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  1. TriRodent

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    NOT to denigrate Jeff, really, but do you really want a romance written by a self described nerd/geek, one who has spent the past couple of decades + shut away in solitary confinement while producing the games that delight us so? True he did manage to woo his wife & continue that long enough to produce his daughters so he's not completely incompetent in that area. But a master Don Juan I'd hazard a guess he isn't.... Seriously though, Avadon 2 was mentioned earlier. I just found that whole romance side story really awkward. Stuck together out in the woods for a few weeks in isolation (start of the game description), relatively young healthy people (assumption, but given all the fighting/walking around they must do, not outrageous), chances of hooking up - fairly high. But hardly the basis for eventual risking your life over/being a traitor to all you've known over the years, that's a pretty big jump (& Jeff did it about as well as it could be done). And as mentioned it wasn't really part of the main story line. Could it be done, sure. Should it be done, probably not. Especially in a brand new style of game. Jeff needs to churn out a game that's new (the universe, objectives, interaction, etc), but familiar enough that his well developed niche market doesn't rebel & say "what's this shiat? No more for me going forward...". I'm sure that there are games out there with romance as a part of the main story (Sid Meier's Pirates springs to mind), but games don't & there's a reason for that. (I suppose we could also add the Leisure Suit Larry series to the list as well...)
  2. Thinking about it, I do the same thing with the training crystals... "Oooh, I'll save a couple of Sniper/Resistance/whatever until I get him trained up to L10 in that skill & then be able to bump it to 12...woo hoo" Come late game, & it will really be late in the game before ever reaching L10 in those top level skills - if they ever do, once again I'll have completely forgotten about them/gotten used to seeing them in a particular inventory slot throughout the game & just mentally filter it out when opening that screen. Again, not that they aren't a bad idea to include, but the use of them never seems to happen - Strictly an ID-TEN-T problem I realize but... (maybe let them be used whenever but still be able to train a total of 10 times regardless)
  3. I always carefully save them, distribute them out to various characters with opposite skill sets than the shard (mass healing to a tank for instance, under the assumption that a priest won't need to use a shard for a spell he knows while a fighter may save the day with the ability to heal everyone while the others are busy), filling up many inventory slots that could be used for other things .... and completely forget to use them. Honestly, in any of SW's games where such a thing is available, I always save them but I can't ever remember using one when it would be tactically useful. I really like the idea of them (aren't they supposed to cast the spell at the equivalent of a L30 caster?), but I never remember to use the damn things....sigh
  4. TriRodent

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    E2 way back in the dark ages of the previous century. No idea what computer I had at the time but that copy & all subsequent SW games have been copied onto the next computer ever since (including of course the backwards purchased E1...). I was even cleaning out some boxes in the basement a few months ago & ran across all the original xerox copied hint books from all the assorted games from way back when.
  5. TriRodent

    Hopelessly Stuck

    Kind of late in the game I realize but if you press "u" (for 'use') it will show any hidden switches in the immediate area (along with any other item that you can 'use' - chests, switches, doors, etc). It's good to get in the habit of hitting the key reasonably often as you're strolling around various dungeons/indoor areas.
  6. Also when putting an item in the box it will look like you're just putting it on the ground/do it the same way that you would while putting something on the ground. Closing the lid before throwing the switch doesn't matter. And of course save before playing with it just in case...
  7. I checked with her & she didn't mention payment of cash in addition to the items with any of the other armor she could make. Unfortunately I didn't have the required eyestalk with my guys so I didn't get the crafting option dialogue either to check on that one. Hopefully someone else can check for you reasonably soon.
  8. That should probably be enough (iirc it was 500/1000?). /or I could be completely thinking of someone else. I'll see if I have a save game from around that time & check it out once I get back to the computer with the game on it (if nobody else has an idea before then).
  9. Do you have enough money to pay for it? /assuming that the ingredients are correct...
  10. It's been a few weeks but iirc there should have been a trogolo/letter waiting for you telling you thanks & now get out once you reentered the cell. Once hearing/reading that then out in the hallway there is a switch to open up the back exit.
  11. TriRodent

    A3:RW - Dragons (Mild spoiler)

    User name does 'not' check out.... But yes, well said by Tsvetushchiy
  12. One flutters their eyelashes/flexes their muscles & hope that whichever Moderator sees this is of the opposite sex? Grovelling probably works too... /anyway, yeah there's a fight that's avoided (iirc)
  13. Have you been able to enter the Keep (not sure if that's what you're talking about - big town anyway) in the upper left corner of Footracer Provence (you have to go over one of two bridges to get there - big fight to get across - or use the Orb of T I suppose would work too)? If the Princess gave you permission to enter (which she obviously did if you're in) then that's where you need to end up.
  14. I don't think I've ever run into that. Where/what were you doing when it happened? Other details that you can think of would probably help too. /welcome btw
  15. Once you clear Vo.. Vo... the vampire's tomb (...sigh, old man's memory...) though the undead in the area dissipate/don't respawn. There are still a bunch in the Fading Tower area (again, if it hasn't been cleared) & also at the Inn up at the end of the mountain range (somewhat south of Spineridge), yet again if it hasn't been cleared out. The woods south of Calloc are also good (along with the dungeon in the area - although that area may be a bit much until at least mid game)). For lower level undead, the Spiral Crypt on the Isle of Bigial is usually pretty good.