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  1. REMINDER: This forum has a way to post 'spoilers.' That is what the 'eye' format icon is for.
  2. Would be nice if you say what the "another quest" was.
  3. Mage Master

    Avernum 3 PC Keyboard

    I can't get a screenshot of the Avernum 3 [Settings][Keyboard Shortcuts], is there an online pic somewhere
  4. Is there a Dispel Barrier Spell in Avernum 5 If YES, where can we purchase it?
  5. I have the Avernum Crystal Souls Book of Answers, question about entries, an example: In the Chapter 4: Minor Quests and Mysteries section, there is an entry (pg10) for Mertis...(quote).... "Kill Silo Bugs - Where is the infested silo? 69" What does "69" refer to If it is a world map reference 69 = Fort Dolthar. It this correct silo clear over in Fort Dolthar!
  6. Avadon has edits to scripts that make lockpicks and secret doors more visable (easily seen). Are there similar script edits for Avernum 2 Crystal Souls
  7. Mage Master

    Hand Gavin Quest

    I just received the "Duke Gryfyn's Final Quest" which is where I received the "Hand Gavin Quest." How do I complete it, if possible, at this point Cannot find him in the woods.
  8. I am on Section 5 - The Corruption (pg 6, Book of Answers) The text refers to Monitor Base C, but when I look at the Area 11 - Monitor Base C map (pg 31, Book of Answers), the map shown looks nothing like what I see in the game's Map. Which letter is the Portal Pylon I came in on
  9. I purchased the Avadon 2 Book of Answers along with the game. I have a big complaint/suggestion about the book. (Note the Avadon Black Fortress Book of Answers has the same problem) It is a real hassle to have to flip back and forth from the walkthrough map references to the maps to see where you are. The Book of Answers should include a legend for each reference on each map, next to the map not on another page. Also, it would help if the maps had at least 2 colors in addition to black, blue for water and red for lava, so it looks like what we see in the Game Map. Then there is the specific error in Avadon 2 Book of Answers on pg31, Area 11 - Monitor Base C: When I used the command whereami and looked at the answer in the Text Console, it said Area 10 - Monitor Base C. In addition the map should say Monitor Base C Interior. That is what is shown, there is no map of the exterior area. It would be nice if you had maps from the Avadon 2 Book of Answers online each with a basic legend.
  10. Mage Master

    Avadon 2 Book of Answers - Questons

    Note your Avadon Annotated Maps reference is for Avadon 1 (Black Fortress), doesn't have Monitor Base anywhere that I could find.
  11. Mage Master

    Avadon 2 Book of Answers - Questons

    Actually the map is of Monitor Base C Interior, the Portal Pylon is in the Exterior area which there is no map.
  12. Mage Master

    Avadon 2 Crashes (PC)

    You can disregard. It was the Game Winners Trainer that causes the problem. Sorry
  13. Mage Master

    Avadon 2 Crashes (PC)

    I just installed Avadon 2 on my WinXP SP3 rig. It crashes, with Error Dialog, in upon entering some areas. Example: The first building (starting area) with a trap door. I can go down to the cellar via the trap door, but if I move to the area right, when I reach the white-floored area - crash Anyone else having this problem? Any solution?
  14. Before anyone asks, I did read the other threads on this subject. I am at Fort Saffron I spoke to Commander Melo about my mission and he said something about opening the gate upstairs Read all the threads but I did reach the cells with the switch, but they are all closed What am I missing still looking for the Blessed Athame. NOTE: I have the official Avernum VI Book of Answers but it is no help. States to go "downstairs" after talking to Commander Melo.
  15. Mage Master

    A6 - Blessed Athame Quest HELP

    By "southeast corner" do you mean inside Fort Saffron or outside (north or south) Is there a location on the World Map?
  16. Mage Master

    Avernum 5 - Strategy Central

    Avernum 5: Screenshot Annotated World Map
  17. Mage Master

    Avernum 5 - Obelisks HELP

    Just started Avernum-5. I see the Obelisks but they want something put on them, I assume, to get them to work. Detailed instructions on Obelisks: What do I put on them AND where do I get whatever I need How to use Thanks in advance....
  18. Mage Master

    Avernum 5 - Obelisks HELP

    Got it, thanks.
  19. Mage Master

    Avernum 5 - Obelisks HELP

    It would help if you specified the title of the mission.
  20. Mage Master

    avernum 4 control rod question

    Cannot even find the room. What level or which of the Avernum 4 Annotated Maps, Basalt Fortress.
  21. Avernum-4 Annotated maps walkthrough and other sources say to "Head south and you'll find the room in which the three great shades were made. Grab the control rod from the west, and head down the nearby stairs." I am having trouble finding the "control rod" IF that is what the item is called when using [Journal][special Items] Can someone tell me EXACTLY where it is, or better, provide a map that has the location marked
  22. Mage Master

    Basalt Fortress - Where is the "Control Rod"

    You just quoted the Walkthrough which is no help I've already tried following those instructions and cannot fine the Control Rod. A screenshot of the map with the location marked would be the best way to do this.
  23. Mage Master

    Avernum 4 - Strategy Central

    OK, having trouble killing Shades. I can get them low but they ALWAYS heal themselves. What I'm I missing How do I kill Shades?
  24. Mage Master

    A4 - The Best Weapons

    WHERE in the Scree Caves is Demonslayer located COMMENT: The one let-down of the Annotated Maps is the have items in the walkthrough map BUT do not show where they are.