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  1. [GF4-5] NPC non-Drakon Lifecrafters [Spoilers]

    There's Burkes (GF4), a minor guy you can betray to the Shapers.
  2. Welcome to the forums. Please leave your sanity at the door. I haven't been doing it extensively and still don't have any runs I'd be proud of, but I have found that you can get infinite skill points as well as stat points. Take the Nimble Fingers trait, then click where the minus button would normally appear under Tool Use. Make sure to remove the Nimble Fingers trait afterwards so that you can use it again when you level up. You can only allocate 3 points per skill at level 1 and 1 point per skill per subsequent level. If you generate more skill points than you can allocate, you won't be able to commit changes. Since traits open every 2 levels, skill points should only be trained every 2 levels, to maximise the use of the exploit. With both stat and skill point exploits, a singleton would be faster than a full party. Enjoy your first playthrough.
  3. Alhoon's generic geneforge world questions

    This could be a retcon, or it could be that the Shapers were initially more relaxed about non-Shaping magic (which in this case seems to include basic healing magic) and grew more controlling over time. Remember that what you consider the established game lore is from the chronologically later games. If this isn't just a retcon, I'd postulate that the thought process was "They're not creating life that can act independently of them, it's fine" > "But a lot of magic involves manipulating essence" > "Outsiders could teach themselves how to Shape" > "Shut down everything". Which would also explain what the Astoria smith says. I'll guess that the more severe the injury, the more knowledge of anatomy (which Shapers would study as a matter of course, but not many other people would) is required, and the more Shaping-like the healing magic required becomes.
  4. GF2 Party Member Question

    In G2, joinable party members past the Secret Tunnel can be kept around for the entire game if they don't suicide themselves. It's the later games where they come and go. Do creations (and party members) with a higher level than the PC gain experience based on the PC's level, or their own?
  5. G3-5: Shaper defectors

    A tangent: This is true of all Shapers in all of the games. One can also argue that drakons should object to you making drakons, but they don't. We can't draw conclusions from this, for the same reason that we can't draw conclusions from the fact that no one says anything when you rob them blind by closing the door of their bedroom behind you. Adding to Slarty's point, most of the pro-servile (as opposed to corrupt like Z and B or wilful neutral like Sharon) defectors in G2 listed here are Awakened rather than Takers. It's much easier for a Shaper who has unorthodox views on creation rights to get into that kiddie pool, so to speak. But does this also explain why NPCs like Mooralas, who were already committed in G3, don't appear in G4-5? One way to show continuity, I guess, would be for someone like Carnelian to show up in G3. (I think the time gap between G2 and G3 is larger than between any two other games, but I'm not sure, and anyway Carnelian is stated to be young in G2.) High on canisters, as usual, but still willing to talk about how once upon a time, she believed that creations could convince Shapers that they had rights, until they were all killed in Drypeak. Now she believes that war is the only way. This process would be similar to how one of the Obeyer serviles appears in an Awakened town in G2. As it is, the pro-rebel Shaper defectors in G3 all come across as self-serving jerks instead of as people who genuinely believe that the terrible things they are doing are necessary (but that is another topic on its own).
  6. Geneforge Series Overview

    That is him. But to be clear, there are two times you can tell him to back down: you can tell him to get out of your way instead of trying to walk past him (which has the same effect as trying to walk past - doesn't work) and you can say that he has no right to question the Shapers (which works and gives you + rep). Invoking your authority and power to get a belligerent man to leave you alone is perfectly justified. Killing him on the spot without consequences shows that the Shapers lack checks and balances on their powers. The opposite is true. You don't lose rep for lying that the quarantine will be lifted, and if you don't have enough leadership to pull it off, Khogarth says that answer is "just like a Shaper". You do lose rep for saying that the quarantine is unjust. Your scenario still has the basic issue that Diwaniya's quest solves Lankan's problem. No more rogues = all of San Ru is safe. For Lankan to be a legitimate choice over Diwaniya, Lankan's quest has to be more likely to solve Lankan's problem than Diwaniya's quest. I still had Diwaniya as a put-upon guy because I wanted to retain the major NPCs' personalities. If we don't do that, we could go as far as to make Diwaniya partially or wholly responsible for Lankan's problem:
  7. G3-5: Shaper defectors

    In the interests of my hypothetical re-writes of G3, so as to join the party with everybody and their dog, are there any rebel NPCs in G4 and G5 who are defected Shapers apart from Greta, Litalia, and Khyryk?
  8. Geneforge Series Overview

