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  1. To add/expand on what Randomizer & E-E said: For each spell there are three levels. It's probably easiest to think of them as three equally powerful levels that can stack on each other in any order (increasing the overall power). You have to pay for two of them & you get one 'free' one (reward/book). It generally doesn't matter in what order the 'free' one arrives (buy the first level, read the book, go buy the third level ... or ... buy the first two levels & read the book for the third - you're going to buy two levels one way or another) You 'can' get one level of a spell as a reward before your characters are high enough level to cast it. You will still have to buy the other two levels at a trainer to be able to cast it above the first (rewarded) level once they're able/skill high enough (if you got the spell as a reward before buying from a trainer, just think of it as then buying levels 2 & 3 to keep the timeline somewhat coherent). When rewarded a spell, everyone in the party gets access to that 1 level of the spell even if they can't cast it right then. If you run across a spell in a spell book, (iirc) you have to have the minimum skill level available to be able to cast that spell to be able to understand/get that spell (ie, say 'spray acid' is a L6 spell but your mage only had a skill level of 5, he/she wouldn't get the spell level right then. If he/she was L6 then he/she would get one level in that spell (leaving the other two to be bought from one of the assorted trainers (it's been a while since I've played, your mage 'might' have to have at least one level of 'spray acid' to understand the book))). What's different than being rewarded that spell though is, say you decided later on that you wanted your fighters to have mage abilities, once they (the fighters) reached L6 they would 'not' have the book level of the spell learned. You would need to go back to where you found the book & let them (fighters) learn it (your mage would just stand around twiddling his/her thumbs and not get another level). I don't believe that you have to do things in a certain order to get the knowledge, but if you read a book (like in the above example) before having the ability to cast it then you'll have to backtrack to look at the book again to get that third level.
  2. If it's like other Spiderweb games, the 'u' key needs to become your best friend. (it's been a while so I can't remember if it's set up in A2 but clicking 'u' on a regular basis while walking around will show anything clickable on the screen)
  3. That's what F4 is for.... (or saving the game at the start of any "dungeon" - yeah you may have to kill everyone all over again, but if what you missed was worth it...). (assuming that you're right near that point in the game when you realized that you goofed. 20-30 hours later, realizing that you missed something....it would have to be REALLY important to replay all that)
  4. I don't think that it does, but I'm not entirely sure from personal experience. Most of my characters tend to play 'clean' for the most part (maybe a little experimentation in college...). I'd rather be in control of their actions/reactions than have them take some form of bath salts & suddenly they wander off to go try to hump a parking meter (or something similarly weird). I don't 'think' that it would impact the assorted endings too much as, and making a BIG assumption on Jeff's thoughts here, anyone who is 'that' addicted to skribbane wouldn't be able to finish up the assorted quests/game ending scenarios. They would wind up hanging out with all the other serious addicts in the hidden store in Gale & forget all about all the world changing chaos around them. So, to get to the actual ending, they'd be at most (in our terms) hardcore recreational users. Ones able to keep a job, focus on things going on in the future, rather than looking around for something to steal/sell to get their next hit (now granted, a group of adventurers tend to go through towns like a horde of locusts, stealing everything not nailed down, but that tends to be spent on better equipment/training rather than bottles of mental escapism). Again, no idea if that's the way Jeff viewed things, but I don't think it's an unreasonable assumption given the various opium/skribbane dens filed with spaced out blobs that you occasionally run across throughout the different games.
  5. Conversely, it could be like the real world here & now. Most everyone (with at least a grade school education & not in some isolated tribe deep in the rain forest) knows that the Earth is round & could probably draw a VERY rough map of the assorted continents. Some people would struggle with just that while others could give you a fairly accurate map with most countries outlined & named. Most would fall in between those extremes & most of them wouldn't even think about such knowledge unless directly asked a question about it. Point being that here is usually a baseline of information that everyone just 'knows' & there's really no reason to talk about/describe it. The same could be said of the serviles on Suchia (sp?, not going to go look it up) Island in GF1. They all 'know' that they're on an island, & most 'know' that they don't want to go wandering around the northern parts of that island for assorted lethal reasons. But, unless directly asked, they don't talk about it among themselves because that's their baseline of what everyone 'knows' Gimli in LOTR - John Rhys-Davies is 6'1"... that's some good movie magic right there... (of course he also voiced Treebeard so it could also be argued that he's much tinier than portrayed) And I agree, to say Jeff doesn't care/think about such things is complete nonsense. Creating a universe/s for us to play in took a LOT of behind the scenes brain sweat.
