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  1. Wow. You're right. I said it'd be something stupid... I was expecting some kind of message in the text log, so it threw me when there wasn't any and Khobar made no mention of it in the conversation. I'd even done a once-over of my inventory, but the reward had the same image as another item I'd been carrying around and recently tossed (a belt) so it didn't register with me at all that it was new. At least I'll know they're sneaky with rewards for the future. Thanks for your help.
  2. Okay, well, playing the Geneforge series for the first time. With my luck I'm probably missing something obvious, but I can't look it up without running into spoilers. I've only just reached Pentil and cleared the areas adjacent to it. So, earlier, Leader Khobar in Vakkiri told me to go clear out the spawner in Crag Valley. He said the reward would be a "rare artifact the Shapers left behind". I went to Crag Valley and cleared it. I never saw the spawner, but I blew up a crystal thing, and that cleared the area. I also explored the entire Crag Valley map. Much later (as in, now) I went back to Vakkiri and had the option to say I'd defeated the spawner. I did so, and got a thank you and 25 exp. So... Where's my rare artifact? Khobar doesn't mention anything about it and now I only have the "So is there nothing else for me to do here?" topic when talking to him. Is there something else I need to do to get the reward? I'd appreciate any advice. I'm a bit worried I broke something, so I'm afraid to play any further until I figure out what's going on.
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    Old versions of Exile & Exile II

    To Harehunter: Thank you so much for uploading these! I've been literally searching for the old graphics for years but gave up a long time ago because nobody ever seemed to know what I was talking about. For other people: The graphics (in Exile 1 and 2 windows at least) are just stored as plain bmps and are incredibly easy to edit, so you should be able to easily move them to the version of the game you prefer. I used to have fun messing around and editing in all sorts of different PC graphics... My sister once had a party that included a housecat, a lizard, a cow and a giant mushroom.