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  1. I think there's so many mundane items that can be requested - many, many, many more than the monsters (!!!) - that it would be easier to list things that WOULDN'T be asked for. Like rocks. Maybe we could collect a short list of item delivery tips, like the random item merchant locations and places which have free multiples of some of the asked-for items just lying about. I could probably try to do that some time.
  2. The worst part of this is that it's still really hard for me to finish them despite this. Although I suppose I only have myself to blame. I also had to go between the four major cities about 10-15 times before I even found three monster requests of any type, enough for the steam achievement. (Maybe just bad luck with the RNG, though.) Time to go a-hunting for serpents again... Errr... after work, of course...
  3. Thanks! I'll keep an eye on the thread to update every so often with my own or others' contributions. :-) Seriously, I spent 2 hours wandering Valorim looking for respawns. If Jeff really did put a respawn point for every job board monster, I just am very bad at finding stuff...
  4. NOTE: contains very, very small spoilers (no spoiler tag given) Credits: Randomizer, TriRodent, Sir Fred, Rhinestone Jedi, and me. Others credited by specific contributions. Go here for TriRodent's top-line-worthy advice on bounties (also found by scrolling down 7 posts). :-) * Note: some respawn points will need multiple respawn attempts before the correct monster appears. T_T * Does anyone know if killing summoned creatures counts? So I had to go all over hunting for these things and took a few notes. Unfortunately, I only decided to do these in late game, which makes it VERY hard. I've listed locations which both spawn and don't respawn, and some which I just plain can't tell or don't know. So if anyone has even a single note or location or correction for this, I imagine any players hunting for these oft-hard-to-find critters would appreciate it. Asp Dungeon/Town: Dryad's Grove (Can't enter after quest) Town: Dellston, in the town outside the walls on the farms (don't respawn) Outdoors: W of Kriszan / SE of Delan with Serpents, 2 encounters (don't respawn) Dungeon: Under Tinraya Keep, spawned by Experimental Beast (unsure if spawned beasts count for bounties) Basilisk Upper Avernum: One north of Bandit Hideout / NE of Ghikra with worms (don't respawn) Outdoors: Remote Islands off Libras (don't respawn) Dungeon: Troglo Temple (Guessing no respawns) Town: can spawn randomly and multiple times in Hawke's Manse in Lorelei once owned Burrowing Crawler Beneath Castle Troglo - on Troglo side of barrier (unsure of respawn) [credited to cfossedal on Steam] Corrupted Lizard Outdoors: NW Valorim Remote Cave Dire Wolf Dungeon: Wolfrider Warren in SC Kriszan (respawn) Dungeon: Agate Tower (one on east side outside of tower, no respawn) Drake Dungeon: Fiery Pit (near Golddale), where Ernest sends you after stealing - (unknown if respawns) Outdoors: NE of Slime Pit - wandering around near small mountain range where you can help out a Drake Lord (don't respawn after being killed) Can be found guarding dragon tunnels in NW Valorim before you're able to accuse the dragons of being the cause Outdoors: Between Marish and Calloc (random respawn) Eyebeast Outdoors (?): S of Calloc at "Alakas Colony" point (respawns) Fire Lizard Outdoors: Island S of Kneece (possible respawn) Outdoor: Mountains W of Ernest's hut (Two battles, no respawn) Giant Cave Slug Dungeon: Filth Factory level 1 - S (can't reenter after beating dungeon) Goblin Goblin Caves in Upper Avernum (respawn) Dungeon: Agate Tower (underneath) in SW Kriszan (don't respawn?) Hhortah (or however that's spelled, at least I alphabetized this) Outdoors: NE of Gale on island using Orb of Thralni (one time) Pit of the Wyrm (respawn unknown) Ice Pudding Town: Upper Avernum, Erika's Tower, NE (don't respawn?) Outdoors: Upper Avernum W (quest location, doesn't respawn) Outdoors: NW Valorim using orb of thralni, near dragons (don't respawn) Outdoors: Near Squiggus Null Bug Outdoor: Chitrach nest