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  1. Hey all. I've got 48 magical notes. Who the world wants them? Hope it wasn't anyone at the tower of the magi cuz that place got REKT. Thanks in advance. Love these forums, will be looking for ways to contribute.
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    Avernum 6 - Strategy Central

    Just figured it out, I hadn't accounted for the points I got naturally from races, Elite Warrior. D'oh.
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    Avernum 6 - Strategy Central

    Hey folks, I've got a pretty decent group going in A6 and I'm working on getting riposte for one character and lethal blow for another. The character going for riposte has 11 parry and 8 blademaster and the lethal blow guy has 6 Anatomy and 10 blademaster, yet neither of them are yielding the ability to train in their respective end skills. Their numbers are raw, i.e., none of the points I mentioned here come from items, they're all trained or bought. Has anyone else had this problem? I hope I'm not violating mores by posting this here. I know it's not related to the previous discussion but this is the first forum on the list of the Second Avernum Trilogy and I figured there'd be eyes on this discussion.