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  1. Learning to eat pizza with my feet!

    1. Mosquito---Slayer


      If you manage, please teach me as well. ;)

  2. Playing Geneforge 1 for the first time!

  3. Yeah, it's true, but she wore a pretty decent helmet with 20% resistance for poison/acid. Since I'm using her as the front character, I look thoughtlessly to pump all resistances. When the resistances go dwon, I panic xD. At the end I put the new helmet anyway. Better armor after all
  4. I see. So, probably, that 4% is not worth wearing the helmet, anyway... I always try to max the damage output for mages, and this helmet was a nice surprise Thanks!
  5. Hello again! I have another little doubt; hope anyone can answer me again I have maxed out my "Spellcraft" skill with my main mage, but I found a helmet that increases it two points. Now, in the mage skill tab, despite being maxed out, the +2 benefit still seems to apply. Is this for real? Her spells don't seem to benefit at all (every one of them does the same amount of damage, having the helmet or not). So, the passive benefits from equipment cannot help to surpass the skill limit? The skill part of this guide seems to imply that the +2 really works... but I'm confused since it do
  6. Thanks, Randomizer! And for the welcome, too I'm afraid I lost my sanity long ago. Maybe she's still adventuring out there with my common sense. So, I'm in the right place
  7. I'm glad to see so much activity in these forums I'm playing Avernum eftp right now and I've learned many useful things here. I have a little doubt, though. The trait "Negotiator", as its explained here, implies that having 4 adds to the total %. Is that so or I just didn't understood it well? Also, when I "buy" negotiator for one particular character, does that mean that only the character would benefit from the extra 10% when selling? (what I mean is: do I need to switch to that character to sell things with the extra 10%?) Thank you! And I'm sorry if this is not the correct
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