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  1. My problem with finding the key was because I didn't talk to the person downstairs at High Elhovo.
  2. Well, I made it into the underworld. . .not sure I'm happy about it though. Talk about tough!! And I'm playing on casual!
  3. Well, no one will give me the key that's needed to rid the land of the calamity. Istara tells me to talk to the muckety mucks in High Elhovo, but they won't let me in the room. Maybe I sided with too many underdogs and now the powerful people won't help me. . . Tips?
  4. That was my problem! Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to destroy the Thabhlen Gates. I have the cloth strips and have cleared out all the soldiers in the upper area. There are 6 jugs of oil, but the message attached to each one is that it's only half full and won't do enough destruction. I don't get the option to use the strips as a fuse. What have I missed?
  6. I persevered and found it! Thanks!
  7. Shaper_Mario that's where I found the wagon and got a message saying something about the warriors must have taken the papers with them. Is there another wagon that does have the papers?
  8. I found Kohl's wagon but the papers were gone. I had already gone to Andesine estate (or whatever it's called) and read the journals upstairs, but nothing was said about papers. When I go back to Kohl I don't get an option to tell him they weren't in the wagon. Have I missed a step?
  9. I've cleared out the lizards, and when I go in and tell him that I did, he just says great thanks. I'll try one more time to go upstairs and read the book and see if that pushes the story along. Thanks!
  10. I haven't been able to progress with the calamity storyline. I get the dialogue about going to see Ilon, and when I go see him, there's no dialogue about letting me see his papers. I thought maybe I had done that and forgotten, but when I go back to the first guy he still tells me to go see Ilon. I go back to Ilon and just get the same dialogue options. What am I missing?
  11. I think you've nailed the problem of sharing potions! I am trying to move it from the use item button at the bottom of the screen. Duh. . . thanks!! And thanks for the update that lets us see what buildings the fort has now. . .no more wandering from building to building and forgetting what you last looked at. . . 🙂
  12. Grimm, I have exactly the same problem! Mechalibur, the main problem is that when I click on a potion, attempting to give it to someone else, it jumps onto my character, and it's gone. And I know I can move stuff around among characters, but I forget who has what and who needs what. . . the Avernum and Avadon games let you see all the characters when changing gear inside the HQ. . . that's what I miss. And the potion bottles in my game just don't always automatically fill up. . . Thanks for the tip about finding out how much of each resource I have! TriRodent, I'll try using the number of the character to get the potion. . .maybe that'll keep me from drinking it myself.
  13. I'm about halfway through my first playthrough on casual, trying to get a feel for the game and the storyline. I'm finding it a very complex and challenging game, which is a good thing! :-) 1. Other than the reports than come through, how do I know how many resources I have. . . like stone, wood, etc. I've read Randomizer's advice post, and he talks about a cap of 50 of these items, but I don't know where to look to see how many I have. It would help me know what I need to get more of, too. 2. I wish there were a way to see all my characters at one time on the screen while in a fort. It would make it so much easier to share equipment and consumables. 3. I haven't figured out how to take one of the main character's potion bottles and give it to another character, except during battle. This means some characters start a battle with no potion bottles. I also don't know how to make sure every character has at least one potion bottle. 4. Why doesn't the main guy's potion bottle fill up automatically when I go talk to the apothecary guy in the fort when I get there? Thanks so much!
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