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  1. I checked these out on Steam and decided to put Age of Decadence and Underrail on my wishlist. Thank you! I'll pick these up during the next sale. Lords of Xulima reminded me too much of the Wizardry series, which was not my style and a little too frustrating for my tastes. Eschalon seems kinda cool, but I was turned off by only controlling one character - heard reports on the repetitiveness of battles. Did you find differently?
  2. So I've finally finished most of the modern Spiderweb games, including Avernum 1-6, Avadon 1-2, and the Avernum 1-2 remakes. I think I will eventually play the Geneforge games as remakes when they come out - might as well take advantage of the updates and modern UI conveniences. Anyone have recommendations for other indie games that may scratch that same sort of Spiderweb itch? I've played a lot of the CRPG classics, like Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale series, Planescape, Arcanum, Fallouts, etc. But some newer ones (last 10 years or so) may have passed me by. I apologize if it's no
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