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  1. I'm working through a replay of A3RW and remember there's some kind of time line to be able to finish the game. Would someone remind me how long do I have and also where do I see where I am in the time line? Thanks!
  2. No I haven't gotten the message about parts collected. The journal says to slay it and take the body to Ilsa in Pergies, and I've def gone to her. I'm afraid the time is close to running out, too. I'll try the killing idea you suggested. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to complete the courier job of slaying a zombie and taking its body to a woman in Pergies. I've killed several zombies, but when I go see her, she doesn't acknowledge or accept it. What am I missing?
  4. OK, thanks. If I get out of the Anama, do all my mage spells reappear in my skills list?
  5. I opted to join the Anama for the first time and understand that piercing crystals are my only option for dispelling barriers. However, the crystals I have don't work on the stronger barriers. Does that mean the Anama can't access areas behind level 2 and 3 barriers?
  6. You're all right. . . I'm now seeing jobs. . . thanks
  7. Ok I'll check out both those options. Thanks!
  8. I'm doing a replay of A3 and have finished the first big quest. . . killing the monster creating the slimes in the pit. So far, there are no courier quests listed on the board in Krizsan, and I expected some by now. I've talked to the dispatcher and gotten the lecture about being on time, but no quests are available. It's been a while since my earlier play throughs, so I don't remember if it takes longer to start gathering those items.
  9. I'm doing a replay of A3 as a duo--a rebel and a hedge wizard. My goal was to be able to train both characters in both battle and magic skills, including priest and mage spells. I have both characters wearing strong armor for protection (and still struggling at times with endurance), but that makes them unable to cast mage spells. Is it possible to gain enough strength so I can still use mage spells while wearing armor that's described as too heavy for mages? Another question: how is it possible to build up tool skill points while also building battle and magic skills enough to stay alive
  10. I guess that's what I was wondering. . . if I found the 3rd level place before having the 2nd level, then that would explain it. Thanks.
  11. During this pandemic, I've been replaying A2:Crystal Souls to help pass the time. It's probably my 3rd or even 4th replay, but I've never been able to have my priest and mage max out all their spells to level 3, and I wonder what I've been missing. I've used the spell lists provided in the forum and go back and forth to the locations without being able to top all of them off. It makes me wonder if I'd have to go to these locations in a certain sequence in order to acquire all 3 levels. I'm not sure if anyone still monitors this page, but if so, I'm really curious about this. Thanks!
  12. I've been around the circuit several times and been able to sleep only in room 1 in all 3 places. Earlier in the game, when I traveled to one on the world map, I did get room 3, and I got room 2 twice using the world map.
  13. I'm closing in on the last areas of the game and have two quests that have been hanging around a long time. The first is the dazed sage quest. . . I think his name is Quentin and he supposedly got lost somewhere in the Ariel. I've cleared the Garden and everything else without finding him. The other is to find Watcher Chimera in Medici with one last clue about the calamity. I haven't been able to find either of these guys. Help?
  14. I finally realized that was my mistake! I re-read the quest and realized he had said to meet him back in another town. Duh. . . Thanks everyone!
  15. I do have the papers in my special items list. When I talk to Kohl (he's hanging out at Fort Haven now) my dialogue options are. . . show me your wares, I want to sell something, and I don't need anything. Nothing about his papers.
  16. Well, I'm on my second playthrough and once again am having trouble with Kohl's quest. I found them after a battle, but when I talk to Kohl I get no options to tell him I have the papers. I even went back to the spot where I found them before and get nothing. How have I messed up? (The quest is still in my list.)
  17. These are all great tips! Thanks so much. . . I'll give it another go!
  18. I have completed most of the major tasks in the Ukat except for going to the Home Warren. I have repeatedly been unable to survive the gauntlet that is Rouche Crossing. The party first must fight the attackers in the basement of the inn. Then they are attacked from the front and the rear by the Gannel clan. My characters are level 18 or so. . should that be enough (on normal difficulty)?
  19. I agree with all these thoughts. . . and add a note from a player whose eyes and glasses are not as sharp as they once were: the characters are so tiny on the screen! It makes it even harder to differentiate one from another.
  20. My problem with finding the key was because I didn't talk to the person downstairs at High Elhovo.
  21. Well, I made it into the underworld. . .not sure I'm happy about it though. Talk about tough!! And I'm playing on casual!
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