  6. Look around where you killed the 'Slime Queen' (for lack of remembering what she was actually called...), there's a little side room there. As you've played other games, you've probably noticed that Jeff like to fill pretty much all of an area map with 'something'. If there's a decent sized blank spot in your automap, chances are better than even that there's something in that void. If that's where you are in the game, you've got a looong way to go. Enjoy the journey, it will be an awesome trip. I wish I was seeing A3 for the first time again
  7. Well this one I can maybe, kinda, sorta, not really answer. With all the shaped vegetation, the climate is, at the very least indirectly magical. (if we're assuming that the vegetation has an affect on the immediate land around it (borne out by assorted 'lore' talking about how Shaper 'X' came up with a plant that would reclaim the local desert or how Shaper 'Y's" disastrous attempts at growing plant 'z' created vast areas of distruction,. etc, etc, etc)) . Shapers causing rain/snow/etc in an area ... probably not as their skills don't seem to drift in that direction, but eventually, over time, what they can do seems to impact the area window that you're in one way or another. IE: Providing/inserting anything other than letting the natural vegetation do it's thing - such as putting a ton of spray shrubs in an area and the acid from them over time turning the area into a more or less barren desert. Or providing a luminescent fungus to cling to the upper reaches of ... oh wait ... never mind.... (emilylitella.jpg)
  8. Melanchion has a LOT of clones, you killed one of them (George Lucas stole the idea/filed the serial #s off for Ep.2...)
  9. There is all map area south of the Tower of Magi/Almiria/Great Cave. I can't imagine that such a huge cave system just 'stops' right there at the edge of the map. I mean, if nothing else, all that water draining out of the Great Lake & passing by Almiria has to go 'somewhere'... The problem (as you touched upon) is what kind of story would actually drive the game. A6 did a reasonable job tying up the entire series/humans living underground in mass numbers. You would have to come up with something really interesting/logical/compelling to make sure that opening up an essentially closed series is really worth it. We'll see. Myself, I'm not really holding out hope for an A7 somewhere/somewhen down the line. The remakes of Geneforge & the new Queen's Wishes (I know he has plans/ideas for at least 2 & 3) will probably take most of the 2020s, pushing Jeff into his mid 60s/probably seriously thinking about retirement. I could 'maybe' see a new game based on the First Expedition as that would be somewhat simple (simple...ha) to write as much of it is already in Avernum's lore & would just require a lot of fleshing out (compared to creating a brand new story). So I could sort of see that one being written sometime after QW3 if he's tired of mentally living in the QW/GF universes. However I wouldn't be willing to put much money on betting on that... Time will tell...
  10. I don't think so (other than a nebulous 'something has happened'....) but it's been a really long time since I've played A6 & in most playthroughs I don't think I released them as it seemed to not be such a good idea. So, I dunno...
  11. I don't use Steam very much (been a few years actually), but at Good Old Games (GOG.com) you can download all the games & play them completely offline. They also occasionally have bundles of SW games on sale if you want to keep an eye out for one of those sales while playing Nethergate.
  12. I finished up another run through A3RW last month & am contemplating another run through the Avadon universe after I finish/get tired of the current non-Sw game that's filling time. After that I'll probably go back to Queen's Wish. Probably, as a beta tester I got a little burned out about it a few months ago. Hopefully by now I'll have forgotten enough/played enough other things to be able to enjoy it again ('not' that it's not an enjoyable game, far from it - I just had to play it in strange ways to try to break things - a 'normal' run through should be fun). Anyway, things are fine/relatively normal around here. Being sort of disabled/sort of retired, I spend a lot of time around here anyway. My volunteer activities were shut down a while ago & I miss that/the people there, but it was for the best to do so. MrsTR was sent home to work from there 6+ weeks ago by her employer (ahead of the state shutting things down). So other than a couple of stocking/restocking up trips to the grocery store we've been more or less isolated here for closing in on two months. However, thanks to phone/computer I/we've probably been in touch with parents/siblings/other family/friends more in the past few weeks than we have over the past few months. Thankfully everyone is still healthy & for the most part employed. Sadly, with spring ... er ... sprunging, the grass is growing & I fear that I'll be out driving the mower in ever decreasing circles over the next few days...ah well, that certainly falls into 'first world problems' Stay safe & healthy everyone.
  13. Oh, & ThomasCats, the spoiler filled discussion that E-E & I were having was about things that you will discover in Avadon 1 (again, keeping in mind my initial comment, you'll know it when you get to it). So feel free to come back to see just what generated such a fuss...one never quite knows where things will drift off to around here...
  14. Re: hidden lore. Ok, that makes sense. I was just going off of a somewhat remembered side trip in a game I played (a few times) years ago. And yes I know Jeff doesn't come to the forums very often (usually only on the launch of a new game & essentially never in an old game forum - but the point was the humor value of some of us taking how things run in his assorted created universes so seriously.
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