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  1. Party size mod for Avadon 1. Link will expire at some point.
  2. Yes, bait them so you can fight them in small groups. If you deal enough damage to Alwan and Miranda they'll flee, but there's really no point unless you want the extra challenge. They leave the zone permanently when you open the next chapter.
  3. Meanwhile Shapers went without pants until G3. It was too difficult to engineer creations with that exact shape.
  4. IIRC Summoning Focus gave you +2 levels to your summons instead of a percentage bonus. What about Swordmage? In A:EftP you could still use the broadsword and longbow exploit to get -15% hit chance and still cast mage spells. Is that enough for all the armor you want? If you have two mage casters (major/minor) I think there is only one Runed Plate.
  5. I drafted a build for this once but never got around to running it. I had one mage and one priest-tank. Both had points in Melee to max Hardiness and to sum with trainable points for Adrenaline Rush. The priest-tank also aimed to max Parry and took defensive traits while the mage was on offense. I think this would have worked, but I usually play on Normal. Because the duo will level faster than a full party, there will be enough skill points by the end of the game to hit the effective max on lore skills, assuming you buy all the trainable points. You will still have to decide how early you want to max out lore, as that may mean not maxing out something else until the endgame. I'm not sure how a duo does with money. A singleton has enough for everything without Negotiator, but now you're buying spells or skills for two.
  6. G3 probably had less focus on creations being oppressed precisely because it was the main argument for joining the rebel factions in G1 and G2. But I think G3 is the worst of the games at showing both sides in any case.
  7. Not a big deal. You might have noticed that Litalia didn't take you up on that straight away. This dialogue option (and others like it) will shift other characters' perception of you as a loyal or rebellious Shaper. One rebel dialogue like this one can be easily countered by choosing more loyal dialogue in future or doing certain quests. I think if you stuck rigidly to only storyline quests, it could be done under a day, but that's not usually the point of a Spiderweb game. 😛
  8. The serviles are for boosting your Mechanics. There are human melee and ranged soldiers. They respawn, so you can use as many of them as your conscience allows.
  9. Singleton servile? One of my most memorable playthroughs. Singleton magicless servile is also possible (in fact it's in the Strategy Central). I haven't tried that myself.
  10. The Humble Bundle download will create a save folder on launch. On Windows the save folder is in Documents\Spiderweb Software\Avadon Saved Games by default.
  11. In that case the rebels would only have the time between when the school was attacked and when the blockade went into effect to set up a self-sustaining operation. Not a lot of time for anything more interesting than moonshine distribution (on a scale of illegality). After some thought, I think the lack of rebels on Greenwood might be justified because as the last isle in the chain, it has no strategic value to the rebels after the school is destroyed. You can see this when what you do with the Greenwood Creator doesn't change your Shaper/rebel standing, but what you do with the Dhonal Creator is a major path choice. Again, having the rebels around to interact with sounds fun, but I'm not sure they have an in-game reason to be there. Player choice in this case ties into the poor writing. Lankan comes across as an idiot while the game is trying to present him as a leader because the root of the conflict between him and Diwaniya, as written, is completely solvable with Diwaniya's solution (together with Norrell's offer to negotiate a lighter sentence for Lankan), and the writing doesn't acknowledge this. (I did point out that the game's ending shows that removing the rogues doesn't get Lankan to submit to Diwaniya, which is consistent with how their conflict was written, but has no bearing on how illogical the conflict is.) This is still true of your solution. I would ask your Lankan the same question: Why should I support the outpost by breaking Shaper law and bringing them research and recruiting for them (which takes much more time, as well), when I can remove the rogues or build up San Ru as Diwaniya wanted and make the island safe for everyone? Also, you pointed out yourself when talking about Barzahl in G2 that he would be more interesting if he was pursuing power for the sake of what he thinks is progress. Therefore, it is entirely possible for Lankan to have sympathetic reasons for wanting a canister as a means to his ends, if the conflict was better written. An interesting point here. Because there aren't any Shapers other than you, the NPCs rightly or wrongly place the blame on you or expect you to fix things. One problem this creates is that Greenwood's narrative of "Shapers aren't responsible and don't care about outsiders" clashes directly with the typical RPG player's overly helpful (if not entirely altruistic) disposition when a game has free saves and no time limit. The best example is the dialogue where the commander is trying to twist your arm to deal with the Creator. You have dialogue options to be utterly indignant that she would dare to tell a Shaper what to do, but at the time, I was wondering: "Why would I say that? Killing rogues is in my job description, and even if it wasn't, I killed worms for like twenty people on my way here, I can make time (and get XP) for something that is actually causing you problems!" If a typical Shaper in fact gets indignant at this sort of thing (and the commander in fact usually needs to manipulate them to get things done), there need to be typical Shapers to show this.
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