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  1. Thank you, Whitknight for looking into this. I wanted to provide some clarification for this bug. The problem appears to ONLY be occurring for the following: 1. In the charter's builder section when starting a new game. 2. In the game, in inventory screen. 3. In the game, in character profile. Outside of these areas, I'm not having any issues. The one thing I'm noticing similar between all of these is that they all contain the large picture of the character. Could it be something with how the game displays the pictures?
  2. Haven't found anything helpful yet. If anyone has an idea what might be causing this problem, I'd appreciate it.
  3. After following the advice in the other Steam thread I tried installing the demo. The problem still exists, so this may not be related to Steam at all. I'll try digging through the tech forum, but if anyone knows a fix I'd appreciate it.
  4. As soon as I start Avernum 4 the mouse moves sluggishly and over a period of 2-3 minutes it becomes more and more unresponsive until it becomes completely unplayable. 3-5 second lag between input and response, and no diagonal movement. Some people on the Steam problems have fixed this issue by reinstalling. Others by running the program from a desktop icon. Neither of those solutions has worked for me and the game is completely unplayable
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