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    Hopelessly Stuck

    Kind of late in the game I realize but if you press "u" (for 'use') it will show any hidden switches in the immediate area (along with any other item that you can 'use' - chests, switches, doors, etc). It's good to get in the habit of hitting the key reasonably often as you're strolling around various dungeons/indoor areas.
  2. Also when putting an item in the box it will look like you're just putting it on the ground/do it the same way that you would while putting something on the ground. Closing the lid before throwing the switch doesn't matter. And of course save before playing with it just in case...
  3. I checked with her & she didn't mention payment of cash in addition to the items with any of the other armor she could make. Unfortunately I didn't have the required eyestalk with my guys so I didn't get the crafting option dialogue either to check on that one. Hopefully someone else can check for you reasonably soon.
  4. That should probably be enough (iirc it was 500/1000?). /or I could be completely thinking of someone else. I'll see if I have a save game from around that time & check it out once I get back to the computer with the game on it (if nobody else has an idea before then).
  5. Do you have enough money to pay for it? /assuming that the ingredients are correct...
  6. It's been a few weeks but iirc there should have been a trogolo/letter waiting for you telling you thanks & now get out once you reentered the cell. Once hearing/reading that then out in the hallway there is a switch to open up the back exit.
  7. TriRodent

    A3:RW - Dragons (Mild spoiler)

    User name does 'not' check out.... But yes, well said by Tsvetushchiy
  8. One flutters their eyelashes/flexes their muscles & hope that whichever Moderator sees this is of the opposite sex? Grovelling probably works too... /anyway, yeah there's a fight that's avoided (iirc)
  9. Have you been able to enter the Keep (not sure if that's what you're talking about - big town anyway) in the upper left corner of Footracer Provence (you have to go over one of two bridges to get there - big fight to get across - or use the Orb of T I suppose would work too)? If the Princess gave you permission to enter (which she obviously did if you're in) then that's where you need to end up.
  10. I don't think I've ever run into that. Where/what were you doing when it happened? Other details that you can think of would probably help too. /welcome btw
  11. Once you clear Vo.. Vo... the vampire's tomb (...sigh, old man's memory...) though the undead in the area dissipate/don't respawn. There are still a bunch in the Fading Tower area (again, if it hasn't been cleared) & also at the Inn up at the end of the mountain range (somewhat south of Spineridge), yet again if it hasn't been cleared out. The woods south of Calloc are also good (along with the dungeon in the area - although that area may be a bit much until at least mid game)). For lower level undead, the Spiral Crypt on the Isle of Bigial is usually pretty good.
  12. TriRodent

    Fine meal?

    If the 'interesting options' are what I mentioned... I was kidding. The only thing that you need to sell to them are the big bags of meal that are all over the place (as they stack, keep them out of your junk bag). They only buy a limited amount of them (40-50?), but they will buy more than their limit if you sell them all at once. So if you 'really' need the cash right away, don't sell them more than 25-30 & then come back late in the game & dump the other 60 on them. Or just wait until later in the game & sell them the 80-90 big heavy bags of flour that you've been hauling all over the place for months.
  13. You could try the dungeon near Golddale (where Ernest sends you after taking his book). I doubt that either of the scripted ones in the top center respawn but there might be one (or more) down in the lower right. North-east(ish) from the Slime Pit is the encounter where you help out a Dragon Lord against some upstarts. Near there there is an outdoor encounter with a few drakes (who are slinking around looking for something - the DL). If you left them alone at the time, they still slink around even after helping out the DL (they won't respawn though if you killed them earlier)
  14. I think Ben is talking about the area upstairs in the top right of the screen (in the original A3 you would go there & then go downstairs to a small treasure room). I was never able to figure out how to get over there The switch in the downstairs treasure room opens up the wall to get to the boat to go to the SW (lower left of the screen)
  15. TriRodent

    Hidden tunnel lasers puzzle

    You need to power up the teleporter off on the left of your screen. Use the lasers/mirrors from the center section to do so. The (nice at places) loot is just extra stuff to do here.
  16. Gee, if I knew I was getting top line credit I would have put more effort into my earlier answer... From what I observed, most any dungeon will respawn somewhat over time (outdoor encounters don't from what I could tell. Once that area was cleared out of wandering troglos, that is it for them). It won't be many & it will be the main type of monster for that dungeon (goblin in Goblin Cave, bandit in Bandit Lair, etc). Some will be random of a type (such as slimes in the Slime Pit when you go back to take down the barriers & clean out the chests). However don't count on a respawn to fill a particular job board dispatch. It very well may work right away... or it very well may not. I only (rarely) took that kind of job if I was going into an area where I 'knew' there would be that particular kind of monster to harvest (job board dispatch, not quest board quests. Those are scripted to be able to be finished one way or another). Summoned monsters, even if the right 'type' didn't always give up whatever parts were needed upon death. Unfortunately, some did (unfortunate in the sense that there's no hard & fast rule to summoned creatures). So you may get the job filled if you stumble across someone who then summoned the correct monster... but don't count on it. When killing a monster that you need to fill a job board dispatch, try not to blast it with an AoE spell (Divine Fire, Ice Spray, etc), sometimes you would get the bits you needed & others you wouldn't (I also noticed that I didn't always get experience for an AoE kill but that's another bug for another thread...). If you really need parts of a particular monster I'd recommend killing it 1-1 (melee whack, arrow, firebolt, smite, etc). Honestly though, I tried to avoid taking the 'go kill a monster' type of job board dispatch (& again this is completely different than a quest board/specifically scripted in quest). You only have room for 4 jobs at a time & more often than not a couple of the available ones were of the 'show up & get some cash' types of jobs (deliver an important message to..., deliver a pair of rapiers to..., etc). As new jobs are randomly added to each board every few days, you're 'never' going to clear all the jobs (again, jobs not quests), so you don't 'have' to take whatever's available in one city. So in that case, why fill up a slot that will probably take close to a month (if not more) to fulfill? Whatever, it's great to have this supply of available money throughout the game & not be so tightly scripted like in other SW games. Want a certain type of training but can't afford it just yet? Do a couple of jobs that were on the way towards where you were going next anyway & build up your bank acct. And once you get the Recall Crystal (in combination with Ernest's teleporters), bouncing around to do a quick but high paying job is pretty easy.
  17. The unicorns in the grotto near FE will respawn after a week or two of being cleared out (well, a couple will, not the entire herd - enough to fulfill a job board quest anyway)
  18. TriRodent

