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  1. Thank you. I am using Mac OS, and there is something (looks like gibberish) in all 20 "Save" files. Where can I find the Save files for A3 only, as I have purchased all of the Avedon & Avernum games? Thanks again.
  2. How can I delete some of my "Saved Games"? When I go into the Spiderweb folder on my computer, all of the saves are named "Save0 - Save19" (I only have 6 saves on A3, so the other ones must be from other Avedon or Avernum games that I have purchased. Also, this is not what I called my saves.). How can I determine which "Saves" to delete? Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much. I appreciate the fast response.
  4. I am having a great deal of difficulty figuring out this "battle" - part 2 of the "Atonement" Quest. I was led to believe that I have to last 10 rounds with Velusa. I have easily ;asked 15-20 rounds, as I have killed 15 Soul Jars. Still, when I return to Hand Hahn, I am not rewarded for the fight. My only response available is that "I need to atone more" (or something like that). What am I not doing? Thank you for your help.
  5. Thank you for the quick response. So generally, it is best to give these items to the Shaman, since he does most of the group healing. Thanks again.
  6. When one of my characters is wearing/carrying and item that offers "+5% healing", is that an improvement in healing others (i.e. shaman healing blademaster), or does it mean that that character's healing of self will be improved 5%? I hope that my question is clear. What I am wondering is if all/most of the "improved healing" items should be given to shamans/healing characters? Does it improve their healing of "others"? Thank you very much.
  7. That's interesting. I'm assuming that is an error/bug? Thanks for your feedback.
  8. How do I get the First Rescue Medal. I have returned all 3 Crystal Souls, received the rewards, completed the Quest, ad I still do not have that Medal awarded. Thank you.
  9. Thank you both. Sade, I believe that you are correct. I went through them again, using the easternmost passage, and it worked. This seems to be an error/bug in the game. Thanks again.
  10. I went through the Waterfall Warrens to get the Blessed Athame, but when I went back to Julio in Almaria I did not receive the Quest reward, or even an option to tell him. Any help? Thank you.
  11. Thank all 3 of you very much for the advise. I tried all 3 methods, and the one that worked the best for me was ZorroDragonslayer's method. I used my best fighter to knock him off of the center of the circle, took that position away with my best fighter, put my 2nd best fighter in the doorway, and kept my spell casters at range. That worked very well, and was actually quite easy. Thanks again, all of you.
  12. Would someone please help with the Elderan battle. No matter how far away from his "magic circle" I get him, he still runs back after every round and comes back "invulnerable" and "regenerating". In the meantime, he continuously generates "shades" that need to be fought. My party is not taking much damage, it's just very frustrating. I've been at this battle for hours, and getting nowhere. Thank you for your help.
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