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  1. Inspired by Crusader Kings 2 I've been reading books on medieval history; either by recommendation or what I discover in 2nd-hand bookshops. Just finished Byzantium & the Crusades by Jonathan Harris, before that Early Medieval Europe By Roger Collins. Also rediscovered those Penguin historical atlases. For novels I picked up Robin Hobb's newest. I was disappointed by her last few but this seems a return to form.
  2. Thanks. The last time I ordered from Spiderweb itself was blades of exile in the 90s. Anyway - apologies - now I reread this isn't aimed at someone like me who isn't purchasing via spiderweb's own store. I'm not an "individual buyer".
  3. I'm not sure what this means. Does it mean my geographical/mail address? I'm probably being dense. I became reacquainted with Spiderweb rpgs when they were first released on steam and then the original Avernum trilogy via the humblebundle. Since then (post Avadon) I've bought them on day of release.
  4. Back on topic. I haven't been reading much since I began my catch-up on a decade of Spiderweb games. In another life I'm sure Jeff would have been a successful scifi/fantasy writer.
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