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  1. The cheat code "letsbefriends" will probably reset things. Shift D to open up the box to type it into
  2. 14 - Everyone NEEDS this trait.... (4x the boost) /11a - a strong priest will do a lot more damage to more of the horde charging at you than an archer will. Having an archer subsepcialty isn's a horrible idea (as if you get an extra shot from Sniper (I think) you can use it to drop a Divine Fire spell on a clustered up group...), but Smite will do as much damage to a single opponent as an arrow will (from what I could tell)
  3. The letter 'u'... Pushing that will highlight any 'useable' items in a room (such as a hidden switch). If there's not one where you think there should be one, check other nearby areas.
  4. Somewhere in Avernum

    Which game? If it's A3RW (which it sounds like), clear out the upper left portion of the cult map & play with assorted buttons/levers
  5. "X" is well known for playing the long game (look how many years it took to get the rain of anvils just right...) & he's a quite competent wizard with a warped sense of humor. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he somehow enchanted the rock to 'not' replicate itself whenever anyone is paying attention. So the idea of a "Xian" Island out in the middle of the ocean really isn't out of the realm of possibility. I could even see him developing a set of really small islands in between Pt. Townsend & Farport (each an Orb of T flying distance apart) just to mess with the ferry service... /once again I'm probably overthinking things //that tends to happen after the 8th cup of coffee
  6. I'm sure that it's intentional. You probably killed that day's worth of guards on duty & then passed back through the same day. The next day their replacements showed up, found their buddies bodies laying all over the place & took out their anger on the nearest group that looked suspicious.... why that really pale group right over there. There's a cheat code that will reset friendliness, otherwise you're going to be fighting everytime you're in the area (at least in the foreseeable future, not sure if there is an expiration date on their anger)
  7. It's just the humidity/condensation recycling itself..... Besides, you just came from an enormous cave system where that went on all the time. You should be used to it.
  8. It's been a while for me too but autosave should be in a different slot than the saves that you do yourself (Windows version). You should still be able to use your pre-Spire save.
  9. Just get in the habit of hitting "u" as you wander around (especially if you think there is a hidden area nearby (as Jeff really likes to fill up the space in his maps)). If there is anything to "use" nearby it will show up on the screen for you to go use. But yes, hidden switches on that particular type of brick was are near impossible to see. I remembered that there was a secret pocket in Ft. Emergence (from A3) with a couple of potions. It took using "u" to finally find it even after looking hard in the area I thought it was supposed to be in. However they are pretty obvious on most other wall types so I doubt that anyone will write a script for them like was needed in Avadon 1.
  10. I've never understood Anaximander's logic of letting non-humans be included in the surface parties to begin with (maybe there were equal opportunity quotas...). Your primary job is to sneak out, be unobtrusive & figure out how to get the rest of Avernum back to the surface. So sure, let's include species that the Empire has actively tried to exterminate into that party...nobody will notice them... But yeah, I'd rather have the extra traits as those really pile up as you get to higher levels.
  11. I don't think that there's a hit to your reputation (I never checked), just a mildly pissed off petty bureaucrat in a far away city in a far away province... It can be annoying if it happened in the city near where you're busy at the moment. I tend to always check the board whenever I'm near one as they can be really good for getting quick cash if it's something that can be done easily (especially when you get the Recall Crystal - You're in Spineridge & get a 1500gp delivery down near Ft. E., hit the crystal, make the delivery, use the teleporter to get back to Gale & walk back to Spineridge - 1450gp net for 8 hours work. That's at least one level of a decent spell). I generally don't take the pieces of a specific monster job unless I 'know' that I'm going where there will be a bunch of them around. Yeah you generally get a long lead time for it but it also takes up a job slot until it's filled (you only can take 4 at once).
  12. And once you find it, don't put it in your quick items next to the Orb of T. or you may find yourself intending to jump over a river near Moon, suddenly back to Ft. E. & facing a very long walk back....sigh Not that I know anyone who did that mind you, just a general observation...
  13. It's at least a couple of weeks (30 days?) before that particular job dispatcher will trust you again. You can still get & complete other jobs in other cities though. No you can't complete them as new (random) ones will appear/replace old ones every few days. This of course allows you to, over time, accumulate all the cash/get training you could possibly want
  14. No. The entrance vanishes when you run out You may want to check your quest list. Checking in on Fr. O was given as a quest by one of the assorted Anama Priests/town leaders or on the main Shayder quest board. Actually there was two quests there, check on him & check on the overall condition of the place (given by different people). The Southpoint Lighthouse shows up a lot on the job boards, you may have had to go there for your delivery.
  15. If you're in the area anyway, swinging by & hitting up Levy isn't a horrible use of your time. But you really do need to be in the close area for it to be worth your time after a month or two/if your purse is nicely full to begin with...
  16. Got a coupon for Avernum 3 on steam

    From what I saw on GOG & Steam, when A3RW was released it was at roughly a 20% discount to the list price. Not sure what it is now but it's not a sign of trouble.
  17. Well, there was this rehab center up in the Keep of T but the Alien Beasts ate it...alas...
  18. support@spiderweb.com would be better for typos/bug reports. The other will certainly get looked at (eventually) but I think that's his general business email. The more info you can give him the better (to make searching the coding for the actual text easier). Rather than saying 'Point Contemplation' is misspelled, your ' In the mission "Visit Point Contemplation", the mission description gives the destination as "Complation" instead of "Contemplation". ' should be fine or quote the actual line in the description as is & then pointing out what it should be.
  19. The easiest way I found to run into her was just to check into the temple whenever I was in Shayder (after doing Jed's quest). I passed through there often enough either completing a job or looking for new ones if I was in the area. She tended to be there 1/3-1/2 of the time
  20. It is possible. The easiest way is to use the lasers in the middle section (not the ones that you first encounter when entering the area) to fire down the corridor (towards the bottom of your screen) & then off to the left to power the broken one. You'll need one mirror angled \ up top to fire it down the corridor & then one angled / to shoot it to the left. Worst case you can walk into the beam to reposition the mirror. Yes you'll take damage but if that damage is really hurting/damaging you then you probably won't survive the far end of the tunnel at this point....
  21. When you click on the box (opening it up), what normally looks like the ground (as opposed to the junk bag) is actually the interior of the box. Just drop whatever item you want to enchant down there. You don't need to close the lid before throwing the switch to enchant whatever. Once it flashes click on the box once (if you closed it before) or twice (if you left it open) & your newly enchanted item should be right there (it'll say 'blessed' (or something like that) in the item description now. However if you've been messing around with the switch then you've probably used the blessing on an empty box. Reload to the save right before you started messing around... you did save before messing around with strange items didn't you?
  22. It's the house up in the upper left corner of the map (not the one across the street from the sage), right near an entrance to the sewers.
  23. Congrats & allow me to be jealous of you... Having both Avernum trilogies ahead of you to discover along with A2CS & A3RW should give you several months worth of great gaming. Enjoy
  24. Tape your space bar down & go to bed/out to dinner....
  25. No weapons in there as far as I could tell. Potions/scrolls/wands are about the only things that can be used in combat that can go in (Orb of T & Recall Crystal are also good uses of a slot - just not next to each other... sigh, that was a long walk to get back to where I actually wanted to fly....)