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    Bug: A3:RW quick slots

    I noticed that you can't assign quick slot abilities while a character is fatigued. You get an error message: "Set Quick Use: This character can't cast any spells. Choose someone who can." Seems like an odd restriction.
  2. supercow

    Playing an Archer

    Actually, I'll give your mod a shot -- it sounds cool. One concern I have; if you release a new version of it, will I have to start over from scratch to use the new version?
  3. supercow

    Playing an Archer

    I saw your remix. I really like the idea; I'm not sure that I want *all* of the changes you made. I really just want a few balance changes that make archers and polearms viable; is there a "minimalist" version?
  4. Alright, I admit it, I'm a min/max-er. I want my party to be as optimal as I can make them, within reason. For A6, and A:EftP, I've read/heard that archers are just massively underpowered, and the way to go for your damage-dealers is either dual-wield melee or mages. You should have three of them, and at least one of each (which still leaves you with a couple mages or couple of dual-wield fighters). ( Sources: http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/990157-avernum-6/faqs/59194 http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/641828-avernum-escape-from-the-pit/faqs/64127 ) Quote: Archers don't do a huge amount of damage in this game, so it's not as great as in A5. Quote: Archery is usable, but it's just not as good as melee combat or magic in this game. But having two dual-wield fighters, or two mages, is boring. I'd really like to have four unique characters, but I don't want one of them to be gimped. If I make an archer, is he just going to be weaker than my mage and warrior? And if so, I'm willing to "cheat" to make it work -- exactly how many extra skill points would I need to pump into him (presumably, into Sharpshooter?) in order to prop him up to the level of a dual-wield warrior? Has anyone thought of this?