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  1. Huzzah! I'm *almost* Dr. Triumph!

    Well, if the congrats from a random stranger on the internet mean anything.... congrats \o/ /which army? I've got some long dead relatives who were jr officers in one of the Iowa regiments
  2. My Sorceress - Hands on hips, Foot tapping

    Depending on where you are in the game, your sorceress should have access to up to four/eight different spells (with different damage types), that should keep you busy for 3-4 rounds. However your staff attack is always going to be fire so there's that. There are potions available that will reduce the cool down period (been a while, don't remember the exact name) but I tend to save those for the bigger battles. You could give her a bunch of the consumable wands to fire off during the cool down period. Or scrolls to read - either to attack or to bless/improve the party's stats. Perhaps a 'group heal' scarab to use during one round when everyone's beat up a bit. Or other scarabs that use a different type of mass attack (ice spray for instance). But (again, been a while), even in a big battle with fire resistant enemies (& it's got to be a big one if you've already fired off all your spells & things are still going on...), there's usually secondary targets you could fire your staff at to keep them occupied while your other companions deal with the main target. There's really no reason for anyone to just hang back & be a spectator during combat, there's always 'something' that they can be doing to contribute to the fight. And once you've done absolutely everything you possibly can, break out into a Bollywood song/dance #. The pause when the boss monster give you the 'WTF?" look might just give your shadowwalker a chance to slip his knife in between the boss' ribs....
  3. Just announced on FB - http://www.avernum.com/avernum3/index.html
  4. It's been a while but I'm fairly certain that there is one around there somewhere. Perhaps the trash pit area over on the left, or maybe outside the dome (but within the map)
  5. U.S. Election Day, 2016

    Sadly yes. We're too far down the road with such companies being in private industry (making/skimming billions of dollars) for it ever to be nationalized. When there are billions involved, it's FAR cheaper to spend several million on lobbyists who in turn will drop thousands in reelection money on as many Congressmen (or senior aides under the table) as it takes to throw up enough roadblocks to kill the idea. The really disgusting part about that isn't that Congressmen are willing to sell out the nation's health, but that they're willing to do so so cheaply....
  6. U.S. Election Day, 2016

    As a MD she at least acknowledges the usefulness of vaccines, so not an anti-vaxxer per se. However apparently one of her pet theories is one that most anti-vaxxers believe too so that's probably where the accusation came from.
  7. Tyranny

    I've heard really good things about the game, but as it only came out a week ago, I haven't played it yet (mainly because I'm too cheap & am waiting a while for it to drop in price/go on sale). The most common complaint that I'm seeing though is that it's too short (for a single play through anyway). But whatever, it's certainly on my 'someday to buy/play' list. Thanks also for the confirmation that it will be a game I'll enjoy (in it's broad similarity to SW games).
  8. I just realized something about my RPG habits

    Kind of sounds like the ancient Microprose Master of Magic (iirc it came out about when Jeff got started, so really old.... :-p ). It's been a looong time since I've played but in addition to building up your cities & advancing your heroes, the combat was quite tactical with you moving various units & heroes around the battlefield. It was more than just a hack & slash or a Civilization style auto combat anyway. I can't think of any RPG where you're the trainer sending out units to do battle. The closest that you may find is something like Civilization or Age of Empires where you've got the God level view, building up your civilization/cities & on a strategic level sending out units/armies to do battle for you. Even that though isn't exactly what you're talking about.
  9. U.S. Election Day, 2016

    If there is any good to come from this election cycle, hopefully it will be the multiple case studies on how NOT to run an election. Coming out of the primaries it completely befuddled me as how, in a nation of 320ish million people we wound up with pretty much the two most disagreeable candidates possible (of those available) to select from. When each candidate is polling at +/- 60% very unfavorable feelings towards them within their own party, there is a serious problem going into the election. Essentially we were being offered two slightly different feces flavored sandwiches & told that we MUST eat one. Do you vote for Mrs. Clinton & perpetuate the absolute corruption that seems to follow her around like a lonely puppy wanting a belly rub? Or do you vote for the narcissistic blowhard of a reality tv 'star' who seems bent on trying to say the most outrageous things possible just because? That's it, those are the choices, you are going to have one of those vile sandwiches as President of the US. We knew for months that we'd have one of those, dare I say, deplorable people as President. It really shouldn't come as a surprise that lots of people are unhappy when, in both parties, the majority of people thought that the candidate that they were putting forth was a lousy choice. Combine that with a campaign season where each candidate is trying to hide themselves in ketchup, mustard, relish & most anything else to disguise their own flavor of sandwich all the while trying to convince you that the other 'sides' sandwich was oh so much worse. If either of the parties had stepped back, realized that they were offering voters a vile [censored] sandwich, scraped off the [censored] & replaced it with a piece of reasonably acceptable lunch meat, they could have had the election in a landslide. However at the end of the day, the fact remains that all we were offered & forced to eat was a [censored] sandwich. Third parties? Here's where I start to really cry. In an election cycle that was tailor made for a 3rd party to come along, not to win, that would be impossible at this point in time, but to take a big bite out of the traditional two parties. This was THE time for them to make major gains, never again will both major parties put up such abhorrent candidates at the same time. So what do the Libertarians (& to a lesser extent the Green, Constitution, etc parties) do? They trot out the same worn out politicians & worn out party platforms to run off of. It makes me beat my head against my desk, it really does. So, here we are, roughly one week after choking down the preferred flavor of crap sandwich that suits you only to find that the narcissistic blowhard flavored one turned out to be the winner in the end. So be it, the Constitution is strong & there are plenty of checks & balances built into the system to either gum up the works or provide enough time for cooler heads to prevail. We as a country have survived much worse than this. It may not/probably won't be a fun four years but we'll get through it all. What's going to be really interesting though is to see if either party learns something from this & in four years we actually get something edible to work with.... **** (the only thing scarier than the two miserable choices that were put in front of us is the idea that voting should be something mandatory for all. I consider myself a reasonably informed voter but last Tuesday I had NO idea who many of the people on the ballot were (local judges, state rep, city council, etc). Do you really want someone who doesn't want to be there to begin with randomly choosing names because 'that one sounds cute' or against someone because 'there's too many vowels in his name'? Voter turnout may be abysmal most of the time but that just means that your vote is all the more important)
  10. Avadon 3 slow on win7

