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  1. JamesMighty

    Wesnoth Multiplayer Anyone?

    Fine, guys, I'll make a weekly Wesnoth game...sheesh. How about next Saturday, at 8:00 PM EST? We can all meet in the Lobby before that time and chat a bit. Just reply to this topic if you can make it so I can determine what we're going to do!
  2. JamesMighty

    Spiderchess Tournament

    I would like to have another Chess Tournament, if we could organize one?
  3. JamesMighty

    Wesnoth Multiplayer Anyone?

    I say we schedule a Wesnoth night for Sunday, June 23rd, at around 3 PM EST? I really have no other way to revive what we did last year. Edit: I'll always be on around 6-8 PM EST.
  4. JamesMighty

    Wesnoth Multiplayer Anyone?

    Are you using the 1.10.6 version or the 1.11.4 version?
  5. JamesMighty

    What does "Aba boot bucker", or whatever it, mean?

    It's not Necromancy unless it's a week - a month old? I thought that was the standard rule.
  6. JamesMighty

    The Inn Between the Worlds

    If someone could help me with character generation, that'd be great. I don't want to make something that goes out of bounds, whatever the boundaries are. Other than that, I'm in.
  7. JamesMighty

    What does "Aba boot bucker", or whatever it, mean?

    You Necromancer! No resurrecting these old posts! Someone call Avadon...
  8. JamesMighty

    Wesnoth Multiplayer Anyone?

    Not sure. I'll have to update if I want to play with you guys again, like last year.
  9. JamesMighty

    Companion Selection

    Oh yeah, I think I remember some storyline, though I can't remember if I fought Angevine or said "Nah, let's go kill a dragon."
  10. JamesMighty

    Companion Selection

    Which companions should I bring if I am after the most related dialoged game? For example, I took Sevilin with me to The Kva, our first quest. I have Jenell with me for the Khemeria quest, as she is from the Wyldrylm. I noticed that, besides the location, other events add more storyline: Sevilin's ambush came up in Khemeria, even though we're nowhere near The Kva. What companions should I take for each area to increase my chances of getting storyline? Current guesses: Goldcrag (The Kva): Sevilin, ??? Dhoral Stead (Khemeria): Jenell, ??? Castle Verabux (Holklana / Kellemendrell): Shima, Nathalie Please reply what you think would increase my chances at storyline. Thanks! (Totally full of Avadon misspellings, I need to refresh my memory)
  11. JamesMighty

    Zethron boxes/rewards?

    I was equally wondering about that. It bothered me that I thought I missed something. Oh well, I guess I must let it go.
  12. JamesMighty

    Question about companion quests

    If you play on defeating Redbeard, you probably should, unless you're after the challenge.
  13. JamesMighty

    Welcome to the new CRITICAL age!!!

    Its basically either about knowing where the arrow is going to go and slicing it before it hits you,or sidestepping and taking your best swing at it.
  14. JamesMighty

    Geneforge MV

    Nice. Hope the rest ends up as awesome as the preview. Good luck.
  15. JamesMighty

    Avadon 2 Announced.

    I promised I'd be back when Avadon 2 was releasedd, but when I saw it on Facebook, I couldn't resist coming back early. This is great! I can't wait to try out all five classes.