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  1. I'd nominate this for a strategy central link, to make it easy to find.
  2. So does this mean a no-mage party is not possible? Or can these areas be skipped and still beat the game? I was hoping to continue my Anama saga from A:EFTP...
  3. I finished Feast For Crows last week, and I have to say I liked it more than I expected. I had seen reviews saying that it was the slowest, least interesting of the books in the series. I will admit that it was a bit slower paced, but I loved the world-building aspects of it - reading about new places and new parts of the history. Also, it seemed to do some necessary tying up of loose ends after all the events that happened in Storm of Swords, and some "moving of pieces" to set up what I'm hoping are going be some really interesting events in the future. Now I'm looking forward to finding
  4. If you are using a four person party, the game is certainly beatable on torment, without the remix, with a wide variety of character types. There are certain characters types that are a little better than others (e.g., dual-wielding sword fighters are more effective than polearm fighters). However, unless you are trying to do something masochistic like a "torment singleton" , other reasonable character types (polearm specialists, archers, warrior-priests) can have a useful place in an torment-beating party. This is not meant to discourage your usage of the remix (go for it!), just to co
  5. Did that already - In fact I spent a year playing Geneforge 1-3, and the beginning of 4. But then A:EFTP came out, so I cut my G4 playthrough short. Still need to get back to that when I have more time.
  6. And depending on how much time you have to play (and the thoroughness of your playthroughs), it could easily take well over a month per game. Most of them take me 3-5 months.
  7. Excellent, Cryptonomicon was my introduction to Stephenson, and one of my favorite all time books. Looking forward to Reamde!
  8. What do you think of it? It's on my list - I've enjoyed a number of Stephenson's books, but haven't gotten to Reamde yet.
  9. Despite the criticisms (which I won't argue with), I've been enjoying the GRRM Ice and Fire books. I'm currently about half way through Feast of Crows (#4). Yes, there is more violence than I would like, and yes it is hard to find a true "good guy", but I still find the story compelling. To be honest, the lack of a real hero doesn't bother me - everyone is shades of grey in the series, and I find that interesting.
  10. Some of the quests that you can potentially receive early are not meant to be done until you are a higher level. The open-world nature of Avernum makes this sort of thing almost inevitable. In some of Jeff's later games he was better about providing warnings in the dialogue, or even in some cases not issuing quests until you were a certain level. But A:EFTP is a remake of a remake of his first real game (Exile I), so it is easier to end up in those types of situations. In general, if a quest seems to hard when you first attempt it, the best thing to do is come back and try again when y
  11. There are many of them scattered around the game. Look at dead ends in dungeons and sewers, and you'll often find them (where people were digging out more tunnels, I guess). For more specific locations, you can search for them in the items list linked from the strategy central topic.
  12. The name doesn't exactly give it away. Speaking of which, has it ever been established why so many Sliths have names starting with Sss? Does it signify something?
  13. No, this analysis assumes a 4-character party. With a singleton you can only get to 4 cave lore with free points and points purchased for 900 in Formello (since each character can only purchase 2). To get up to 10 without spending skill points you need a 4-character party. The only reason I advocate spending a skill point to get up to 11 is because you can get to 10 and still break even monetarily (with just a few trips to the mandrake patch), and then spending the 1 skill point to get to 11 generates enough additional gold (2100) to buy training in almost any skill you desire and still h
  14. I've been (slowly) working on calculating the value of each point of cave lore. The purpose is to determine if buying points in it for 900 coins in Formello is worthwhile. The min-maxing analysis argued that the items you get from cave lore would generally not be worth the cost (and that the small bonus to poison/acid resistance was not worthwhile either), but I thought that it might be undervaluing wisdom crystals and mandrake, and also not taking into account the renewable herb patches (3 of which require cave lore). Excess herbs that you don't use to create wisdom crystals can be sold.
  15. Originally Posted By: Alberich There is one other nice thing about a wisdom crystal: if your spellcaster is within 200 XP of the next level, it makes a good substitute energy elixir (for some reason, at least when I played on Torment, going up a level did regenerate spell points but did not regenerate health points). Once I passed level 30, that's all I used them for (didn't buy them but did save them for that reason). Whether that's worth giving them any extra value, I leave for you to say. I noticed that as well - I had a couple fights where I was low on spell points, one of my cas
  16. As a side task during my current play-through (all-Anama, as discussed in another thread), I'm attempting to determine whether it makes sense, financially, to buy points of Cave Lore in Formello - and if so, how many. I'm looking at the prices items in the caches can be sold for (assuming 4 negotiator traits), as well as the value of the one time herb patches that require cave lore. For the renewable herb patches, I'm going to just add a variable to the valuation for the number of times you expect to reasonably visit the various cave-lore requiring herb patches. I will post my findings once
  17. I've also seen war curse and slow work on difficult enemies. I assume those are both determined by curse resistance, which seems less common than mental resistance (which presumably determines whether terror works).
  18. I believe that the tooltip damage numbers for spells and weapons don't show the percentage bonus increases from things like spellcraft (for spells) and blademaster (for weapons). They should still add onto the final damage delivered, however. Given that that helment gives you nice armor as well (and poison/acid don't seem to be a hug problem in this game), I'd use the helmet - getting an extra 4% damage is better than not getting it ...
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