other ornk.
  2. The best creations to change generally are: -Ornks. These are probably the best because they are only aggressive in one area in the game and never really do very much. You'll want to alter cr_walk_speed if you do this because otherwise ornks will move much slower than the rest of your creations. The downside is it's pretty hard to get ornks. If people want, I can show you how to put another ornk canister or a book into the game, replacing an existing book. -Pyroroamers (only in one area if I remember correctly) -Ur-glaakhs (a few around the game but not a strong presence) -Plated bugs (can
  3. You can't make creations themselves heal but you can assign a creation to cast a spell that heals. Like mass restore. If you do this, creations can only use mass restore (and a melee attack). Bearing in mind that mass restore is very expensive, you'll also need to reduce the cost of it or use a heal spell and make the effect base and effect per level high. To do it: 1) Find (ctrl+f) the creation you want to be a healer in g5itemschars. 2) Insert the line cr_abil_num 1 = 130; (that's mass restore, heal group is 202) and cr_abil_level 1 = x; (replace x with however powerful you want the spell
  4. Most of modding is just about experimentation. I never had a guide to doing this and after a while, you shouldn't need one. I started messing with g5itemschars and g5objsmisc, saw the effect they had on the game and that's how I found out how to do these things. I don't intend to teach people how to mod, just open them up to experimenting with modding and if people can start posting their own mods here, that would be great. I haven't been able to make an attack use two status effects (like fear and acid) in the way that Sammann's decaying beam can. I'm not sure if Sammann is hardcoded to
  5. Here's a harder and more interesting concept. This will show you how to change spells. I am using Kill as an example (I would not suggest augmenting Kill very much because it is already very powerful in comparison to the older games). 1) Go to g5objsmisc in your scripts folder. 2) Find Kill with ctrl+f. 3) Now you can add a whole range of abilities to Kill with just a few extra lines. Some examples: -To make Kill have an acid effect, add these lines: ab_status_effect = 6; (thats the acid) ab_status_effect_base = 5; (thats the base power of the acid) ab_status_effect_per_level = 2; (tha
  6. You can easily learn to do it yourself from the above post. Just use the specifications shown and REMEMBER THE SEMICOLONS AS I KEEP SAYING! Oh and here's a fix for Ganduv's Unbound Reaver which crashed the game before. I gave it my own kittygazer touch, changing the name, graphics and making it a stunblade. it_name = "Unholy Warfare"; it_graphic_coloradj = 272; it_level = 300; it_value = 5000; it_ability = 91; it_stats_to_affect 0 = 4;//melee +20 it_stats_addition 0 = 20; it_stats_to_affect 1 = 0;//strength +20 it_stats_addition 1 = 20; it_stats_to_affect 2 = 12;//spellcraf
  7. I said I'd do a mod that allows you to create podlings so here it is. I have chosen assault podlings because I feel they are the most useful of the three. First find a creation that you wouldn't mind replacing with podlings. Remember that when you replace a creation with another, every creation of that type in the game also changes. So if you change fyoras to podlings, every fyora will become a podling. For that reason, I would suggest replacing a creation that's not unstable and doesn't have a strong presence in the game. Lets say pyroroamers because you don't get very many in G5. Don't pick
  8. Hmn I tried to modify cr_walk_speed to make instant teleportation like you did but it doesn't seem to work for me on G5. Even if there isn't a strong community for modding G5, I'll post the mods I make here and if anyone wants to share a certain mod or request one, they can here. Through that, a community could be developed.
  9. Why not? Once you've played through the games enough times, it's pretty much the only way to stave off boredom if you still want to play the game occasionally. And modding can be taken a lot further, like the examples I gave in my first post
  10. Sorry for the necromancy but has anyone tried this and does it work?
  11. I was talking about Geneforge 5 modding only.
  12. I've looked over these forums many times but I havent found much of a community for modding geneforge 5. I've seen various script editors but I don't think people realise how far you can take it. I started with Ganduv's script editor and then I had a look in g5itemschars myself and was able to edit loads of things really quickly. It was really very simple. I could change the stats of my creations, change their names, change what they looked like (make one creation look like another)and change their attack animations. I took it even further when I discovered g5objsmisc. I started changing abi
  13. I've been modding this quite a bit, I managed to fix the editor and sort out my own items and stuff. But I think a major oversight is that the editor cannot be used as an anvil. Is there any way to make the editor usable as such? I've been looking over the places that do have anvils and I cant find a common code to use.
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