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  1. I play most of my games with background music (usually turning off music in-game, as it is very rarely anything I want to listen to for hours and hours). It's amazing, really, how sometimes a new song starts just as you're opening a door to a dungeon. I have a long playlist on shuffle. It's a mix of abstract/minimalist electronic and experimental music: Tod Dockstader, Eliane Radigue, La Monte Young, Infinite Frequencies, Brood Ma, Phill Niblock, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros. I add in some recent rap/pop music, such as Lil Wayne, Tinashe, Bladee, Milo Mills. Instrumental dance music mixtapes are great too (deep/tech house). And then some classical music too, like Brahms' sonatas & concertos, maybe some piano music from Satie or Chopin, you know, basic classical stuff. Pretty much everything works great, but I tend not to have music with lyrics, save for the one or two current fave track. Best experiences have been playing Shadowrun: Dragonfall with that stuff on (the combination of dance music & abstract-y drones works wonders), and then listening to a lot of Black Metal and Noise while playing Half-Life 2. I actually really like Avadon's in-game sound effects and ambiences.
  2. Hi, lots of great suggestions here already. I didn't see this mentioned, so: Visualize open quests in a sensible way Already in mid-game, Quest Log becomes bloated. The same feeling of dread overcame me around the same time in Avadon 1, as well: crazy amount of storylines/quests, names names names, can't compute... They could be categorized in the log based on their location. And/or, quests could be marked in the maps: for example, when you travel to Corruption, and leave an area, you could see all your open quests in the map. Also, characters giving you quests should be marked on the map, since you know where they live or work. I think takes away lot of the fun from the game to try to remember who was who and where did Elvyiah or Shondegaald etc reside. Lastly, I had veen playing Shadowrun: Dragonfall before taking on Avdon 2, and I greatly missed the chance to move after shooting. Taking cover also plays a big role in Shadowrun, which is something that makes the fights much more dynamic. But of course, it's another game, Avadon has different goals, so this is just a remark, that's all. Anyway, I love Avadon, will play them regardless
  3. Luckily, as i have copied my whole Documents folder (using mac), i founded the save files lurking in there. I'm not so seasoned with these new gaming interfaces (err last game i played before hooking with steam was champions of krynn...), so I guess I kinda expected that since I had to upload a dorky platform, it's of some use (other than offering another platform for chatting). Getting off-topic here...
  4. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus The big advantage of Steam is the centralized game repository. You can install Steam on any computer, login with your credentials, and download all the games you have purchased through Steam in the past. Just installed steam for a new computer and downloaded Avadon. all save games gone. Coool! I was just on my way to the last battle, and I don't really think I'll start the game again, so I guess that's that then. What's the damn point of Steam if you can't continue where you left off and the save games are after all local, as it seems? Oh well, maybe I did something wrong. Modern times.
  5. Hi folks, how can i get assignments from the aforementioned? When i go talk to them at soggy cactus, i can't get them to give me a mission. I searched the forum about this but couldn't find an answer. I started to re-play Avadon some days ago with the hard level and this time trying to deal with all the possible tasks. thanks!
  6. ah, of course, why didn't I try that! thanks a lot, Randomizer (great nick btw)
  7. Hi everyone, I really, really tried to search first for this topic but couldn't find an answer: how do I return to Avadon? I'm currently at Dhorla Woods, the beast is dead and most of what I can do for now is done. Was it so that I return automatically due time? Or do I ought to find a special spot for returning? The answer is something over-the-top obvious I assume, but I'm going crazy here and googling/browsing through and searching this forum didn't unfortunately solve problem. Great game btw, first computer game since Moria that I actually enjoy playing - a lot.
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