South of New Formello (one battle) Dungeon: Filth Factory lowest level (No respawn) Town: Poulsbo Worm Infestation (Not sure if respawns or not, going to guess not where there's a quest to wipe them out) Upper Avernum - New Formello - Murder Cave (unsure if respawns) Squiggus: protecting a spell book (no respawn) Outdoor: SE Valorim in long valley with Perfect Flower (no respawn) Rakshasa Lair: past Defiled Crypt in NW Valorim, near the end of the dungeon (no respawn) Rabid Hellhounds Outdoors: with Troglodytes east and north of Sharamik (don't respawn and may not be able to fight after Sharamik Scroll quest)Outdoors: Near Squiggus with Troglos, can spawn after Sharimik quest Serpent Outdoors: W of Kriszan / SE of Delan (don't respawn) Outdoors: Random Encounter near Stergnos north of Colchis Outdoors: Between Farport and Ernest's Hut (Random encounter... took me days... got lots of Wolf random encounters in the same spot) Upper Avernum: N of (random encounter, respawn likely) Undead : including Revenant / Zombie / Ruby Skeleton Dungeon: Spiral Crypt on Isle of Bigail (Revenant, Zombie confirmed) - Revenant respawns only in secret passage leading to middle Dungeon: Lair of Vahkohs (most types, won't respawn after clearing dungeon) Dungeon: Chasm of Screams in far west of Valorim/north of Marish (may not respawn after clearing out dungeon) Dungeon: Tower of Zkal on Island S of Gale (only reached by getting location from wizard in Kriszan/Delan) Outdoors: Near Fading Tower before clearing dungeon - NW of Squiggus / E of Troglo area Outdoors: Between Storm Port & Squiggus (respawn randomly, most types of undead - NO Revenant - may not respawn after clearing Vahkohs) Outdoors: Between Marish and Calloc (respawn randomly - NO Revenant) Outdoors: Island S of Gale (reached via Gale) Outdoors (?): S of Calloc at "Alakas Colony" point (Skeleton respawns) Unicorn Dungeon: Unicorn grotto near Fort Emergence (respawn in a few weeks) Outdoors: Mountain area NE of Fort Emergence, near grotto (might respawn) Outdoors: Mountain Pass S of Sharimik (might respawn) Ursag Outdoors: wandering around in Valley of the Ursagi in SW Kriszan province (SW Valorim) Outdoors: NW Valorim near Calloc (one-time/fixed quest location, won't respawn) Dungeon: Golddale Mine Ur-Basilisk Dungeon: Tower of Zkal (SW corner with hidden switch) Dungeon/Town: Manara in Footracer Province Wolf Wolf Pit in SE Upper Avernum (respawn) Outdoors: sometimes found wandering with bandits in S/SW Kriszan province Dungeon: Agate Tower in SW Kriszan (don't respawn?)
  5. Does killing him have an effect on anything in the game (the ending or the destruction of any towns, etc)? I've already finished the troglo/giant quest, if that makes any difference.
  6. Maybe it's supposed to be this way but I missed my chance to check since I accidentally saved over the moment it happened.
  7. edit: problem solved. But no, no resting.
  8. I walked from Bargha to below Bargha and managed to get outside the wall! I suspect what happened is that I was walking toward the stairs down at an angle, and my lead character kept walking another step even after I'd gone down the stairs... when I appeared below the lead guy was outside of the wall and couldn't get back in. So I explored around... there's a bunch of random cliffs, walls, and black spots. Anyone else have this happen before? It's not a problem for me because I didn't save over it, and could've used the cheat code to get home, but... I thought it was kinda funny.
  9. I got the quest from Dexter, having rid myself of moral scruples to deliver drugs to Meena; my question is, if you let Mentta go after you talk to him in Dharmon, how do you clear the quest from your list? I went back to Dexter after letting the guy go and there's no dialogue option to get rid of the quest. Should I... (slight update) 1. Reload and don't take the quest in the first place 2. Find Mentta somewhere else after I let him go (with an option to let him go, or kill him, the second time I meet him?) 3. Reload, take the quest, and kill him after all, despite reputation damage
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