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  1. I've managed to use my stealth skills to get the ring of puresteel. Obviously I have better stealth skills than i imagined. I didn't think I'd do as good as I did. :-). Anyway, its a shame that the canister wasn't that good. Was hoping It'd be a Drayk or something. But that was made up for in the Rebel camp when buying the canisters from Jared. Anyway, I think I have it covered from here on. Thanks guys.
  2. That was my suspicion. I tried going there until i realized the creations there had over 500 HP, and then ran for my life Lol. Well, 'cause I'm eager to find out what the last canister gives you, I'm going to give it a try for stealth.
  3. So far I have found a puresteel ring in Rivergate Keep, and another one in the Sandros Mine. But where is the other one. I've search nearly all of Illya Province?
  4. Alright, due to the fact I can't find a way to post my pictures my posts, you'll have to view all my pictures from SkyDrive links. At least for the meantime. Until an SpderWeb forum expert can tell me how to post pictures in my posts. So this is how I set up my Guardian at the start. https://skydrive.liv...4D65B0C2D91!160 Basically i only maxed out my Anatomy and Quick Action to 10. Two very important skills for the Guardian. And here is the Intro Page 1 https://skydrive.liv...4D65B0C2D91!161 Page 2 https://skydrive.liv...4D65B0C2D91!162 Page 3 https://skydrive.liv...4D65B0C2D91!163 Now, I won't go through the tutorial with you and stuff. I'm assuming most of you know what goes on. But for those who have never played Geneforge 1, I'll be brief. So basically you land on the southwest coast of the island, making your way through certain buildings trying to find out where you are exactly. You also find a canister. Canisters are the things that give you abilities on the island They are all over. This on you find gives you firebolt (damage spell) ability. There are two other canisters in the tutorial areas as well. (Heal and Create Fyora [first fire creation]) Then after many messages that teach you how to play, and other crap, you cross the other side of a Quaratine Hall and meet a servile named Timo, and he directs you to the Village Vakkiri. And I'm gonna play through Vakkiri, talk to a load of people, and have more screenshots for you guys. And a list of quests I grabbed as well. Until next time. Cmiller
  5. There is no difference. LGoWI just a different way of saying LP. . Anyway, since no one has came in and asked what class they'd want me to be, I'll go ahead and choose myself. I've decided to play as a Fire Shaping Guardian. Do not frieght, there will still be many, many choices later down the road, Now then, Let's Get on With It!
  6. Despite the earlier thread I posted about Geneforge 2 Torment Style (I will finish, just not this month or probably even the next...sorry ), I'm gonna do a text based LGoWI (Let's Get on With It!) of Geneforge 1. Now I do understand there is already a Let's play of Geneforge going on right now in these forums. But when I saw Shogo's post about a "text-based" LP, i just couldn't resist. So here i am, its going to be done. But before I start I'll set some ground basics on what's going on. In this LGoWI Geneforge the First, I will be playing through the entire game. However, instead of me making all the choices, I want to let the people of Spiderweb Forums to make the choices. You guys get the honor of telling me what to do (Isn't that great!). That means you get to choose what Class I'll be, which faction I'll join, and who's side I should join. Do you want me to beat the little guys to a pulp, or do you want me to be a hero and save the day? Or perhaps you just want to kill everyone. Or maybe I should be ignorant and join no one's side. Or maybe i can be the little wuss who runs away. Its all up to you. But for now, just tell me what class you guys want me to be, and what my character should specialize in (e.g. A mental magic Agent.) Once we have that done, I'll start this LGoWI Geneforge the First! Cmiller P.S. I promise I'll finish the other thread Geneforge 2 Torment style. I may work on it while I do this one. P.S.S WARNING: Many Spoilers Lay Ahead!!!!
  7. A text based LP. Hmmm...you've just gave me an awesome idea Shogo. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, i just thought I'd throw this out there, Do you think the final boss will be as, let's say, painful as it was in the first Avadon.
  9. I was thinking more my computer is too advanced for the old Geneforge's. My Windows 7 is more low-ended than the windows 8, and it works a hecka lot more efficient than my new laptop
  10. I just recently bought my new Windows 8 laptop. Then a couple of days later installed the Geneforge series. And now i'm realizing how slow it is :-P. The character and enemies lag a lot on the screen and it takes a long time for the engine to process the next round. Is there anyway to make this game go faster on my Windows 8 laptop. ~Cmiller
  11. Thanks man your Awesome! Request: Can a moderator combine these two posts. I realized Halt's request to delete his posts, but now it makes me look like I've been double posting. Thanks (as of Jan 29, 2013 4:49 PM)
  12. Please also give the ability to add coins too.
  13. Another thing I forgot to add you should let it add coins too
  14. This is pretty awesome! It would be even more awesome if the editor lets you add important game items such as, quest items, forge materials, weapons, sheilds, armor, you get the idea.... Also, the experience modifier is way to slow. Perhaps if you did something like what crockile did with his editor in G1. Let people choose how much experience they'd like to add. I hope this input helps. Thanks Halt, Cmiller
  15. The download was denied by uploader? I can't download it
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