    Midgame build strategy?

    Playing normal is pretty forgiving on 'non-optimal' builds. Tossing a point or two into Endurance (especially for the front line guys) every few levels isn't a horrible idea (or using a trait point for the same). Everyone in my group uses magic to some extent or another. My front line guys each have enough mage/priest abilities to buff the party before the oncoming rush of monsters arrive (allowing the rear guys to toss some AoE spells into the horde). Everyone should have some priest skills from the beginning so that anyone can heal/cure poison, it will be needed. Jeff tends to design 'normal' to, while not be a stroll in the park, not wipe you out regularly either. You generally have to work really hard to screw up any build at that level (such as putting all your melee fighter's skill points into thrown missiles & none in melee). You should have a reasonably survivable build if you put your points into logical places for that type of character.
  19. TriRodent

    Fine meal?

    The next time you're in a town, drop it on the ground and walk/run back & forth across it a few times. That will help grind up the grain a bit further. Finding an actual miller would be best but I don't think there are any so you have to make do with what you've got... Leaving the bags out on the streets in Lorelei is another option. However the chances of a random rock thrown by a giant hitting that particular spot is pretty slim. However if it does then it would be done all at once. Shayder has a couple of beggars wandering around who'd probably be glad to work on it if you were to provide a mortar/pedestal & a couple of gold coins/day So there are options, none of them great but there you are...
  20. TriRodent

    Minor bugs/issues

    I'm pretty sure that it's like that across all the assorted stories (Avadon, Geneforge & obviously Avernum) for whatever reason. Normally it isn't a huge problem as money is scarce in the game. With the job boards here providing (essentially, if you're willing to put in the time) unlimited cash, yes it can be exploited. However, I doubt that it would be exploited by all 'that' many people as even with the ocean of cash available, I always found 'something' else to spend my money on (better spells/training, etc). However I'm also fairly sure that Jeff would rather hear about it than not (even if nothing is done later on). /I can vaguely remember doing exactly that with the barbaric sliths at the top of the Waterfall Warrens back in A1. By the time A1EFtP rolled around Jeff had them selling something else (a necklace iirc) //in A3 Levy was GREAT to exploit as he would have unlimited supplies of whatever you sold him (until his inventory slots were full). Want unlimited mandrake, sell him one & buy back (money permitting) as many as you wanted. Research books were great for this too. Sell Levy one & then buy back $10k of them, run to the Portal Fortress, turn them in & you'd generally go up a level (while getting $6k or so back as a reward). A3RW otoh....sigh. At least he'll still toss you 25gp/day if you ask nicely
  21. TriRodent

    Stuck in Remote Cave puzzle

    Look at the orientation of the map, iirc it wasn't the same as the automap
  22. There's a trainer quite close to you off to the west a bit (assuming that you're still hanging out with the dragons...) but you'll need to go back outside before you trek towards the setting sun* /*assuming that the Valorium/Empire universe has a sun that sets off to the west //has their physics ever been established?
  23. TriRodent

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Time to get really retro... Kiss (the original incarnation of the band, not swapping spit - although that can be a separate line item if you wish) Disco 70''s porn 70's prog 70's cars in general (not just the muscle cars that survive to today) 70's movies And that's enough of a trip down memory lane for now
  24. Me too, that's why I generally only took the jobs where the delivery was essentially just showing up (taking much needed medicine to 'y' person at 'z' location). Those I 'knew' I could get done (even with a really short delivery lead time). Another problem with the 'go kill 'x' type of monster' jobs is that it takes up 1/4 of the job slots for a long time until you happen across the monster to kill. Several times I ran into a case where there were 2-3 easily finished jobs in a relatively small geographic area but couldn't take one of them because I was on a long term monster search. Ah well, all part of the game I suppose. In the end I'm glad that the job boards are there & not just 'quest' job boards like most of the other Avernum games. Having a relatively easy way to earn the extra money needed for that extra level of a spell was nice to have available.
  25. Tape the space bar down, go out to dinner, come home & see what day it is, rinse, lather repeat until appropriate day