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  1. wackypanda

    G3 small oops

    Not a big deal. You might have noticed that Litalia didn't take you up on that straight away. This dialogue option (and others like it) will shift other characters' perception of you as a loyal or rebellious Shaper. One rebel dialogue like this one can be easily countered by choosing more loyal dialogue in future or doing certain quests. I think if you stuck rigidly to only storyline quests, it could be done under a day, but that's not usually the point of a Spiderweb game. 😛
  2. wackypanda

    Geneforge 4 Need a new play-style!

    The serviles are for boosting your Mechanics. There are human melee and ranged soldiers. They respawn, so you can use as many of them as your conscience allows.
  3. wackypanda

    Geneforge 4 Need a new play-style!

    Singleton servile? One of my most memorable playthroughs. Singleton magicless servile is also possible (in fact it's in the Strategy Central). I haven't tried that myself.
  4. wackypanda

    Cant find resources folder

    The Humble Bundle download will create a save folder on launch. On Windows the save folder is in Documents\Spiderweb Software\Avadon Saved Games by default.
  5. wackypanda

    List of Geneforge characters with heavy flaws

    In that case the rebels would only have the time between when the school was attacked and when the blockade went into effect to set up a self-sustaining operation. Not a lot of time for anything more interesting than moonshine distribution (on a scale of illegality). After some thought, I think the lack of rebels on Greenwood might be justified because as the last isle in the chain, it has no strategic value to the rebels after the school is destroyed. You can see this when what you do with the Greenwood Creator doesn't change your Shaper/rebel standing, but what you do with the Dhonal Creator is a major path choice. Again, having the rebels around to interact with sounds fun, but I'm not sure they have an in-game reason to be there. Player choice in this case ties into the poor writing. Lankan comes across as an idiot while the game is trying to present him as a leader because the root of the conflict between him and Diwaniya, as written, is completely solvable with Diwaniya's solution (together with Norrell's offer to negotiate a lighter sentence for Lankan), and the writing doesn't acknowledge this. (I did point out that the game's ending shows that removing the rogues doesn't get Lankan to submit to Diwaniya, which is consistent with how their conflict was written, but has no bearing on how illogical the conflict is.) This is still true of your solution. I would ask your Lankan the same question: Why should I support the outpost by breaking Shaper law and bringing them research and recruiting for them (which takes much more time, as well), when I can remove the rogues or build up San Ru as Diwaniya wanted and make the island safe for everyone? Also, you pointed out yourself when talking about Barzahl in G2 that he would be more interesting if he was pursuing power for the sake of what he thinks is progress. Therefore, it is entirely possible for Lankan to have sympathetic reasons for wanting a canister as a means to his ends, if the conflict was better written. An interesting point here. Because there aren't any Shapers other than you, the NPCs rightly or wrongly place the blame on you or expect you to fix things. One problem this creates is that Greenwood's narrative of "Shapers aren't responsible and don't care about outsiders" clashes directly with the typical RPG player's overly helpful (if not entirely altruistic) disposition when a game has free saves and no time limit. The best example is the dialogue where the commander is trying to twist your arm to deal with the Creator. You have dialogue options to be utterly indignant that she would dare to tell a Shaper what to do, but at the time, I was wondering: "Why would I say that? Killing rogues is in my job description, and even if it wasn't, I killed worms for like twenty people on my way here, I can make time (and get XP) for something that is actually causing you problems!" If a typical Shaper in fact gets indignant at this sort of thing (and the commander in fact usually needs to manipulate them to get things done), there need to be typical Shapers to show this.
  6. wackypanda

    List of Geneforge characters with heavy flaws

    G1: There are hints that the Shapers used to be a lot more callous, such as the Arena, although that was not specific to serviles. If I recall correctly, the toxic waste thing was less about the serviles getting sick and more that the soil wouldn't support crops, and it wasn't a sudden thing - it ties into the Takers' origin story, where they waited for the Shapers and suffered for years until the "take our free" guy sounded off. G3: The game has an overall lack of sympathetic rebels. I've posted this here before, but another round won't hurt. 😛 In G4 and G5, where you get to interact with more rebels, three main points come up, as I see them: 1. The Shapers initially lost a lot of ground due to their arrogance/inflexibility in fighting an organised enemy who could Shape. (This is true because G4 and G5 show the rebels losing ground or stalemated, so they must have gained ground from the Shapers at first.) 2. Shapers didn't care about outsiders, at least from the outsiders' point of view. 3. Creations were oppressed. Since G3 is about the beginning of the rebellion seen in G4-G5, it makes sense to explore these themes (with the benefit of hindsight), and we do see some flawed attempts at them. I agree that a rebel presence on Greenwood might give more choices. The role of Scintle (the abrasive mage in the woods) could be expanded. But the hypothetical rebels can't be doing anything that the Shapers would crack down on, because Other than the Shaping school which drives the majority of its commerce? Then again, it's not necessary for all the islands to give a Shapers/rebels choice. The conflicts on Greenwood Isle are meant to highlight point #2, i.e. how Shapers treat non-Shapers (Burrowing Mold, the blockade, the leader trying to force you to deal with the Creator). I don't think they do it well, but moving on. Regarding Harmony Isle, I would go further and say it's a complete mess. It's not so much that Lankan's goals are bad. It's that the game denies you the logical method of addressing what he claims his goals are. He claims he needs the canister because Shapers (i.e. Diwaniya) have failed to protect his people, but you can never point out that Diwaniya has asked you to get rid of the rogues. Did he have an ulterior motive for wanting the canister specifically? Is he looking for revenge for those of his friends who have already died? Does he think he can do a better job ruling the island than Diwaniya? You will never know, because you can never say that to him. The whole point of canisters is that they are the fastest way to put magical power within reach of ordinary people. Whether that is a good or bad thing is one of the major themes of the series. I suppose the G2 Barzites could have elaborated on this a bit more. I don't think the game's narrative ever said it did. In the pro-Shaper ending I agree that Dhonal's Isle needs a better rebel goal. (In fact the Shapers vs rebels conflict on this island is a complete waste of the rebels' time.) Since it is the main Shaper military presence, it makes sense to explore point #1. For that to work the rebels' plans need to be more creative than "spam spawners". In G2 they were making new, horrifying, fascinating creatures. This should have continued into G3. They don't even have to be animal-type creations like the ones in G2. Biological warfare is the obvious possibility; the servile sickness quest line in G2 shows that Sucia Island tech can be used to study diseases. But it's not even the only possibility. For example, we could have rebels luring Shapers into fields of flammable grass and then ambushing them with hasted pyroroamers. A rebel hideout on Dhonal's Isle would also be a good place for the player to meet intelligent creations, instead of near the end of the game when the player has already chosen a side to support.
  7. wackypanda

