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  1. I see; you have to take the mission and hope you run across that creature within the time frame.
  2. When getting a job board delivery asking for the body of something (giant cave slug or a vampire for example), is there a specific creature to find? And when you do kill it, how can you tell if the body or whatever is in your possession?
  3. The guilty party responsible for creating the plagues . . . is it always the same, or are some endings different? Just curious. . .
  4. Where can I get level 3 move mountains? The hintbook says it's in Fort Emergence, but I don't find it there. Thanks!
  5. TriRodent, you hit my mistake square on the head. . . I was focusing on the lasers in the outer area, rather than in the upper one. Jeff was gracious enough to give me enough tips to get it done. Thanks so much!
  6. I think I've been able to get the mirror from the far south wall into position to receive a beam and send it to the portal. But no matter how many times and ways I push that mirror that's in the front the beam never goes anywhere near the mirror I just moved into position. UPDATE: I take back what I said about getting a mirror into position to receive a beam. Doesn't seem to be possible. . . the walls just get in the way
  7. I am desperate to find how to get past those laser type beams in the concealed cavern and finally destroy the barrier between the troglos and giants, so they can go back to fighting each other. Is this a game-breaker if I can't get through it? Help!!!
  8. Is it possible to finish/win the game without doing this puzzle? Your hints make no sense when I look at the puzzle, and the ones in the hintbook are even worse. I didn't expect A3 to be such a puzzle-focused game. In my opinion, winning the game shouldn't hinge on one or two obscure and vague puzzles.
  9. Is the round crystal type object in the same room as the mirror? I'm still struggling
  10. I'm having zero luck with the mirrors and lasers (or whatever they are) keeping me from destroying the barrier to finish the troglo and giants quest. I have the hintbook but make little sense of what the directions mean to do. I need a true spoiler, I'm afraid. Anyone?
  11. Spidweb, I did as you suggested and sometimes the quest appeared in my list and sometimes it did not. I was able to complete the one that "stuck." I've taken very few of those jobs, but maybe I took one that I didn't complete and I'm on the bad list now. Oh well. . . I'll know better next play through.
  12. When this has happened, it does not appear on my quest list. I always play games with the sound off, so can't speak to the trumpet, but have definitely not seen the black box. . . that's what I was watching for.
  13. I have picked up several of the courier quests that need to be completed in a certain time frame. I have gone directly to the person with the required object, and don't get a response or reaction from them. So I go back to where I got it, pick it up once more, go directly to the person, and still nothing. Is anyone else having this problem? It's happened several times to me.