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  1. I think there's so many mundane items that can be requested - many, many, many more than the monsters (!!!) - that it would be easier to list things that WOULDN'T be asked for. Like rocks. Maybe we could collect a short list of item delivery tips, like the random item merchant locations and places which have free multiples of some of the asked-for items just lying about. I could probably try to do that some time.
  2. The worst part of this is that it's still really hard for me to finish them despite this. Although I suppose I only have myself to blame. I also had to go between the four major cities about 10-15 times before I even found three monster requests of any type, enough for the steam achievement. (Maybe just bad luck with the RNG, though.) Time to go a-hunting for serpents again... Errr... after work, of course...
  3. Thanks! I'll keep an eye on the thread to update every so often with my own or others' contributions. :-) Seriously, I spent 2 hours wandering Valorim looking for respawns. If Jeff really did put a respawn point for every job board monster, I just am very bad at finding stuff...
  4. NOTE: contains very, very small spoilers (no spoiler tag given) Credits: Randomizer, TriRodent, Sir Fred, Rhinestone Jedi, and me. Others credited by specific contributions. Go here for TriRodent's top-line-worthy advice on bounties (also found by scrolling down 7 posts). :-) * Note: some respawn points will need multiple respawn attempts before the correct monster appears. T_T * Does anyone know if killing summoned creatures counts? So I had to go all over hunting for these things and took a few notes. Unfortunately, I only decided to do these in late
  5. Does killing him have an effect on anything in the game (the ending or the destruction of any towns, etc)? I've already finished the troglo/giant quest, if that makes any difference.
  6. Maybe it's supposed to be this way but I missed my chance to check since I accidentally saved over the moment it happened.
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