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  1. Demon Lord

    Can anyone give me some help how to beat the demon lord back through the portal after killing the wizard. My party is around level 30 and they are getting owned pretty bad. Do I need to come back at a higher level or am I just not fighting him right? I'm also on hard level so I would prefer to not have to bend and beat him on a lower level. Thanks.
  2. Icy Crypt

    Just wondering. What level should you be to attempt to kill the crypt specter and his minions? I've tried to do it around level 9 and don't have a chance so I'm thinking this is for later on higher levels. Thanks.
  3. A Couple of Questions

    I just got the dragon tooth quest. I have already killed the arrogant dragon in the titan peaks so I was wondering if there are any other dragons that I can kill to complete this quest? Also, I got the lizard quest in Goldkrag and on my way to it there was a pack of ogres which I took care of. Are they involved in another quest as I never noticed them there before? Thanks.
  4. Nightshade quest location???

    Got it thanks.
  5. A Couple of Questions

    Thanks, and you're right it was a drake and not a dragon that I killed so I should be okay. Thanks.
  6. Wayfarer Reward

    I ran into the wayfarer at the titans keep. One of the conversation choices mentions that Ryozo was turned in and he has left my reward. I can't remember if I already got the reward or is it somewhere I need to go get it since I have just spoken to him? Thanks.
  7. Skill Trees

    Thanks. Since I'm level 30 does that mean I can't advance any of my skills anymore? That would really suck since I don't have any of the highest tier skills for any of my characters?
  8. Demon Lord

    Thanks. Since I'm level 30 does that mean I can't advance any of my skills anymore? That would really suck since I don't have any of the highest tier skills for any of my characters?
  9. Gong Tunnels

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew what I need to do? I'm in the tunnels in the woods that is filled with lizards and has a gong in it. I rang the gong and it says that you hear a noise but I can't go any further in the tunnels because the gate won't open. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  10. Moritz tower

    Hello. In the wizard Moritz's tower there's a room with a magically locked door with a glowing rune. I killed the wizard and wisely choose not to try to kill the demon lord but I can't open the glowing rune door. Am I missing something or is this door opened later on? Thanks.
  11. Zephryine Intentions Quest

    Hello. I was wondering if I did the right thing for this quest? I visited the mind controlling dragon who used the 3 warriors to try to kill us and we won. The dragon escaped but I can't seem to get any further with this quest. Did I screw it up or is this a longer quest and needs to keep developing?
  12. Zephryine Intentions Quest

  13. Titan War Club

    Hello. Can anyone tell me where I need to go to find the war club quest? Thanks.
  14. Woods Shaman

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone can help me? I searched the shamans warren in the Dorval Woods and now she won't help me or trade with me. I've already completed her cleansing quest and I was wondering if I have screwed up since she won't help me? Have I missed any good quests or game play by making her mad or is she just another npc to trade with and no big deal? Thanks.
  15. Woods Shaman

  16. Gong Tunnels

  17. Ogre and Caravan

    Hello. Where is the ogre and the missing caravan? I explored all of Kar and can't seem to find him. The wanderer mentioned something about the being behind a barrel or secret door but when I click on the barrel it doesn't do anything. Thanks.
  18. Ogre and Caravan

  19. Brasula

    Can anyone help me out on the spy quest? I searched her quarters and talked to her but it doesn't give me any clues. Do I have to wait for her to leave to complete this and if so what do I need to do to make her leave or is it just a waiting time thing and she leaves? Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated