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  1. Ellyn in Sharamik teaches priest spells (pretty average): Call the storm - Divine Fire. Oops: Saw this was already posted above.
  2. Missing from the list: unicorn horns
  3. So is the takeaway here that there is no need to put any skill points from leveling up into Arcane Lore unless one wants the 28 spellbook? Also, what about Nature Lore?
  4. Bonam

    Knowledge, At Last peaceful way? (SPOILER)

    No. Do Nathalie's quest and then go tell Tamsin about the library, no problem.
  5. Thanks, figured out which one I missed. It was the one from the inner treasury at goldcrag... tried to kill the sentinel but he was way too hard at that level. Thought I'd come back later but totally forgot about it.
  6. Was there supposed to be an 8th rare item to hand to Nicodemus? I found the 7 listed on this list in my playthrough but the quest never completed.
  7. Bonam

    High Lord Golath fight (spoilers)

    There are a number of fights where you seem to be permanently or almost permanently immobilized in the later part of the game. Definitely annoying! Getting 2-3 summons plus 1-2 turrets and spacing them all out helps to keep the damage off your main characters though and buy you enough time to kill things. Teleport scarab and other teleportation abilities can help for positioning too.
  8. Best tip I've found is do something else on an adjacent screen while your characters are walking around
  9. Bonam

    Can enhancements take an ability above 8?

    In some cases pretty dramatic bonuses. I have Nathalie at 13 focus mastery and 15 ward mastery and she's pretty damn close to immune to elemental damage.
  10. Bonam

    Avadon 3 - Items

    Where is the Shock Troop Shield found?
  11. Does the retrainer allow you to adjust stat points, skill points, and specializations? Or only skill points?
  12. Bonam

    Avadon 3 - Class Analysis (some SPOILERS)

    Thanks for all the information. Just reading through this, it could use a few clarifications:, 1) We now have "rows" rather than "columns". It might be better to describe the skills rows by their names rather than by their position in the window since I have no idea what this means other than by opening up Avadon 2 and trying to cross-reference. I haven't crunched any numbers but it seems like putting all the specialization points (5,15,25) into the passive "efficiency" skills is best since you get those bonuses all the time, regardless of what action/ability you are performing. Also what do you mean by "class calculations assume... ". What calculations are you referring to? 2) What is the benefit of putting more points into these skills? 3) For these and other class's passive skills that gain additional effects at higher level, does the scaling start with that level or level 1? What I mean is, for example for ward mastery, if I have it at level 7, does that give me 10% resistance to magic and elemental attacks, or 70%?
  13. Bonam

    Elderan Battle

    If you keep the shades from reaching him, he's a cakewalk. I did the same thing as Juan... placed summons in the hallway to block the shades from getting to Elderan.