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  1. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    Atmospheric graphics.

    Well, probably it will be possible to make the BoA graphics look like Nethergate's. But shadows... could be right. Nethergate seemed just a little darker to me than A3.
  2. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    Atmospheric graphics.

    Nethergate is probably the game that has the best atmosphere of all spidweb games. I think this is also because of the graphics. But I don't think the A3 graphics are any different, but nevertheless, the Nethergate ones seem better! How is this possible?
  3. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    Do people do singleton in this game?

    I beat the game with a celtic singleton. I didn't find anything especially hard. I mostly developed his magic, and a little spear fighting (spears doing relatively more damage but taking up both hands are good for mages, considering they won't wear a shield anyway). An advantage is that you can put much more blessed stuff on one character, instead of dividing it among four.
  4. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    Does anybody use the berzerk skill?

    The only time I ever would have wanted to go berserk was when I was playing the romans, and then I couldn't (My hireling was a druid, so I found it stupid to use woad on her).
  5. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    celts or romans????

    I have returned! (But I won't stay for long) The celt's plot is a bit more realistic. With the romans, the plot relies somehow on the stupidity of your comrades,(save the skull) else the game would be way shorter, and so Jeff had to make such a plot. Also there's a feeling in the romans plot which makes you feel like having to do anythingyour leader wants you to do, what's of course right, you're roman soldiers, but I don't like the feeling.
  6. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    Where is the SKULL!

    I am under goargh-nar by now, i have already destroyed the stone tablets and I CAN'T FIND THE SKULL! where is it.
  7. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    How do I get the spell Doom?

    I think you only need to do the Land-Of-The-Dead-quest. I went there after I did it, and i got Doom(Man I love it!!!)
  8. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    Nethergate 2 ?

    I say no. NETHERGATE IS A GOOD GAME AND MAKING A SEQUEL WOULD PROBABLY JUST MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SOME BRAINLESS "PAIN IN THE ASS VII - THE RETURN" HACK/SHOOT 'EM ALL GAME. I like Nethergate most of all Spidweb Games. Or Geneforge. Or the Exile/Avernum series. Or whatever. But I also don't like the Idea of a Gf2, and I also wouldn't have had an E2 (though E2/3 are good!).
  9. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm


    <strike>I'm going insane. And I'm growing stupid. Could have thought of that myself.
  10. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm


    Spirit. Probably just because of doom. And what's the code for the crossed out letters/words? It should be useful for me (you might have noticed that I often write 'f, er, funny' and such stuff).
  11. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    Just payed through the celts and wondering...

    I think it didn't look that cool. But Doom, that IS cool... Blew away this crone near the spire with one spell.
  12. Where are the LV 6/7 spirit spells. and the Mighty beast? And why is Clouds of night weaker than Lances of Ice?
  13. The Darkest of the Dark Wyrm

    BoE-Win-Scenario: Election, problem with the save file

    Whenever I want to start the "Election" scenario with the included "electpc.sav" file, BoE tells me that it's not an E2 save file. What's wrong?