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  1. I'm in the Lava Dome, I don't have a pipe, and I need one. Grrr. Is there one around somewhere, or am I going to have to leave, find one somewhere, and come back?
  2. Huh, just watched a youtube walkthrough, and you're right...it's not needed. I've been to all three giant places, and only have two statues... thought I didn't get one here, but it must be one of the other two locations that I missed the statue. Darn.
  3. Yeah, on the maps/faqs I've found online, there's no sign of a cracked pillar in that location, but they show that the statue is beyond it. If there's a switch, I can't find it.
  4. So the third giant statue is behind a cracked pillar, which a level one spell wouldn't take down. Please save me some back and forth time...do i need level 2 or 3?
  5. Ah, I mean the one with the magical seal. Thanks. Where do I find an athame?
  6. Just found an "Old Tomb" in the serpent cult area, but I can't open it. What do I have to do?
  7. Scarab Use inb iPad

    Thanks...didn't see that other thread. Oops.
  8. Scarabs use on iPad

    I have the same problem on the the 1st generation retina iPad, whichever one that was. (3rd gen?)
  9. Scarab Use inb iPad

    Anyone know how to use a scarab on an iPad? Can't figure it out...
  10. Is there a quicksave feature on the iPad? Can't find it if there is. Also, the text on maps is unreadably small.
  11. Character Location List?

    Yeah, the general locations are there, but not specific...as in Hand X is in the SW corner of Y keep.
  12. Character Location List?

    There's nothing that frustrates me more in Spiderweb games then finishing a quest and then not remembering where the person was that assigned it. Well that and a lack of quicksave in ipad, but that's another discussion. Anyway, does anyone have a list of every questgiver and their location? thanks
  13. A6...really hard?

    It's not just the difficulty level...the game seems to get REALLY tedious when you start heading up river. Every battle seems to be long and slow, not just boss battles. It's a shame, becasue the pre-boat sections of the game really seemed to have a nice balance.
  14. A6...really hard?

    OK, I know this is going to make most of you laugh, since I'm sure you've all finished the game with one character, on torment, while blindfolded, but is A6 harder than other Spiderweb games? I'm played almost all of them, and this one has been much, much more challenging. Just wondering if that was intended, or if I'm just putting together a terrible play through.
  15. Avernum 6-New iPad features?

    Oh, and please...put the "Save" and "Load" buttons a little farther apart. Too easy to hit the wrong one on a touch screen.