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  1. Well its been a while. Ive decided to give this game series another try. Im thinking of going to start with geneforge 2 this time. Its been hailed as being the one game that did alot of things right in the series. I want to play as a guardian. Does anyone have any tips on creations to use for a ranged guardian user? Suffice it to say, i am stupid with stats in games like these so any help.
  2. i want to make a throwing master, are there unlimited supplies/restocking of stores in avernum?
  3. Im deranged. I want to make a summoner/thief build singleton and i dont think it will work. But it still sounds cool. Have any advice? I want to use melee, backstab and fight with a monster by my side to reap the sneakiness gain. Would it be more wise to use trait bonuses to add to my monster levels and go with mage spells, or should i go with priest spells? Which is better for summoning? Edit-Forgot to mention, Im probably going to be playing on casual or normal, if that makes a difference.
  4. I just took the advice. Ive been playing avernum 5's demo and what can i say, much more casual. It sort of reminds me of avadon a bit, easier to understand too. I dont know about the geneforge series, ive tried to get into it but it comes as too difficult to figure out. Im glad some of you like it though. His newer games seem to really mellow out, which is cool.
  5. I was hoping to get a roamer in g4 and power them up, but you dont get them until mid/late game so there's no point. Artila are too weak, fyora are weak, cryoa are decent 2nd choice and thahds and clawbugs are horrible. Im probably going to skip on the geneforge series until the maker makes the game more user-friendly and at least reasonably challenging. As it stands right now, its the 1st game that ive restarted 40+times on normal difficulty. Either im doing something wrong, or the maker is, im not sure which. I think there should be 5 difficulties. Casual, Amateur (which is normal), Medium (hard/moderate), hard and torment. That way people can enjoy the game without restarting 3 times on every fight. Dont get me wrong, i like the game. But i just dont find it to be very user-friendly.
  6. Well, at least its not just me. I was hoping that if i did use creations, i would get to pick a creation from the start and level that creation up as i leveled up. The problem with that is that dont you have to sport 5-6 creations at a minimum to be successful or can you get by with 1-2?
  7. I dont know whether its me or its the game series, but ive played through half of 1-4 and cant get past any of the whole games for each. Ive tried reading faqs and to no avail. It seems that the game is impossible for any character that solos-Agents, Serviles, Guardians. Ive tried asking for help from the guy that wrote the faq for Geneforge 4, but hes nowhere to be found. What seems to be the problem is i start the game and its easy, then the difficulty goes from 30% to 250%, all at once. I used to try and get through just one of these games with a solo character but it seems that they punish solo characters so much. My buddy recommended this game to me with the idea that as he sais-"Goin Solo is the best and most fun way to play the game". Im sorry to say that ive given up on trying to figure this game out. Ill stick with avadon or the avernum games, they make sense.
  8. 1.33 Ghz Memory: 512 MB-Mac Mini Hard Drive Capacity: 40 GB Processor Type: PowerPC G4 Operating System: 10.4.11 DDR2 SDRAM Those are my specs for my mac. Its a slightly old computer and runs very well even with the newer 10.4.11 and never has any problems. I have some areas listed to play the game. Will the game run under those qualifications slightly alright? Anyone that has a mac, any tips?
  9. Im going to try and find that acid baton, but for now, i might have to get that crafting started in the mine. The ghosts allow me to craft items and judging from that list, i think i need to make a few rods or wands. I have all the ingredients, just need to check that list for where i can find a few sticks. I dont think they sell them anywhere. Until i raise my dex, im going to need to use melee before i make the wands.
  10. I really would but i need to find one first. The problem im having with geneforge is that unlike avernum 4-6, there is only a limited supply of missile weapons. I was aiming for enhancing one of the batons at the forge, but whats the point of doing that when the next one i get will replace that one. I should have really gone melee as i dont run out of that. Is there a way of respending your previous skills like in avernum and avadon?
  11. There seems to be a problem with my game. I am playing a servile and have a venom baton. I am at the point of the game where all i find are acid thorns instead of venom ones. Is there a way to create or forge thorns to use for each particular baton or am i doomed. Ive played all the avernums and never had a problem with restocking. I really dont want to restart the game as i am at least half way done. Can someone tell me how to forge thorns for my venom baton. Thankyou.
  12. Oh it doesnt add to armor class? Then im just going to put points into hardiness instead. Thankyou.
  13. I just got a hold of this demo and am currently at level 5. Pretty damn good game, all in all. The plot grows on me. I still have some 15 points and was going to put some into luck, i dont know what it does tho. I think it might add to poison resist, but i dont know about adding armor. Is luck useful and what does it do?
  14. Does anyone know what curse enemy does for weapons from the forge? Ive enhanced a weapon with curse and does it make enemies have a lower chance to hit and they take more damage like in avadon?
  15. Im on the same boat with the op, this game will rock! I already am a fan of the avernum series originals and the seconds series is cool too. The only game i never tried was the nethergate games. Ive come to place them under the same category as the avernum originals, so thats a good thing when I get the time
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