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  1. So how do I talk correctly to these constructs, because Macaula keeps saying that I did not
  2. I was personally thinking of that unexplored continent the dragon in Ukat mentioned. Torbat, was the name if I remember correctly of the unexplored continent. Maybe the next story will take place there
  3. I see. I bought QW from steam, so steam updated the game for me. Now I have version 1.0.1๐Ÿ˜
  4. Hi! I have a question. Is there a way to find out what changes were made in v1.0.1 of Queen's wish?
  5. Nice work with this Editor. I tried it following your rules and everything worked perfectly!
  6. Does Jeff read these topics? or only the ones he made?
  7. Yeah and many thanks to you!! You've helped me A LOT!! XD
  8. While it did give me lots of resolution it seems I can only use 2 of them the others give the "input out of signal" crap. I'm currently using 1280x720 and while I click apply and then let's say restart my computer I need to go again in AMD catalyst to checks some boxes again to get the resolution I want and it tires me. G5 works only in windows and that is fine for me.
  9. Wait now I got them back I only needed to do somethings. My highest resolution is 1920x1080 XD of course I know my computer cannot handle that but now I can play G5 But how can I save the settings? Every time I start my computer I need to do the same things to get it at the resolution I want. I wish I could screenshot what I mean. Every time I need to go in catalyst and check some boxes about screen resolution and that.
  10. Sadly when I installed it. It went back to the beginning of this problem. I don't have them anymore
  11. Nim do you know a specific place where I can download it? A specific website?
  12. I have news I went and used DDU (clean out and restart) and it removed the amd catalyst. I went to screen resolution and it I GOT A BUNCH OF SCREEN RESOLUTIONS!! XD My highest one being 1600x1200. When I put 1600x1200 it says input out of range while still managing in displaying that resolution after a min my screen goes to sleep. anything under 1600x1200 works tho. When I launched G5 I finally got to choose which resolution I wanted but I didn't click start tho to test it. I'm going to install AMD omega driver and come back with news.
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