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  1. (Also on Veteran) First, before you go in, make sure that you have roughly 10-12 jars of medicine. These wonderful potions cure lots of turns of effects, hit everyone in 5(ish) spaces, and you can use another attack or ability in the same turn. Seriously, these are the best. Now, I did it with 1 Ukat, Vol, and Ahriel. Ukat has passive bleed skills, Vol has Tower of Might, and Ahriel has Free mind. My strat that worked. Start off in long range with 3 bows and 1 wand user (1 person using Fool's bow for the extra bleed chance). Stay at max range from Shubael and keep shooting her until one of the drakes wanders over. Then, retreat back a few steps and pummel the drakes as they come over. If you concentrate on them 1 at a time, there should never be more than 2-3 attacking at any moment. Kill them, preferably without using any abilities. After the drakes are dead, go back to shooting Shubael from max range. Even if she draws one person in, they don't end up closer enough to get caught in her melee attack range, so they can escape. She ran away, and only one person was down energy. (From using Battle Frenzy to keep blessings up). Have them use any energy potions to top off. Second phase is fairly straight forward. Have the main character and Ukat go melee on Shubael, and since they have plenty of energy from before, go to town with Bludgeon Senseless. Enough debuffs will hit that Shubael will start wasting turns trying to get rid of them instead of attacking. Summon a golem to distract the salamanders, and just lay into her until she stops moving. Use free mind as necessary, and dispel if she manages to get an actual buff in.
  2. See topic. I managed to get through the first half of the fight by tanking the damage for a while until I had attracted all of the little whelping dragons over, and then retreated towards the far end so Shubael couldn't get to me. However, once she jumps down the hole (and heals to full health the little $%@#), I just don't have enough resources left to bring her down again before I get overwhelmed. (Her blinding me every turn and then following up with the fire breath that can two shot you didn't help matters all that much.) Any tips on how to fight her? I'm on Veteran difficulty.
  3. Another bug, don't think it's listed earlier. I was in combat against some scorpions. I opened my active character's inventory, and then switched to my main person's inventory by clicking on the portrait. I was then able to access the main character's inventory during combat, even though it was another character's turn. Also, when I closed the inventory, my main character was still active. So, I was able to use an ability from the main character during combat, even though it was another character's turn. After using the ability, the game defaulted back to the character whose turn it was, and I could do the whole thing again to have my main character cast as may abilities as wanted out of turn.
  4. And I just realized I'm in the wrong forum. How does one move a topic?
  5. So, I've never actually gone to the Keep without the Bunker weapon. What happens if you show up without the Bunker weapon? A nasty fight?
  6. So, in the far northwest of the world, you can pay a drake to get a blessing. The text box says a character is infused with the power of immortality. However, I can't see any differences in their stats or any new special items. What does this event do, exactly?
  7. You know what I miss from the old Exile games? All of the different character sprites that you could choose from. That would probably be too much coding for the new engine, but the variety was appreciated.
  8. I did one of these earlier today, and it worked out just fine. Check your quest journal to see if the quest has changed from "slay giant lizard" to "deliver parts" once you slay the monster, to see if it works for you.
  9. So, occasionally the skull mentions that if you eat a lot of Skribbane herb, something happens. Is it talking about something besides getting addicted to it? I tried eating 35 herbs, but didn't notice anything.
  10. Not that I know of. Someone more knowledgeable may know that answer.
  11. There's a button at the bottom of the main screen that says "Edit Party". It looks like 4 pawn pieces of different colors. Just click it and rename away!
  12. Well, that's annoying. I guess the people of the Isle of Bigail will never be free of this threat.
  13. So, I'm trying to get to the central chamber where Gorvifal is. I'm playing as Anama, so I only have Piercing Crystals to destroy the magic barriers. I got through the first one just fine, but the crystals aren't strong enough to get into the central chamber. Is there anyway in as an Anama member?
  14. I like to use my 10-key to control movement in A6. However (unlike A4 and A5), the numbers on my 10 key also control conversation topics. It's kind of annoying that I keep skipping a lot of the text pop ups because I happen to be pressing the 1 key to move south. Is there any fix for this? FYI, I'm using the Steam version.
  15. I just registered for this forum to let everyone know. I had the Steam crashing problem, and downloaded the beta as Jeff suggested. It now works. Please follow the above instructions and see if it helps you. Thanks for the advice!
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