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  1. Wait, hold up. The 10-cap isn't a thing after G1?
  2. You are aware that item bonuses to creation strength are bugged in every game except G5?
  3. It says something about "stripping away the creature's magic. " What does that even mean?
  4. Hey, I have a bug to report already. The tooltip of Rain of Curses is wrong. Where do I actually go to report this?
  5. How's physical damage in Avernum 3? I sort of want to do both a sword fighter and a ranged fighter, but if physical damage is as worthless as it was in A2, I might just go with 2 priests and 2 mages.
  6. I've played the two games on Normal, and even then it really seemed to me as if every enemy, even the basic ones, had really high resistance to every type of damage. Even enemies that seem to be weak to certain kinds of damage (like sliths against ice) seem to have over 50% resistance. What gives?
  7. I had a similar bug. I got the 'Humiliate the Tawon' medal while playing on Hard.
  8. How near? Does it only heal in a 5x5 square?
  9. Yeah, I think you have to go see Redbeard and get his find Gryfyn quest before you can access the woods. That sounds like an oversight though, if the text says she marked it on your map.
  10. Do you get notified if you fail to find Duke Gryfyn because you mentioned Avadon or something? Because he's not in the lumber yard, and I can't find a button anywhere.
  11. So... you're permanently immobilized, acid will engulf you after a few turns, and you have to fight two drakes who can summon and have AOE attacks. This fight seems impossible, honestly. I can't even kill the 6 guard titans before I die. My character is a shadowwalker, I brought Khalida and Silena with me. I feel like even blowing all my Group Heal scrolls wouldn't save me on this fight.
  12. Anyone know what Deathblow does? It says massive damage if target's health is low enough, but how low is that?
  13. Is it just me, or are Shaman summons still terrible?
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