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  1. Think Chernobyl & look through all the assorted stuff you're hauling around... /and the traditional 'welcome, hope that you stick around & join in the madness. Please leave your sanity at the door...'
  2. I watched the first hour or so until the stream hung up & wouldn't reload for me (granted I didn't try too too hard as the hockey game was starting up...). One thing I really don't like (that Jeff acknowledged was a horrible waste of people's time) was the continual reading of what was on the screen. Just give a quick recap of what that big block of text said/what it means to the game & get back to the stories about SW in general. He did say that he was going to try to get the stream up on YT eventually for those that missed it.
  3. I just saw on FB that Jeff is going to be streaming for a couple of hours tonight to talk about Avernum EFtP & other SW things. The link in the post takes you to the A EFtP page on Steam ... so you may need to look around a bit at the correct time if it isn't there (I don't do Steam 99.99% of the time so I really don't know how things work there).
  4. Probably the biggest thing to remember here is that the developer is after one thing ... sales. Realism is awesome ... but. You have to pick & choose just how realistic/streamlined you want the game to be. Do you make it hyper realistic where things wear out/break down really quickly as they would in real world fights. Where even your biggest meat shield can only carry +/- 150# worth of loot in addition to the stuff he's already hauling around? There is a subset of players that would absolutely love to be able to play a game that mirrored the real world as much as possible.
  5. Well that sucks. And you've already preempted my 200 item limit warning, so... Do you have a save between the Silverlocke visits & when everything vanished to go back to to see if they're still there then? Alternatively you could use the cheat code to give yourself enough gold to go back to rebuy the potions. A lawyer would probably suggest otherwise, but in this particular situation, it's not horribly morally cheating to reclaim stuff that vanished into the void (& I suppose it you really wanted to you could fire up the editor, look up what the rew
  6. A4 is 15 years old, while not one of the traditional 6-7 traditional 'old' SW games, it's still pretty old. The grind/slog therein seemed to fit the original premise of the thread. Ok, a real (optional) 'grind' from a few SW games spring to mind. Running around killing game time to allow assorted herb patches to regenerate so that you have the ingredients for wisdom potions to eventually gain levels. Also I know in A2, before heading down the river, during a couple of play throughs I've been close enough to leveling up/needing juuust a bit more gold for some training, that it wa
  7. A4 springs to mind. At the beginning with your strength low, once you hit the goblins just south of Ft Remote, it would generally take 3-4 trips back to town to sell everything that had value there as you were so encumbered that you could barely move (& God help you if you bumped into some sort of monster on the way back). And with it being the start & you needing lots of gold for various nefarious purposes, 'everything' with value got hauled back to town. I cheered when the junk bag arrived on scene. Yes it's silly to think that you can shove 20 sets of chain
  8. Glad I could help ... (buffs fingertips on shirt) (narrator blinks hard, scowls & announces ...)
  9. In either A1 or 2 there was a 'quest' for lack of a better term from Walner in Ft Duvno (?the town just north of Silvar) to find a cure for a 'dread curse'. You had to go to the Tower of Magi & talk to the Priestess of the temple there. She could remove it for a few hundred gold iirc. Not really a mental thing but sort of along the same lines as far as your quest for a cure goes (again, iirc, you could get a dread curse from among other things looting Formello's treasury)
  10. One thing to remember is that Jeff (SW) likes to use 'all' of a map's area in any given section/dungeon. Look at your automap, if there's a largish blank area in the map square ... then you probably missed something.
  11. Iirc (been a little while since playing), you can get to L3 in a spell by any combination of learning/training. In other older games (again iirc) you had to train twice before reading a spell book to get to L3. Here, as you found out, you can train, read, & then train the final level. (pontificating not so much to tell you what you already know but for anyone who happens to read this in the future about the learning order...)
  12. Yeah to me, E3 & A3RW were better than A3 (E2 being the first SW played so that may skew things). I enjoyed it but not as much as A2 or even A5 later on. That said, I think that one of the reasons that the concept behind A3 is so beloved is that (assuming you played/got mentally invested in the A1 & A2 story lines) you finally get back to the surface after generations of people justly or not were tossed below ground... only to find that things suck up there too. Not so much leave but close out Avernum as a prison system/colony and you (Avernites) were
  13. I just deleted something about Serviles being really popular with ... nope, it's a family friendly board... /good to hear that things are progressing along & reasonably on track.
  14. I understand your complaint but don't completely agree, certainly not from a business perspective. Most of the people who buy 'x' game aren't looking for a 'this perfectly matches up with how I'd have to do 'y' out in the real world (for example, it comes up in casual conversation that a random bartender in one of the cities that you visited a week ago wants a bag of sugar. If you didn't write it down you're not likely to remember who or where), but rather a few hours of escapism. The designer is just taking some of the repetitive drudgery out of the game. The 'junk bag' is another good ex
  15. (note, it's been a while since I've run through any of the GFs) I tend to play as an Agent (no creations) so I can't speak on the higher level creations. For spells I tend to stick with a smaller core of 'always use' spells & get some of them as high as possible. The 3-4 combat spells that get heavy use, I'll probably train/use a canister on them (at least the later game combat spells, the first 3-4, probably not). The blessing spells, probably not as they're only needed for relatively short periods of time (combat). The 'last while you're in the area' enhancements, those w
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