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  1. Never mind! I had missed a circle outside the factory.
  2. Another unexpected thing--in the Pit of the Wyrm I tried to get Divine Retribution, but the text said the group's arcane lore skill must be 15 and that I have 14. Ten is the max in the magic chart. . . is there a trick to getting the required 15?
  3. Hmmm. . . I have the 1.02 version. Guess I need to work on getting some more first aid skill. Thanks!
  4. Good to know the junk bag isn't unlimited! 🙂 I keep coming across unusual things as a singleton that I never encountered in previous playthroughs. I'm trying to kill the unicorns for the farmers near Bremerton, and the unicorns keep outsmarting and outrunning me. Text says I'm not good enough at sneaking through the outdoors quietly or some such. My nature lore is 10, which is max, so what other skill/trait is needed?
  5. Ok, thanks. Here's a strange issue I'm having: I find objects (such as the fine wine and the bellows) for a courier quest and put them in the junk bag when the regular bag is getting full. When I go to sell the junk items, I go through and remove items from the junk bag I want to keep. But when I look through the bag, the objects I tucked away have vanished. The first time it happened, I just thought I had accidentally sold them, but the second time I'm positive that didn't happen. Why do things disappear from the junk bag? I needed those 4 bottles of fine wine I found in Grindstone to complete a quest. . . that stuff is hard to come by.
  6. I'm moving right along on this singleton journey and did figure out how to wear certain armors and still cast mage spells. I keep trying to buy the summon aid spell and it tells me my mage spells skills aren't high enough. My mage skill is 13. What needs to be higher to get the better, upper level spells? I'm having similar problems with the better offense priest spells.
  7. I appreciate all this info.
  8. Thanks for the tips! But I confess I don't know how to get the natural mage trait in a tank, which is the recommended character to use.
  9. I have played all the Avernum and Avadon games multiple times, but have just begun my very first ever play as a singleton with Ruined World. I read all of the tips in Randomizer's piece about not sucking as a singleton. I welcome any other tips you experienced singletons have for me! As I'm starting out, it's almost impossible for me to imagine defeating the upcoming monsters without backup. Question: I'd like to be able to use mage spells as a soldier type and I understand that the heavy armor blocks that. Is it possible to get to a point where the melee tank guy can use mage spells as well as priest spells? Mages have some of the best area of effect spells.
  10. What are y'all talking about saying the people in the bunker in New Cotra being killed? I never went back there after I got the secret weapon. . . and I had no idea what the secret weapon was. I just used it when the dialogue prompted me.
  11. Toast, I've been wondering the same thing. I also wonder if Erika always appears during this battle (if you take her amulet). I swear I don't remember her showing up in my first playthrough. I just finished the second playthrough, and sure enough here she came. . . I was kind of sad when she got fried by the sun. And, btw, who is the mage with Prazac who rescues you from the final explosion?
  12. txmimi

    Seed corn?

    I tried going to the one who requested seed corn without having any seed corn and didn't get that dialogue about here's the person who wanted the item etc. I gave up on the seed corn.
  13. txmimi

    Seed corn?

    Ok, I'll give that try. .
  14. I have seen several courier tasks involving taking seed corn to someone. I don't recall ever seeing any. . . just out of curiosity, is there seed corn somewhere? Thanks!