    The one example of harshly punishing insubordinate humans I can think of is the event in G3 where you can kill a drunk guy who mouths off, with no consequences to you apart from +4 reputation (where + is pro-Shaper, - is pro-rebel). This suggests that the worst the Shapers would think of other Shapers who did this is "don't do that again, you idiot apprentice, you're ruining our PR" instead of "If you kill our subjects for such reasons you are not fit to rule", and some Shapers would even approve. Granted, this does not prove that Shapers who act this way are in the majority, and Lankan's scenario in its current state does not suggest that he's afraid of being unjustly executed. I would approach re-writing Harmony Isle somewhat differently. The quickest fix is to add a dialogue option to say that you've killed the rogues, and give Lankan a response. Whether his response will make sense in context is of course more difficult to guarantee. (Fear of unjust execution can be plausibly inserted here depending on how it's presented, which I think was idonotexist's point.) For a deeper re-write, I would: 1) Give Lankan a problem that the rebels are not directly culpable for, because as it is he looks like an idiot for knowingly throwing his lot in with the people who caused his problem (and are therefore responsible for his friends' deaths) to fix his problem. 2) Make it so that Diwaniya's quest for you would only indirectly solve Lankan's problem at best, to justify Lankan's impatience and sidestep the whole issue of the game not giving you the option to tell Lankan that you've solved his problem. For example (spoiler for skipping wall of text): Edit for alternative scenario where the Shapers are somewhat less sympathetic: G3 in general could have more varied gameplay and Shaper vs rebel dilemmas on the different islands if the rebels' entire strategy wasn't "moar spawnerz". Also, with the rebels' gene-editing magic (the major advance they have in their knowledge of Shaping vs traditional Shapers), you could plausibly write a scenario where rebels have experimented with making creations that instinctively target Shapers over outsiders, preserving their PR. A tangent: In G2 outsiders could learn non-Shaping magic on their own. An outsider woman, the servile keeper, teaches you Cure Effects, and you meet a homesteader who has a book of Searer, that the narration explicitly says he can have since it's not Shaping. From G3 onwards it is a major plot point that all magic is controlled, not just Shaping. Is this just a retcon or did the Shapers actually become more controlling over time?
  9. Geneforge Series Overview

    In the G3 Shaper ending Lankan's rebels are slaughtered if you haven't already killed them yourself. This could be because the Shapers lumped them in with the actual war-ready rebels and overreacted. But it's also possible that Diwaniya is in a minority when it comes to not punishing insubordination with death.
  10. Genegorge 4: Unable to save game

    Do you currently have empty save folders numbered "Save0" through "Save19" and a file named "Geneforge4Settings.dat" in the saved games folder?
  11. Sorry to bump this, but could anyone reupload? The download link is dead.
  12. Geneforge 3 remake speculation

    The most frustrating thing about Lankan is that the game explicitly asks you, via Norrell, to look for a diplomatic solution, and thinking about Lankan's claims for half a second suggests an obvious one. There should at least be a dialogue option to propose that solution even if that only leads to him explicitly rejecting it. He doesn't even have to give a sympathetic reason (although not having one will still add to the game's overall problem of not generating sympathy for the rebels).
  13. On that note, I am incredibly late to the party, but I've made an unofficial v1.1.1 implementing some of the quality-of-life fixes from Kestral's list. As noted below, all fixes, where I've even attempted them, have been done in the laziest possible way. This is not intended to be and shall not serve as a promise of future updates. a-3, a-7, b-4, b-5, and b-6 are fixed. a-2: Also fixed Ivory Band, now gives 15% mental resistance and 2% blessings/curses. I think this was intended because it had two values for stats to affect but had the same typo as the Warmth Ring. Correct me if I'm wrong. a-4: Hopefully fixed. b-1: Has been fixed in the most dangerous possible way, by changing its import to match its vanilla version. b-2: Player targeting has been fixed. I have not done any testing looking at enemies casting it. a-1: Too lazy to figure out how to keep enemies from getting the same damage boost. a-5, b-3: Not touching balance. a-6: Too lazy to untangle.
  14. That is incredibly strange, because my warriors parry the radiating attacks every time I load the remix, and, like you said, never on vanilla. I could even catch them doing it on video if you like. This could be related to a bug mentioned many pages back about needing to choose a target for radiating scrolls. Oh well.