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  1. Hey guys I'm looking for an opinion. I'd like a challenging torment-like first play-through. I mostly enjoy playing melee oriented parties. After looking around however, it seems the balance is heavily skewed towards casters, and playing torment with fighting oriented party might end up being frustrating. So, instead of 1-stat min/maxing casters on torment, how would playing Hard with convenient, versatile hybrids compare ? Imposing half and half (or 2/3 - 1/3) split. No purposeful gimping otherwise, basically optimizing with those conditions imposed. Thinking something like Paladin - Str/End, melee + priest spells. Takes advantage of many priest spells that don't scale with int. Sword and shield. Ninja - Str/Dex, pole + bow. Hopefully evasion will help with survivability. Poles instead of dual wield because it might spread it too thin ? Priest that can shoot - Int/Dex, priest spells + Bow. Or maybe throwing? Although I don't think I can go back to limited ammo after playing remix 1.1 of eftp. I really like this build in other spiderweb games though. Mainly this guy helps a lot with trash without having being conservative with SP. Not sure what to do with mage. Unlike priest they have 1SP spell for trash so ranged combat is redundant. I'm thinking Int/End and focus more on utility traits like summoning etc. What do yall think about this idea ? Would this party be as challening as torment with typical min/max party ?
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    Avadon 1, Path of Blade doesn't work ?

    Thanks for the clarification
  3. Just starting playing and have been tracking how various skills affect the damage to gauge usefulness. I am getting nothing from Path of the blade. I've reloaded multiple times to check. At level 3(before clicking the plus button to increase the stats) Sevilin is at 6 str, melee training 3 and savage blow 1. His regular swing is 20-60 damage, savage blow is 23-113. Increasing str to 7 only: swing is 21-63, savage blow 24-119. Works as expected. Increasing str to 7, melee training to 5: swing 23-69. savage blow 24-119. Melee training seems only to affect plain swings, okay. Increasing str to 7, savage blow to 3: swing 21-63, savage blow 26-131. Seems like a waste of points but still working as intended. Increasing str to 7, Path of the blade from 0 to 1: swing 21-63, savage blow 24-119. Nothing ? Keeping str at 6 path of the blade 1: Perhaps there's some kind of overlap...nope back to 20-60 and 23-113. Then checked with a bow and dex, still nothing. Am I missing something ? I am using the mod that allows 4 companions which shouldn't affect it. Torment difficulty, v1.0 for Windows.
  4. So lets say your level 1 tank faces a very high level enemy with 10% to evade gear... that means a a level 20+ demon will have only 85% hit rate vs your level 1 tank ? Also, does this work vs magic ?
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    Good Non-Spiderweb RPGS?

    last truly old fashioned non-indie RPG that came out that I come back again and again(due to ongoing mod support) is wizardry 8. Full party, deep character development, turn-based combat... yumm. Nothing as of late that came out was really enjoyable(dragon age/elder srolls franchises etc).
  6. Hi all I have a question. I just started this game(remix actually) on torment difficulty and can't figure out what's up with harsh to hit penalties on tanking equipment. Instead of being used it's just sitting in my backcap waiting for level 8 to be sold on. Both my tanks are already wearing "Iron Breastplate" with -10%. Main tank also using "Bronze shield" with -10%. From my experience so far if I start equipping heavier stuff on my tanks it becomes a whiff fest. It just doesn't seem mathematically efficient to go from pants with +3% def and 0% to hit to leather greaves with 4% def 1% evade an -5% to hit. Or iron shield over bronze shield for extra 3% parry and further -5% to hit. Or leather bracers over thick gloves... etc. On torment especially where I am forced to be much more defensive(ie more endurance and more hardiness/parry). I even took sure hand(which is not that great) to counter some of the penalty. Wondering what I am missing here.