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  1. Ohhey, the Minecraft server is a thing.

  2. What have you been reading recently?

    Well, sometime over the summer I found a paperback copy of The Eye of the World, which got me to start rereading the Wheel of Time series. One thing I've noticed is that things were way less serious back then, which I guess is kind of obvious, considering how ignorant they were of the outside world at the time. I've just finished reading The Dragon Reborn a few days ago, although now I have to wait for the person who has the next book checked out to return it.
  3. Opinion on New Scenario Idea

    Well, I guess I can start working on this once I feel like getting around to designing stuff, although that might be a tad bit difficult, what with the possibility of me being able to get Rogue Legacy today and all. The only problem will be that, since I've always found designing good custom graphics in the style of Blades of Avernum's isometric 3D difficult, I may need to ask for some help with making the graphic for SCP-087-1, and other graphics if I can't make them look decent (ex. the concrete stairs, railing, etc.).
  4. Opinion on New Scenario Idea

    While browsing the forums earlier, I came across the scenario review for Stairway, and it reminded me of this one game I watched someone play called SCP-087, which is based off of a creepypasta that's also called SCP-087. In the article for it, it describes a total of three explorations made in SCP-087 (technically four, but the fourth one is expunged). Later, I had the idea to make a scenario that's based off of SCP-087, but first I need your guys' opinion on something: should I make the scenario based on the actual game, or on the three explorations? If I were to make it based on the actual game, it would be considerably shorter, only following a single, less-detailed exploration, whereas the three exploration one will also include dialogue said by both the character and the doctor monitoring the character, along with the three separate explorations. Edit: Oh yes, and if I were to do the game-based one, I could have it start out with an adventurer or party of adventurers stumbling upon a stairway that would later be known as SCP-087, or be assigned to find someone that went missing in said stairway.
  5. A Defiant Land - New Scenario!

    Congratulations on your first scenario! I guess I'll have to dust off Blades of Avernum to go play it. This release kinda makes me want to start a scenario I've been planning to make since April or May this year.
  6. an idea for a BoA re-release

    Well, I wouldn't say that nobody is designing... Like me, I bet there are quite a few designers out there who have either gone on a hiatus, or have their ideas and projects sitting on a metaphorical shelf, gathering dust while kinks are worked out or more content is brainstormed.
  7. Quick Question about Bahssikava

    Oh. I thought that would just act as a normal mute, and not eliminate the pause. I guess I'll just turn the sound off for that portion of the scenario from now on. It's still a little weird, though, that those power sources make the zap noise every step, whereas the power source in the first room doesn't.
  8. Quick Question about Bahssikava

    Well, yes, that WOULD eliminate the sound issue, but wouldn't the game still pause to try to play the now-muted sound?
  9. Quick Question about Bahssikava

    I've been playing Bahssikava for the past few days, and I got to the Machinery area, where you have to redirect beams to power up power sources to open doors. Normally I'm fine with puzzles involving mirrors and/or beams, but the problem is that whenever I turn on a power source for any door other than the first one that lets you into the main hallway, it produces the lightning sound of something getting powered up every single turn. I even tried to walk past them in combat mode, but that made things worse by making the sound go off every time a party member takes a step. As a result of these repetitive zaps, it makes walking around in this area a real pain. Is there any way this can be remedied, or am I doomed to having to edit in beam projectors to turn on the final door to cut down on slowness?
  10. So, here I am, casually strutting along deep within the Giants' Vale, murderlizing everything in sight with my shiny not-so-new Sword of Sharpness, when I come across a dead giant's corpse in the northeast corner of the vale. My adventurer senses kicked in, and I looted the poor guy. Turns out he wasn't poor, and had a bag with 365 coins on him, which I promptly grabbed. I tried to go deeper into the thicket of trees to look for more potential treasure, but failed. On my way out of the thicket, I stumble upon the same dead giant. So, the strangest thing happened. Instead of just leaving the now penniless dead giant alone, I instead went through the whole process of searching him again, and came up with another bag of 365 coins... Eventually, the message window was filled with "You have found 365 coins." Was this intentional, or did Smoo forget to add a SDF at the end of that encounter?
  11. What have you been reading recently?

    Nice to see someone else reading the same series I am! Anywho, I finished reading A Memory of Light, and I have to say that it became quite the tear jerker near the end. Sadly, the series is over now... Might have to reread the series soon. Also, in unrelated news, I can't seem to use the enter key to start new paragraphs on the forums with my main computer... Strange.
  12. Finished Boa-Whats next?

    I assure you that it's well worth the effort of playing the user-created scenarios. It's both a break in the tedium that is playing the same scenarios every single time, and that there are several diamonds in the rough, so to speak.
  13. What have you been reading recently?

    Over halfway finished with A Memory of Light, and for the "final showdown" book in the series, I'm a little surprised that a little humor is still present here and there, like when a certain protagonist and another certain protagonist have a bragging match, or how a certain protagonist remarks on how a certain guardian and a certain captain of a certain group of guards could go at a staring contest for days straight. Oh yes, and surprise plot twist!
  14. Exodus - Capture and Recall Soul

    As do I. I can imagine that someone's soul would be at least a little peeved for having been eternally trapped within a crystal.
  15. Exodus - Nathaganth's castle

    From what I can remember of Nathaganth's Castle when I last played Exodus is that it's pretty much impossible to kill Nathaganth. After a few of his instant-death blasts, I even filled the room with Arcane Summon summons in an attempt to draw away said blasts, although I can't remember if I dealt any damage. I only remember getting sniped by a instant-death blast in the middle of the summoned crowd after a few turns. I think there was also a little "you-really-shouldn't-go-in-here-and-fight-this-guy" special encounter before entering his throne room, hinting that the fight may be a bad idea.