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  1. Lady J

    Mirror moved by Golem

    Which game are you asking about? You might want to post the question under the forum for that game, as very few people read tech support.
  2. Lady J

    A problem with my profile

    I have the same problem with mine; just rate a lot of extra people and it goes away (well, it's still there, it just doesn't interfere with the rest of your page.)
  3. Lady J

    How do you post web links?

    More specifically, click on "url" (under "Instant UBB Code" under add reply), type in the http:// address, then type in what subject you want it to be. For example: *Clicks URL* Types: "http://www.thekavern.net" Types "My Webpage" and My Webpage appears. To help our aol friends, it's always nice to list the page with the actual http:// address than to give it a "spiffy" title. If you don't want to deal with using the "URL" click button, you type "What you want to appear" .
  4. Lady J


    With the current rush for Avernum 3 PC, I'd say wait 2-3 business days for the code before you get too impatient.
  5. Lady J

    BoE Series lockup at start

    Argh. Double Posting=bad. My suggestions: *check to see what OS you're using. Also check to make sure your colors are set for 256. *turn off screen savers *make sure you selected the right sound card option; this can mess up the whole game
  6. Lady J


    Does it specify a data segment that's missing? Here are several things to try: If you're using a windows system: *Reinstall the install execute file for the game. *Check microsoft update (at www.microsoft.com) to see if there are any upgrades for your system *restart the computer *try saving the install file to the desktop or somewhere easily accessible with few loops Let us know if you continue to have problems.
  7. Lady J

    Exile Series

    That happened with my computer too. I'm afraid it's just a general computer malfunction, and happens with all slower machines.
  8. Lady J

    More Help For Homeland

    I wouldn't brag about that if I were you Tails. Drakey and others do read this board, you know, and all things can be remedied...
  9. Lady J

    More Help For Homeland

    The title "canned" is given to members who frequently make unnecessary spamming posts for the purpose of raising their post counts. Usually, these posts are incoherent and irrelevant to the subject matter, or consist of just one word.
  10. Lady J

    More Help For Homeland

    Yes, the girl is named Keegan.
  11. Lady J

    Need help with game installation

    My desktop runs 98 and I have not had problems downloading demos from Spidweb. Do you have problem downloading demos from other sites on the web? If you continue to have a problem, I can email you a copy of whatever demos you want. Just send me an email (my address is on my profile)
  12. Lady J

    double posting

    I have only DOUBLE posted once in 550+ posts
  13. Lady J

    double posting

    The flood protection is funny. It lets double posts pass by with no problem, then prevents you from making one post on one thread, then making a post on another thread. I don't know why. It annoys me.
  14. Lady J

    Geneforge XP compatability issues?

    Geneforge on XP seems to require a terribly large amount of memory/video ram. Perhaps your computer doesn't have enough of those two resources to run both Geneforge AND XP, which is a demanding interface. Also, make sure you don't have any of those huge wallpapers on your desktop, and not an active one; active desktops and spidweb games do not get along well together most of the time. Screen savers, even when idle, seem to conflict with Spidweb games also.
  15. Lady J

    Geneforge Windows Download

    Hmmm...I didn't have any problem downloading the Genoforge demo to the '95 on campus. Are you sure you copied all the accessory files as well?