    Unfortunately I don't have many suggestions but wanted to say that it ran fine on my machine (Win 7 Pro, 64bit). Do you have a bunch of things running in the background? Have you tried reinstalling the game? Good luck, once you do get it straightened out you should enjoy the game, it's a good one.
  11. FYI: Mr. Vogel is AMAing on Reddit right now, until 6PM Pacific Time.

    I think one of the big problems with A4 was that it was the first game where Jeff moved to a continuous world view. As was mentioned, it made Avernum seem TINY. Especially coming after what was the biggest game (in terms of area to explore - A3) it was really jarring & felt horribly wrong. Add to that it being the first game using the new game engine causing the look & feel of the game to be completely different from what people were used to. People don't deal with big change all that well in general and combined with a relatively weak story & the overall 'wrong' feel to the game you wind up with A4 way behind the power curve from the very start. It might be interesting to know people's thoughts on the game based on when they discovered Spiderweb. If they found the games around that time frame or later, I'd hazard a guess that their thoughts are much more positive than those of us who've been playing since the Exile days.
  12. Avadon 3 - Are Hard Level Caps In (Again)?

    Well, if A3 is your favorite Spiderweb game (mine too...) then no, this won't turn out to be your new favorite. It is however a good, solid, fun game that is worth both your time & money (& at about $0.40/hr for play time you're probably not going to find a better bargain out there .... well, at least not until GOG runs a 80% off sale again....but I digress & besides, those 80% off games are 15-20 years old). Enjoy, there's something cool/special about playing a new game from a favorite company, & this is a good one.
  13. Avernum Prequel Speculation

    I was just thinking that an interesting side quest or three would be delivering seed packets of fungus to the various caverns throughout Avernum & slowly having the map grow more visible permanently as it spread itself around (prior to that the map would stay dark except for the immediate area that you're in as it's so completely dark down there always). Cartography quests to map out the ever expanding cave systems... Low level quests to break cave lizards to harness (probably much like the thump on ogres/giants quest in A5) All sorts of fun things are possible in such a frontier oriented time frame
  14. Avadon 3 - Are Hard Level Caps In (Again)?

    It's been a while since I finished it but Jeff really has balanced out the game quite well. IIRC I reached L30 right before the end game section started (while doing most of the side quests (normal difficulty)). So while not perfect, it was nothing like hitting the cap like you did in the previous game. Play it & enjoy, it really is a well done final chapter to the trilogy.
  15. Here are some words for you to read

    Congrats & may your future be brighter than that of glowing fungus... You may want to think up a story ahead of time though given the timing of the wedding. I can just see this: "So how was the honeymoon?" "Great, we sat next to each other on the couch, each with our own laptop & played Avadon 3 long into the night....." Now we'd completely understand, but others......
  16. Let me add my thanks too. Having decided to once again do some spelunking while waiting on Avadon 3 to arrive, finding that someone has done some recent cartography was a nice surprise to stumble across. Kudos
  17. In addition to the weekend thing already mentioned, Jeff is focusing right now on getting Avadon 3 ready for it's mid Sept. release (I'd assume anyway). If you were to email him early-mid October with the same question you'd probably get a response right away (once the initial chaos of a new release has died down a bit).
  18. What area do you live in? (POLL)

