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  1. And i bet the same applies to the 2 and 3 remastered. 1. The junk pack organizing is bad 2. The town loop sound is bad 3. The absence of the Look function which was in the original trilogy and showed all usable objects AND ITEMS ON THE GROUND is VERY BAD 4. The limited inventory is 20 years outdated style (i'm not mentioning such shitty rpg's as the dragon age 1-2-3) 5. The sell all junk function could have an option NOT to sell items with 0 value 6. The impossibilty of closing the pickup-from-the-ground window with the RMB is weird and bad and sad. thank you.
  2. thanks to all. i think the thread may be closed then.
  3. It's strabge 'cause the Slith spear was 41 coin with total barter=4, so it's still 41 coin with total barter=15
  4. Please explain me (who can) how does the Barter skill works in Avernum 1 (<--it's ONE). I have a Barter skill of 4 in one companion. Now i bought again, so it's 18 in total. And no change is selling prices... Is this a +% to sell and -% to buy or what?
  5. If seriosly - I think I'm right. My food is gone, my arrows, also my cloaks and pants. OK.
  6. I know that all items are where they were dropped intown, I just never dropped food before. *OK_face.jpg* Also, I can say that my arrows are missing too. I suddenly had a thought - what if the intown "wandering" NPCs are GODDAM THIEVES and it's them who are picking up my stuff? O_o
  7. Hello. I'm now playing A1. I have a question. I dumped few items in a fort. A few meal sacks, few trophys etc in one pile.Went battleing. Then I dumped some of my food (meat, mushrooms) there, and went farming mobs again. Now i wanted to go and sell all of the trophys and MY FOOD IS NOT THERE. T_T wattahell?