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  1. As I said, there is nothing wrong with this guide. It analyzes the material and solves it. It is very elegant in a way. But in Strategy Central thread the link here is titled "Concise, robust info on skills and party building" which - to me - implies these are more general tips then they are.
  2. A suggestion: I came here looking for general party building tips but what I found is a min-maxing guide eliminating most "non-optimal" ways of playing the game. While it is not bad in itself - efficiency is fun - perhaps the thread/the link to the thread should be renamed accordingly?
  3. The above tactic worked for me. Run through and hunker down in the end, shielded by turrets, preferably slow turret and healing turret. Put on Resistance Chant if you can and hammer at the fire turrets first, as you will have some turns before they go online.when they do, have some summons distract the turrets so they don't focus all on you. As Randomizer said, all you have to do is survive.
  4. Thanks, in previous Avadon there was also one Hand whom I just couldn't stomach supporting in their foolishness. He was also Holklandan, I wonder if it is a pattern.
  5. I finally got to Yoshiria's quest aaaand I am so not going to help her appease those arrogant fools she has trouble with. So far, I could empathize with Khalida, Dedrick and Alcander, despite the harm they did. But Yoshiria fled to Avadon for protection while hating it and THEN she wants me to sabotage Avadon? She is lucky there wasn't an option to just let them have her before learning their motives. Also, nobody kidnaps or blackmails a Hand of Avadon and expects to smugly sit on a throne, breathing and having blood coursing in their veins. Otherwise, I see a problem with Avadon's monopoly for violence, eh. Thank you Jeff, for such cool situation, it really did touch me emotionally. But, without spoiling past the fact that there is the mandatory Redbeard fight option, does not having that fool Yoshiria fully loyal (oh cry me a river, learn to ninja better) lock me out of any endings?
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    You are welcome
  7. Battle Alphas/Betas are probably the saddest of all creations. They get the worst of both worlds: unlike many animalistic creations they are sapient, but they are not intelligent enough to properly function in the wild, like dryaks or gazers. I remember Freeplace in Geneforge 1, a location inhabited by free Alphas - bred for battle, they had great trouble with even simplest mundane non-battle activities. Speaking of utopia, it does remind me of Brave New World, where they were purposefully breeding deficient humans as an underclass. Still, even these humans were mostly just smaller and dumber. Breeding Alphas, on the other hand, is like breeding crippled humans for specialized tasks. Things like that made me quite anti-shaper all across the series.
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    Here you go, G5
  9. You can enter combat mode earlier, then move into the combat area.
  10. mouton

    How do +%healing items work?

    At least it works this time!
  11. mouton

    Rainer/Silke (possible spoilers)

    Easy. In our culture, males tend to be more forward, while females tend to be more circumspect. Thus, a reasonably neutral utterance by Rainer could be read as "coming on" when used by Silke. A textbook example of our gender encoding.
  12. mouton

    Not a single loyal hand in Avadon [SPOILERS]

    Not really. This will bring Jeff money, as he gets ever older and grumpier, but I'd rather he made something new. Of course, you never know, one day he might do just that. I think he mentioned somewhere it is possible.
  13. Redbeard is a harsh master.
  14. mouton

    Rainer/Silke (possible spoilers)

    The best part is the whole gender thing that Jeff cares about - no matter if male or female, they have the very same dialogue. And yet, people react quite differently, lol. I play a female tinkermage and was quite surprised when some other forum poster said Silke was "coming onto him", when I simply saw Rainer as friendly
  15. mouton

    Razor Flinger: working right?

    I had Arcander do the left-side path. Two turretmages seems like an overkill, exploit, ez-mode (=