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  1. Queer Parry results

    Thanks, Slarty! I just loaded up character creation to mess around a bit, and had forgotten how expensive Luck was in A4 (at 4 skill points/level to start) compared to most other SW games - so that's yet another reason not to bother with Luck in favor of other useful skills that definitely aren't bugged. Appreciate the quick reply!
  2. Queer Parry results

    Excuse my necroing this truly ancient topic, considering it's pinned and my question is directly relevant - but could Slarty or someone else who had tested the effects of Luck in A4 confirm whether Luck is actually practically useless as implied in the current topic (posted by Slarty on 6 Jan 2006), or is in fact pretty amazing as described in this other topic (posted by Slarty on 25 Dec 2005)? The two topics directly contradict each other as to whether Luck actually increases character armor (+1/point), to-hit/dodge (+2%/point), F/C/E/mental resistance (+1%/point), and stun/poison/acid resistance (+3%/point). I'm planning another playthrough of A4 after many years, and remember it was almost the last SW game that was released with fairly glitchy/broken mechanics and UI systems (in my opinion), so I wouldn't be surprised to find Luck in fact does not grant the bonuses implied in the in-game skill description - I'd just like to confirm before I plan to pump 10 or so points into Luck for each toon. (And of course, this was only 11 years ago, so I'm sure people will remember exactly what was going on... I'm an optimist.) Cheers!
  3. Quick action GF 4 - 5

    I've been trying to determine the exact second strike chance % each point of QA gives in Geneforge 4, and can't find it anywhere on the forums. It does seem significantly nerfed compared to G3 (which I just finished) - in G3, with QA 10, I was getting a double strike at least half the time, but with the same QA 10 in G4, it seems more like 20-25%. It's probably not a good sign nobody answered this question two years later, but just in case - can anyone confirm? I'd try to research this myself, but have no idea where I'd find this info in the game scripts.
  4. Sect Reputation and Rewards (Some Spoilers)

    This is the second time I'm necroing this thread, but again, it's for a good cause. I'm preparing another playthrough of G4 and again found this discussion about the possible discrepancy in Slarty's excellent guide (see link/discussion above), and from looking through all the game scripts, I've figured out why the reputation in the guide seemed to be off by 2 points: giving Fackler at least one research note in Chapter 2 gives -1 to reputation as listed in the scripts and Slarty's original forum post above (not +1 as listed in the guide), and the Chapter 1 ending total in the guide's "Powergaming" section should in fact be 104 (not 102, due to an apparent math error). The net effect of these two corrections would still leave you with the "powergaming" end-of-Chapter 2 reputation total of 120 in the guide. I just wanted to point this out for reference (whether or not Slarty is interested in correcting the two errors in the guide itself), since this is a stickied topic. Cheers!
  5. Avadon 3 - Class Analysis (some SPOILERS)

    Hopefully he'll put the correct information back in for all scarabs with v1.0.1, as he's already said he's correcting all tooltips.
  6. "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    Thanks for the clarification - I also realized after I posted that it might in fact be 1.5 turns/skill level, not 1.5 turns/character level, which as you say is still very strong, but not nearly as insane as it's implemented currently. With these changes, my 1.0.1 playthrough would've probably seen me as a Tinkermage, Khalida, and Nathalie - Khalida hits COTF, I hit Charge Weapons, Nathalie does what Nathalie does, and enemies have a very bad day. Thanks again to Jeff for dropping by the forums and considering the feedback, and for a solid ending to the Avadon trilogy!
  7. "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    If I'm reading this correctly, that still seems pretty OP. As with version 1.0, given the long duration of the skill (at character level 1 you'd get an average of 6 turns of the skill, while at level 30 you'd get 48 turns - even more than my Silena has now from my above example), you could just activate Charge Weapons before a battle, then have every attack do double damage after entering the next battle - including on the first turn. Or am I missing something? Either way, thanks for taking the time to consider feedback!
  8. "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    On this topic, my Silena at Level 29 has modified attributes of Strength 11, Dexterity 44, Intelligence 12, and Endurance 12 - i.e. I raised almost exclusively Dexterity and almost never Intelligence at every level up - and her Charge Weapons skill (at max skill level 4) still lasts for 31 turns.
  9. Trupo's key

    You'll have a chance to get it when you complete Khalida's side quest.
  10. "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    Kelandon - remember that you can simulate the in-game trainer character by pulling up Shift+D and typing "retrain." I've used that cheat myself for testing purposes, and it has exactly the same effects (and the same "attribute cycling" bug that's been reported earlier and described in detail by Slarty) as using the trainer character.
  11. Avadon 3 game balance & other impressions

    Personally, my problem with Shamans is their fragility - they're the only class that doesn't have a "damage resistance" skill set in their Efficiency tier. By end game, this makes them extremely fragile across the board (including to both physical and magic/elemental attacks) compared to every other class. I think your suggestion to tweak Nature Mastery to include damage protection would be welcome. As far as their weak damage output, I haven't used Shamans much at all (mostly because of the above issue), so maybe others can add to that.
  12. "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    Jeff - right, my bad; I meant Steel Discipline and not Lightning Discipline. I did kind of like exploiting this bug, but thanks for your feedback and the fix! So while we've got your attention, on an unrelated note (but still on the topic of game mechanics feedback) - did you have a particular reason for removing the to-hit chance percentage feedback from the in-game "text box"? Removing this info from in-game data frankly seems like a step backwards.
  13. Avadon 3 - Items

    Yeah, I assume it was +5 in the beta, but he found it overpowered and nerfed it for the release version. Thanks again for putting together the useful info, as usual.
  14. Avadon 3 - Items

    I promise I'm almost done, but the Shaman's Staff grants +3 to Aura of the Grove, not +5 as currently shown in the list. Thanks!
  15. "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    I'll include this here from another topic, as it's relevant to incorrect tooltip information: I've confirmed that the Shadowwalker's Lightning Discipline skill (if at level 7 or higher) gives a chance at Battle Frenzy upon receiving any type of damage (including magic, elemental, and ranged physical), not just "melee" damage as the tooltip incorrectly states.