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  1. Getting into gated areas

    Are the levers in the area that's the training part? I've been all through rooms that look like classrooms before you get to the cavern part and haven't found any levers. Guess I need another hint, please!
  2. Getting into gated areas

    I've finished clearing out underneath the meeting hall at Four Corners, including killing Daum. There are still two dungeon-gated areas in the main building part. How do I get into those areas?
  3. Ok, thanks. I'm doing a 3rd or so playthrough, and it's been several years since the last one. I can see that I've done lots of things out of sequence, causing a few quests to be unfinishable. Oh, well, I'm just passing time anyway.
  4. I began the search for the mold for the witch/crone, went on to something else, and now can't find the witch. Any help?
  5. So I found the orb in the gremlin's cave and destroyed it before getting the quest from Scimitar to do so. Now I don't get a conversation option to tell them I destroyed it. Does this mean no Scimitar for me?
  6. Hmmm. . . so she teaches levels 1 and 2? Thanks!
  7. Right, sorry. . . Escape from the Pit
  8. How do I get dispel barrier level 2? I found the list of places to get level 3 spells, but would really like to get this one.
  9. Well I certainly feel silly now. . . I took the boat around as I have a half dozen times, but this time I finally saw there are teeny tiny stairs that go down up in one corner. Sigh. . . I thank you all for trying to help me!
  10. I will certainly go over that area one more time. I've taken that boat all the places I found. . . it seems that I somehow missed something.
  11. I hope someone else out there can help me! I feel sure the triangles I'm missing are in the part called the deeps, but I don't know how to get there.
  12. How do I get to the deeps of Bahssikava? Near where I got the boat, I can see another stairway going down, but can't figure out how to get there. I also have only 3 triangles, which is another problem for me. I've gone through the list of triangle locations in another thread, but it hasn't cleared things up for me. Any help?
  13. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious, but how do I get into the final section of the workshop with the thinking construct?
  14. Where is Beraza Woods? A3

    I figured out my problem. . . I had gotten the Gryfyn quest from Redbeard in an earlier save that I was no longer using. So even after I got an invitation from Velusa's temple, I was able to have the conversation I needed to. . . and then I found Beraza Woods. :-)
  15. Where is Beraza Woods? A3

    The commander said she marked the location in Beraza Woods on the world map but all Redbeard wants to talk about is Dheles