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  1. The color personality test at colorquiz.com is short and pretty fun. My results seemed pretty accurate. Also, I totally made a Pottermore account just to see which house I'd "officially" be put into, which I guess was accurate. I liked that one because the questions they give you aren't totally obvious as to which house you're leaning towards, thus preventing your inner 11-year-old self from picking Gryffindor every time.
  2. I believe that might stand for old Blades of Exile or original Blades of Exile, the first scenario creation game Jeff released based on the Avernum series.
  3. Bless! I'd been relying on maps from the old Avernum 2, which weren't always accurate. It's great to have fresh ones, thank you!!
  4. Well, Phoenix isn't really that close to the Colorado Plateau, but Arizona is one of the states that makes up the four corners, so I'm gonna go with that one?
  5. The Babadook (2014) is a low budget horror movie that is actually excellent and suspenseful. Continuing Juan Carlo's mention of French horror films from the early 2000s, Haute Tension (2003) has a lot of, well... tension and a whole lot of gore. In fact I think most of the movie had to get edited out because it was so gross and extreme. (I, personally, thought it was awful but I mean if you want horrible movie reccomendations...) Last Shift (2014) is a pretty fun bloody horror movie. The ultimate horrible story/terrible dialogue low budget awfulness, though, goes to WolfCop (2014)
  6. I've worked in a restaurant for years and, let me assure you, it is indeed possible for an excess of ranch dressing to become a thing of nightmares. This video makes me want to crawl into the Mariana Trench and never rejoin ranch-loving human society
  7. Floor, the largest bed

  8. I feel The Almighty Doer of Stuff is right in that one should worry about their own life and whether they're satisfied. As long as that satisfaction doesn't arise from causing harm to other people around you, of course. I can't imagine that your friend is very happy on the inside.
  9. 1. Name one song that makes you feel really, really happy. Time, As a Symptom by Joanna Newsom always makes me feel happy in a steady way. The lyrics "the moments of your greatest joy sustains/ not axe nor hammer, tomb or tremor, can take it away/ And it remains. It remains." reminds me that no matter what hardships I go through in the future, nothing can take away the good experiences I've had with friends and loved ones. The whole song is a joyful experience really. 2. Name one song that helped you get through a difficult period of your life, or still does. Blinding by Florence a
  10. Same, it took me months to beat A3 when I was a kid, mostly because I spent a great deal of time wandering the outdoors and looking for all sorts of isolated places and little quests. Also I was kind of incompetent when it came to building balanced characters so it took me a long time to defeat plagues. I kept getting rekt at the Keep of Tinraya. I'd love to play it again but I only have an iPad so I'm waiting around for the remake. Out of all the Spiderweb games I've played recently, I think I've spent the most time in the A2 remake. It feels pretty massive. Can't remember if the origina
  11. Me too. I'll love his old stuff forever and I'll always buy his remakes but I love the excitement behind a new story and getting to know new worlds and characters from Jeff's mind.
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