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  1. Thank you! I wish the journal recorded images as well as text.
  2. I got the "map" for the Concealed Tunnel, but I absolutely can't find it. It's not marked on the overworld map as far as I can tell. Please toss me a bone here...
  3. I was thrown by the lack of arrows! If there are arrows, they're not showing up for me. However, Ess-Eschas was on the money -- there's a "Change Party Order" in the training screen that I simply didn't see. (No arrows there either, haha!) Thank you guys so much!
  4. I'm replaying Avernum 4 on PC, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to rearrange my party members. Help!
  5. There are some incorrect tooltips, too. Off the top of my head, the sorceress's arcane shield tooltip says the move affects all party members regardless of what rank the skill actually is. For a while I thought I just didn't have my party clustered tightly enough.
  6. For some reason, the little chat isn't triggering even though I got the dialogue at the barrier... Hrm.
  7. I'm having trouble with resolving a couple of quests gained after Fort Foresight opens up. I have turned in an invitation but not yet begun The Final Meeting. 1. The Library at Velusa - I haven't found a way through that doesn't result in teleportation. Is there some alternate access point I'm missing? Do I need Nathalie in the party? 2. Spies - I'm definitely missing something here; if I approach from the west and pass the spies' camp, they spawn in behind me and immediately book it for the western map exit. I've explored both ends of the barred cave/sinkhole passage. I managed to kil
  8. This is a little spoilery, so if you don't want to read about a companion quest, beware! I completed Nathalie's quest at the Spiral and spoke with her back at camp. I later returned to Svar's Peninsula, and Nathalie immediately forced her way back into the party with some dialogue about investigating the library, even though that quest line was already complete. (Fort Foresight is obviously already my new home base, but I had not yet gone to the Woods or Temple zones.)
  9. Whoa! Thanks. I wouldn't have thought to return in a million years.
  10. So I think I broke whatever triggers the ending. I faction-hopped a bit, ending with the Takers. I wiped out Barzahl, the Radiant College, the leadership at Gheth and Medab, and the Awakened labs. I helped the Big 3 with their plans, but when Akkat used the Geneforge, I killed him, Easss, and then returned to Benari-Uss Shaping and killed Rhakkus (who apparently can run away quite quickly!). Then I killed Syros. I returned to the loyalist encampment to see if any dialogue had changed -- the leader there acknowledged Barzahl was dead, but no dialogue changed for the drayk/drakon dea
  11. I ended up at Ornotha Ziggurat waaaay too early. The entire zone was a stairwell of hurt. I had to use a great deal of strategic positioning, and on a few fights ended up accidentally pulling enemy reinforcements. It was pretty grand, with the exception of being choked out several times by a certain pair of mages who could have 3 summons apiece.
  12. I completed the "Destroy the Portal" quest and spoke with Mahdavi, but the "Raid the Portal" quest remains outstanding (even though she's the quest giver). Spoke with the King, Erika, Solberg, and Gilda too, just in case... What gives there?
  13. Arrrgh! I guess it'll have to wait for a second playthrough. What about that zone with the unawakened Vahnatai where you find only the bottom halves of the rites?
  14. Is there any way to return to the riverway between Formello and the Vahnatai lands after you've finished your journey the first time? I feel like so much was left undone!
  15. Somehow I figured it out. For anyone else who struggles with this section: The circular platforms are not traps. They are where new foes will show up when you trigger a spawn trap (the square tiles and various wooden platforms. Uncertain what happens if you cross green runes, did not attempt). As soon as you enter, go left and walk over those circles. Once you're in the left corner, head up. Before you step on the wood platform, maybe take a moment to buff. Physical defense is all you need. Once you step on the wood platform, golems will spawn and the floor will take on a cold effect that
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