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  1. Used the Orb of Thralni to hop over the Skribbane drug checkpoint, and the 4th stone circle dialogue popped up.
  2. I was thinking about what happened from G3-G4-G5, but why not for all the games? Here's what I have, to the best of my knowledge. I would appreciate it if others add on. G1: - Factionless ending? - Kill both Trajkov and Goettsch? - Geneforge destroyed? (or maybe that's left to the Shaper Council) G2: I'm actually a bit confused on this one. So Easss dies, but is Drypeak purged, or do the secrets remain hidden? (because Ghaldring has to go to the Ashen Isles) G3: Yeah, still confused on this one too. Does Rahul die here, or later on? Pretty sure this is rebel victory though. G4: I thought the Unbound were finished at full power, and the vats remained undamaged, but there were just so many options. Kinda sad the PC in this game is kinda irrelevant/never mentioned again. G5: lol
  3. If I talk to the smugglers and tell them to go to Hawkstone before I get the quest from Eye Audun, I won't be able to finish the quest.
  4. Time to replay the series, just to hype myself up for the rewrite. I'm pretty sure he's gonna go through g1 and g2 first, and that it's mainly just going to be an interface/graphic update (to make it more similar to G5 gameplay-wise). I hope the spell/creation choices stay the same though - it reflects the evolving knowledge in war over time.
  5. Is there a plot summary out there for any game, just for massive spoilers? (Including the details and specific endings/scenarios, kind of like the GameFAQs guides for Geneforge/Avernum)
  6. Hey! I gave up on my own remix (I'm lazy and trying to enjoy my summer as much as possible), but I would be more than willing to help out!
  7. I couldn't bring myself to play Avernum 1 because of its graphics. I don't think Exile will fare much better. Forgive me for being uncultured :<
  8. I was watching a Let's Play of Avernum 2 (in the original trilogy), and I saw that there used to be multitarget spells that required you to select individual targets. Why hasn't this appeared in any of the Geneforge games, Second Trilogy Avernum, or Avadon? If a "number of target limit" imposed, this could make some pretty nice abilities. I think it's a great function that can serve as a go-between for single-target and 10-20ish size aoe and cones.
  9. Just two questions before I try doing this: Is there already a mod for A2:CS? Is there a guide for modding A2:CS or Spiderweb Games in general? I know how to go about modding, but I'd like to be aware of the possibilities and limitations of modding.
  10. It would be very nice if the GUI for a G1 remake was similar to that in G4 or G5, without the start/end combat symbol effect in Avernum remakes/Avadon. Or an option to enable/disable it.
  11. There's no consequence for extorting more money from them both.
  12. It's not TOO hard to kill them if you have a summon or turret help you tank damage. Also, you can always finish the main quest first to gain a level or two, then come back.
  13. Hm. When I played, it was possible to stay out of their range while you slowly sniped them down.
  14. I would like for NPCs that can join your party but aren't necessarily Hands.
  15. I've finished the game now. At first, I had my two companions bunny hop and leave my PC to stay behind...not good.
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