    Well let's see, from where I am now Ohio is about 12 miles north of me, so technically in 'the south'. However the southernmost point in Ohio is several miles south of me (& several dozen off to one side), so It's hard to pick 'the south' when parts of 'the north' are south of me.... confused yet? So I could justifiably pick 'Ohio' as that's much closer to me than the states that I do consider 'the south', but then again that would associate me with Cleveland & I just don't want that. 'Other' it is then.... As to the other developing thread offshoot - my parents lived/still live in a '1' & I did spend a few years in my own '1', however the vast majority of my home ownership (2 houses spanning 25+ years out of 30ish) has been with a '2'. So with regards to the polls, put my square peg into whatever round hole you want. As usual I'm hard to classify/quantify
  19. Some great suggestions in here, thank you all (I too am looking for something new to play - at least up until Sept 14th when Avadon 3 comes out (according to Jeff's FB post of 15 min ago...)).
  20. Avadon 3: The Warborn, Changes and Discussion

    I'm replaying Avadon 1 at the moment and have encountered something a few times that is quite annoying (although it may have been addressed in A2). When using an AoE spell that actually is an area rather than a cone (such as Ice Storm compared to Lightning Wind for Nathalie) it would be great to know what the furthest distance you can cast that without moving is (just don't allow targeting an area you can't reach). Far too many times I've been in a battle that has a horde of cannon fodder off in the near distance, perfect for Ice Storm, and to cast it where I want to Nathalie takes off running in front of her two meat shields (because she wasn't close enough), stops right next to a powerful enemy & casts the spell. Enemy's turn & 'whack' down goes Nathalie. Knowing just how far she could cast that spell would be very useful information to have. Of course an argument could be made that Nathalie is just an impetuous teenager & running off beyond safe limits is just something that teenagers do.... (edit: And right after posting I realized that this should probably be in the 'wishlist' thread...sorry - still waiting for coffee to kick in....)
  21. It's been a while since I was on that side of the cave but I think that I let her go, grabbed the pass & left. Later on I was back up that way for some reason & went back into the fort & she was back in her office begging once again for her life. So if you let her go but want to clear the quest go back & see if she's there again. (sorry I can't be more positive/certain how it happened but it was a while ago & was one of those "huh, that's weird" type of things that I really didn't pay much attention to. Your question though stirred up the memory...)
  22. More of a general hint but realize that Jeff really doesn't like empty spaces in his towns/dungeons/maps. In built up areas (such as towns or dungeons that had lots of construction in them - rather than free formed caves) there's a good chance that any decent sized/oddly placed blank spots on the auto map contain a hidden room (such as in Gnass the entire right side of Pathass' temple is a black area while the rest of the down is discovered/mapped out). It's not always true but when you see a blank area in town or an oddly shaped dungeon where there 'might' be room to fit another room or two, it's probably worth your time to look extra closely at nearby walls for a hidden switch or two.
  23. Sixus has some sugar in his Trapped Halls available for picking up if you are also counting those that don't have to be paid for. In which case there are generally bags of sugar wherever you bump into Empire troops who've set up residence somewhere (Vahatani Fortress, Elderan's Tower, Grey Pass area, etc)
  24. I was having the same sort of mental conversation with myself earlier as well. It's been a couple of years but I decided that after finishing up with A2CS I'd redo the Geneforge series starting from the beginning. While the graphics of 1 are pretty basic, like a typical SW game the story really draws you in & your imagination fills in the details quite easily. The world is fairly open (some linear parts but once they are done there are usually a few choices in which direction to take. And as they've all been out for a while you can usually find a set of 1-5 on sale somewhere as a bundle for a very reasonable price so you'll more than get your money's worth there (nor will you feel your time is wasted once all is said & done if you do enjoy Jeff's style of game making (solid story, reasonably coherent gameplay).
  25. I've always said that full auto is just an extremely fun way to convert dollars to noise... (provided that nobody is shooting in your direction at the time of course) In my 10+ years in the Army/National Guard there were only a couple when I didn't do my 'full auto is a waste of ammo' demonstration (this is back in the A1 days before the 3 round burst A2 was issued to most everyone). I'd have 3 of my bigger 'Rambo is a p***y' guys shoot one magazine each (60 rounds total) at a target using full auto however they wanted (generally sprayed from the hip.... sigh) while I'd shoot one magazine as fast as I could with aimed semi-auto fire at my own target. Almost always I'd have more hits on mine with 1/3rd the bullets than they would on theirs. Usually the point was made that suppressive fire is great & has a very important place, but if you're supposed to be trying to hit someone then just dumping a bunch of unaimed bullets into an area usually didn't do much. But enough of an odd thread drift in a forum focused on spelunking. And that right there is something that is regularly forgotten (often by me ). Each round in 'combat' is a compilation of roughly a minute's worth of actions rather than just a single swing of a sword at the enemy. And a minute can either go by really quickly or seem like forever when you are busy running around, diving behind cover, swinging a sword/jabbing a spear/shooting a bow/etc. One of those 90% miss rounds could just be one where the other guy managed to tie up your sword enough that you weren't able to swing it like you normally could or even if you weren't running around on the grid square, you were doing more (unseen) defensive actions. It really does even out in the end no matter how frustrating it is when you think you should be hitting the vampire that you're squared up against.