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  1. Never mind. Solved the problem. If anybody else has this problem, you must download the upgrade from the email you originally received after purchasing ("Humble Bundle" in my case), not from the Spiderweb website.
  2. I purchased Avadon 3 v1.0 and have played through to Goldcrag. I just upgraded to v1.0.1 by simply downloading the new one and "replacing" the old one. However, now it thinks it's a demo version and won't let me travel to most areas on the map. How do I get the game to recognize that I've already purchased it? Using Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 Thanks.
  3. Went back and checked. I can play both Avadon 1 and 2 and choose 1344 x 756 mode, and the game area will fill my whole screen. Does not work with Avadon 3. It will display in 2560 x 1440 no matter what option is chosen at startup. Something is not working as it should
  4. I'm having a somewhat similar problem in that no matter which resolution I pick, it displays exactly the same - in the highest resolution. The problem is that the characters are very small on my huge 27" screen, as is the font. Changing the game area size works for the window size but still does not allow for a change in resolution either. Am I doing something wrong? 27" iMac late 2012, 3.2 i5, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX, 2560 x 1440 display OS X El Capitan version 10.11.5
  5. Help! I'm stuck in this same situation, only I've exhausted all the dialogue options with the ghost, but nothing helps. When asking about an escape, he mentions there's a key somewhere, but I have no idea where to find it, and I can only go back and forth to the two prison cells. Addendum: Figured it out. I had not exhausted all the dialogue options. It's not under the dialogue tree of asking him how you can get out; it's in the line of asking him why he is here and why as a mage he cannot escape. Then he tells you about the golems and weakens the wall.
  6. You don't have to exploit bugs that you find. I'm just saying...
  7. Originally Posted By: Lilith Oof. Yeah, speed items are pretty much essential for having a reasonable shot at Zephyrine and Redbeard: lose your ability to take two actions a round, and you can get overwhelmed very quickly. With the right preparation, the fight goes from awful to just moderately frustrating -- which is still more frustrating than it should be. It's funny, because in prior Spiderweb games, I've mostly tried to get through battles using as few potions as possible, saving them in case I needed them in the future. Then I'd end up finishing the game with hoards of unused potions. So this time around, I decided "potions are there for a reason", and used them throughout the game. And then, ironically, this was the one time I wish I'd had more of them stockpiled until the end.
  8. That's it exactly. The blue dragon is clearly optional. But if you're truly role-playing, and don't have meta-game knowledge of his infinitely regenerating immunity-givers, the Redbeard battle is one of the core moral choices you are set to make in this game. It's not set up like a "feather in your cap" accomplishment to do just for the challenge of it. When I play through again (I enjoyed the game enough to do so), I will know that the most valuable resources to stock up on and hoard until the final battle are speed potions.
  9. Well, I finally did it this morning. I figured out it's best to keep your party in just one of the side rooms and work on trying to keep him down to just 2 souljars. Completely ignored the other sideroom and its 2 souljars. Even with this strategy, the battle still took at least 45 minutes - and that's on "casual". I know the last battle can't be anti-climactic. But this was a ridiculously hard and frustrating ending, even on the easiest setting, for a game that was otherwise pretty reasonable on "normal" for the rest of the time. Apologies for the rant earlier, but this whole thing kinda left a sour taste after an otherwise great experience.
  10. Long time player of Spiderweb software here. That's it. I'm out. I'm so disgusted/frustrated, I have no desire to finish this. I've beaten Avernum 1-6, most Bioware games, and this is the first spiderweb game that's done me in. I play most of the game on normal and enjoyed it. Now at Redbeard, I've tried 10 times, dropping the game to the easiest level, and... it' freakin' impossible. I can't keep him below 3-4 souljars, and it's really not fun dropping his hitpoints 10pts per strike with my team of 5 level 30 players. Thanks, but no thanks. You win, Jeff! You've defeated me! I'm out. I don't have a problem dropping the difficulty, but as a veteran of these games, 10 x at the easiest level tells me somethings wrong with game design here.