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  1. Don't be sorry, this mod is great (Not to mention Free) so it's not like I'm complaining! I think I'll give in and start a game now with it and if 1.2 turns out to not break saves then I'll continue on with it. Thanks!
  2. Hey Sapient! Avadon was my first Spiderweb game and I was enchanted by the political intrigue and charming characters. When it comes to Avernum I've only played about 3 hours of the demo, but the excellent writing is still there. However it has become clear to me that I'll be talking with my party members much less, if at all. Furthermore while the global reputation system I've read about means my decisions will affect the world, I think it will be less so than in Avadon. However, I'm really enjoying it. The dialogue is funny, the world is huge, and it really is an interesting world to explore. I'd suggest trying out the demo like I did, then get it on Steam when you make your decision!
  3. House of S this is an amazing looking mod, thanks for putting in the time and effort to make it! I'm a couple hours into the demo but am sure I'll want to restart with this mod for my real play through. Having said that, do you know when version 1.2 will be coming out? Looking forward to diving in and to avoid any potential compatibility issues I don't want to switch halfway through. Thanks again