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  1. As it turns out, that folder path is definitely the one. I just didn't have root access when I thought I did. All good now!
  2. Hm... as it turns out, the /data folder on my tablet is empty. Oh well. Perhaps I shall contact the android team themselves. Will let know if I get anywhere. If anyone else has different paths, I'd be glad to hear
  3. Thanks promethean! Great that you managed to find that... I have certainly not looked in that location. When my tablet is charged up, I shall have a look there.
  4. Hi, first off, thanks again Spiderweb, for continuing to make Games Worth Playing! I'm trying to play Avadon on an android tablet to see if I like it more than on a proper computer... but does anyone know where the savegame folder is in Android? have my files ready to transfer, but no idea where to put them.
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