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  1. In the golem swamp if I'm remembering correctly, you can kill it but some prep work is needed to the zone before fighting it. As for the endless hordes to the west...yeah they suck. Avoid them as much as possible and get underground to take care of the source/s.
  2. Most of the main points have been touched on upthread (evolving social media, lack of 'new' games, many traditional topics explored over the years (favorite books, movies, polls, etc)), but I don't know, the demand for 'anything' Spiderweb is there. Twp days ago Jeff set up a Dischord server. Now maybe I'm just old & don't understand the chaos of one thread for each of the game series', but there are 75 people online there right now & another 150 offline...after two days. I'm reasonably sure that those numbers are going to fall off a cliff in a few days once the newness wears off, but the people are out there wanting 'something' that relates to SW (me too for that matter). I'll be the first to admit that I don't participate all that much around here except for when a new game comes out. As one of Jeff's (windows) beta testers, I'm more than happy to help out/share my experience deeply playing the game (however Randomizer generally gets the answer out well before the time I wander by...), but that only goes so far once the initial excitement dies off (as it pretty much does a couple of months after release & most people have finished at least one playthrough). But with, for the most part, nothing but specific questions to answer, what's there to talk about? Solutions? I have no idea, maybe it's just the way of things to evolve & die away. But I'd love to see the forums thriving once again if possible.
  3. Sword mage is good for your front line guys, if you're like me and give them at least a few levels of mage skills to be able to toss an AoE spell early in the fight. You'll want them in heavier armor, but the option of being able to toss a fireball or a cloud of ice is nice to have.
  4. (It's been a little while since playing QW so...) I thought that the highlighting of a stunned (for instance) player was more of a flicker and the announcement that that character lost his/her turn. More of a 'didn't forget about you/your turn' kind of thing than a bug.
  5. She's going to give you three quests. Whatever she's looking for is in a chest/box/container that you've already looked in if you've already (completely) cleared that location.
  6. Cool. I (obviously) didn't chase down those links. Good to hear he's still tweaking things. Thinking about this a bit more over the past hour and when it's time to say 'enough' - have you ever read Arthur Clarke's short story 'Superiority'? It's online somewhere and an amusing way to spend ten or so minutes.
  7. I say this from a position of complete ignorance, I just don't know. That disclaimer aside, I saw that Jeff was looking for Beta testers for the iPad version of QW. Given that, I'd assume that his focus is on that rather than minor tweaking of a relatively stable/complete game at this point in time. Will there be another patch at some point, yeah/maybe/possibly. But baring some big problem that slipped through the extensive Beta testing and all the gameplay over six weeks since the release...I wouldn't count on it any time soon. While we as players/consumers would like a perfect game, Jeff, wanting to keep a roof over his head, is going to say sooner or later that ' this is good enough'
  8. That's how I tried to do it too, roughly the same location in each fort relative to the southern exit. And today was the day I learned about the banners...doh
  9. Is Rusty the guy just south of the general? If so, I don't think he ever sent me on a quest...well, other than to go wash my hands.
  10. Lady, (can't easily edit quotes on my supposedly smart fone...sigh, so not going to give everyone a big block of text) As mentioned, there are plenty of uses for spare skill points. Everyone should have some healing ability if for no other reason than to spread around energy usage before combat ends. The first tier of both combat and magic have a skill that everyone should have for the passive bonuses. Etc. Worst case, ship them off to me and I'll make sure that they don't go to waste...
  11. I suppose, although if you're that close to levelling up, a loop from Formello to Ft Draco down to the destroyed fort and back to Formello a time or two would probably give you enough wandering monsters to grind enough xp on. Even if you can get to the tower (discounting the xp for finding it), you're nowhere near strong enough (iirc, it's been a while) to even get to the point where you're told to come back later. Six of one, half dozen of the other I guess. Point being, there's no reason for Mechalibur to restart the game.
  12. If you haven't even gone down the river then there's really no reason to get to the tower now. You need royal clearance to talk to him and you're a loooong way from that. Come back later and the monsters probably will have wandered off, at least enough for you to land
  13. My first and second playthroughs I went to the Ukat first (1st only because I happen to be in that side of the map, 2nd because I knew I needed iron). On the third I went to the Vol because I knew I needed to play things differently for testing purposes. For personal playing (as oppose to testing) I go to the Ukat to get the Ft and a mine or two producing iron. Then off to the Vol for stone for buildings. After getting a couple of quarries producing I 'might' head over to open the woods or (50-50) go back and get another mine or two producing. Iron is so important to maintaining the 'must have' fort shops/improvements.
  14. If you've talked to each of the people on all three regions, it should be reasonably clear just who caused the calamity. Did you get the hint book? It tells your what's next if you're stuck. That said, now that you've got local vassals, you may want to go talk to whoever you left in charge to see if they have any idea about what's going on. Perhaps see if two or three of them can come up with a consensus on how to save the land again...
  15. What I did was open up a Wordpad file, write the code down in the document, and then save it with a notation (1st game, supported 'x,y,z') and then saved it into the save game folder so that I could find it again further down the line. The notation would be important if you wanted to play multiple games supporting different factions to see what changes in QW2. Yeah, I did the same thing on my first beta playthrough. I got a note back from Jeff... "Uh, you missed about a third of the game..." Reload a save from before you went back to see Queen Mom & go have a serious chat with the mage in Ft Haven...
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