    Wand of the Inferno can't be made? (G3, Mac)

    Wands and crystals used missile attack from G1-G4, but not G5, if I remember correctly. Can't help with the recipe though, sorry.
  8. wackypanda

    Deleting Saved Games

    Also, just delete the contents of the Save(n) folders. People have mentioned problems when they delete the folder.
  9. The build I originally posted doesn't actually work, as you need at least 2 points in Mage or Priest Spells to take the Improved Intelligence trait. Derp. The archer who took the mandatory 2 levels of Arcane Lore could take the trait, but she's also the one who needs it least. Still, the lowest mental resistance I have is 47%. Not too bad. Fun fact: using the obstacle course in Camp Samuels gives you XP once.
  10. My bad. Next stretch goal is up anyway.
  11. Sound design met. Next stretch goal is up.
  12. Cleared some dungeons in the Eastern Gallery for money. Also cleared most of the Spiral Pit, but can't complete the quest to purge it completely because the center is blocked by a level 2 barrier. I also aimed for fights that would get me items which increase weapon skills, mainly the Almaria storeroom infiltrators and Gaddika's fortress. Everyone now has Adrenaline Rush, and all the Cave Lore one can get from Tor. In A2:CS Dark Thoughts gives a slight boost to mental resistance. I've just noticed that enemies have recurring problems with targeting if I completely block off their path to my two archers. I don't find it too cheesy as I can't always set it up with this party, but sometimes I wonder.
  13. I don't think I've ever had the thought "Hm, the sound effects are too good" while playing a game. 😛 That said, I like the sound design we've had so far. I'm not sure why spell sound effects keep getting shuffled with every game though.
  14. Arrived in vahnatai lands, did the three tests, and saw the council of Olgai. Because this party has no particular love for vahnatai and their hand-waving magic nonsense, they returned to Avernum straight after. Not one of my better ideas. Burned through a lot of potions. Still brute-forced my way into enough quests for Magi Clearance. I've never played the original Test of Patience, but this version could be a little bit more difficult so that it deserves the name more. The gate puzzle in the Tomb of Dahris-Bok was harder. I sent my second archer and did a bit of grinding with the hostile constructs until they started having >20% chance to hit. Test of Strength required a few potions and careful positioning, so that melee enemies block each other and enemies like the thorn-shooting fungi don't have you within all of their ranges. After returning to Avernum, most of the potions that were used were spent on fighting the Serpent Cult (when the party was at level 13-15), because once you go into the Snake Pit you can't leave until you've defeated the boss. At least potions are technically renewable. It didn't help that I didn't have Adrenaline Rush. Failing that, Leg Sweep (weakness curse) + Well-Aimed Blow did the most damage. The brigands in Silvar also deserve mention, as their leader uses Bladeshield, which effectively decreases the damage she takes from this party by more than half. My spearman was able to get some hits in by cleaving from the brigand leader's summons, but otherwise my archers had to do most of the work. I also did a few minor quests and bought some training, including bringing Cave Lore up to 7 total. This got me enough graymold to cure the sick nephil village, which unlocks the best trainer for bows. When it comes to getting Magi Clearance, my petty, spiteful method of doing so is to boat around Almaria because they don't deserve my 5 coins. Because you can no longer land directly north of Almaria, this involves landing north of Fort Emerald, using a piercing crystal or Move Mountains to get into Fort Emerald (they won't open the gate if you enter from the north), getting Magi Clearance at the Castle, activating the Castle pylon, and then backtracking and activating the portal at the Tower of Magi. I may come to regret this since this party actually needs piercing crystals. EDIT: And of course you can circle around Gnass to get to the Castle from the north instead of breaking into Fort Emerald. Derp.